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The most ideal routes close to Istanbul for a winter holiday: The places you must see in winter

Snowy landscapes always come to mind when it comes to winter vacation. So where is it best enjoyed in winter? Birten Çankaya, the phenomenon traveler of Instagram and the author of Seyahatimgeldi, has seen and wrote the closest winter holiday routes to Istanbul for you. It is an amazing pleasure to travel in the winter season when nature is covered with a white blanket. If you want to get rid of the stress of work, take nature walks under the snow, and take pictures like postcards, this article is for you. Moreover, they are all just a few hours away from Istanbul by car. Isn’t it too early to plan the winter vacation? Not.

Because early booking ensures that you always have an advantage. So if you wait for the snowfall for the winter holiday, be sure you will be making your reservations at much higher prices than today. Not only accommodation but also travel will be more expensive as the ideal days for the winter vacation approach.

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Routes close to Istanbul for a winter holiday

  • Maşukiye

Maşukiye, which reveals the magnificent beauties of nature in spring and summer, takes on a completely different atmosphere in winter. You can enjoy a mixed village breakfast or have a trout feast in Maşukiye, a district of Kartepe, Kocaeli. Maşukiye, which is 10 kilometers away from Kartepe, which is famous for its ski center, is also rich in hotels and pensions.

  • Sapanca

Sapanca is another route you can add to your list when planning your winter vacation. When you come to Sapanca, which is 50 kilometers from Sakarya, be sure to take your camera with you. The nature adorned with white cover will offer you the opportunity to capture wonderful frames. In addition to the magnificent nature views, the district center is also worth seeing. The Rahime Sultan Mosque, the Vecihi Gate and the Government House, especially the Rüstempaşa Mosque, are among the historical buildings you can visit in the district.


  • Yedigöller

How would you like to see Yedigöller, the pearl of Bolu, in winter? Yedigöller, which has been taken under protection as a national park since 1965, offers an unforgettable beauty. The wonder of nature with seven lakes named Büyükgöl, Nazlıgöl, Küçükgöl, Seringöl, Sazlıgöl, İncegöl and Deringöl is one of the ideal routes for camping lovers. The distance between Istanbul Yedigoller is 300 kilometers.

  • Sarıalan

For those who want to experience the magnificent atmosphere of Uludağ, Sarıalan is another winter holiday route close to Istanbul with its easy transportation and accommodation alternatives.

In Sarıalan, where you can reach in a short time by cable car from Bursa, you can enjoy the white nature and spend a romantic winter holiday by staying in bungalow houses. Have a pleasant trip to all of you already!

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