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Top 5 Ski Resorts in Bulgaria

Every resort in our top 5 Bulgarian ski resorts has everything to boast about and has the best finishes and coolest bars, world-class off-piste and snowy peaks, or the most luxurious hotels and iconic mountain views. Whatever you’re after, you can’t go wrong with this finely tuned list of some of the best Bulgarian ski resorts out there.

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Nestled at the foot of the Pyrene mountains and next to Pyrion National Park, Bansko is considered the best ski resort in Bulgaria. With the Magnificent mountain peaks of Viren and Tadoka as its backdrop, reliable snowfall from December to April and a combination of traditional and modern hotels, it’s one of Eastern Europe’s best skiing destinations.

Bansko has 70 kilometers of Peace rising from town level at 936 meters to an altitude of 2 600 meters and with reliable snow cover between December and April. It has a relatively modern ski lift system that will get you anywhere you need. Bansko has 14 lifts including one Gondola, six four seaters and two six seaters. Bear in mind that the slopes can get packed during holidays and weekends due to the small ski area and the cheap prices.



The best place to stay in order to visit Vitosha is the capital city Sophia because there’s a gondola that picks you up from within the city and brings you to the top of the mountain. 

Transportation throughout Bulgaria is just as affordable. The gondola between Sophia and Vitosha is free. When you buy a one-day ski pass, getting to the gondola can cost as little. 

Due to how small the board is you can walk everywhere. Getting to the lift from the farthest hotels will take 10 minutes. Bansko is also easy to walk around. The longest walk is from the bus station all the way up to the lift despite that all being uphill a 30 minute hike up. It’s common for ski gear to be brought on these trips. For those looking to rent equipment Vitosha has one shop on the mountain. 

Once you’re on the mountains you’ll eventually want food eating up at Vitosha is canteen style. Nothing fancy here, food is hot and cheap.

Vitosha is the cheapest and also has the fewest runs. Best considered to be split between two sections. A beginner area and an expert area. The beginner section only has button seats. If you need to learn how to use these it’s best to do it here. The expert area is only considered to be intermediate. 



Pamporovo is a popular ski resort in the Smolyan province of southern Bulgaria. One of the best-known in southeastern Europe located in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains. These ski slopes are safeguarded and maintained in a very good condition. 

Set amongst magnificent pine forests, the gentle profile of the mountain with its rounded slopes and summits makes Pamporovo suitable for beginner skiers and snowboarders alike. However there are also difficult ski runs like the wall for the advance. 

Being one of the most popular mountain resorts in Bulgaria, Pamporovo has a lot to offer foreign apres ski for the skiers and snowboarders who love to party at the end of a good day on the slopes.



Accommodation at Borovets is the most expensive and price reflects quality at the most popular hotel which is right on the slope. 

Borovets on the land is an hour out from Sofia expect to spend a day with  a rental car. Due to how small Borovet is you can walk everywhere. Getting to the lift from the farthest hotels will take 10 minutes.

Borovets has plenty of shops in town. Once you’re on the mountains you’ll eventually want food. It also has stereotypical apres ski options but at prices you wouldn’t believe. The restaurant with the best view is called the terrace and it’s accessible from the slope.

As for orbits, Borovets has three sections: A top, an east facing and a west facing. The top is filled with fun, little advanced slopes. This is a great place to appreciate the beauty of the mountains.



Chepelare is a tourist town in Bulgaria with lots of amazing natural scenery, traditional culture and a great place to explore yourself. Located on the Rhodope Mountain, Chepelare is a good place for skiing, hiking, mountain biking and many recreational activities. Besides its delicious food, Chepelare is also the city of Olympic Champions.

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