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Top 8 European Palaces to Visit

Europe is known for everything from historic sites to stunning landscapes and bustling metropolises. The grand palaces, many of which have housed European royal families for generations, and many set in manicured landscapes, are the ties that bind them together. Let’s take a look at eight amazing European palaces to visit.

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  • Buckingham Palace, England


The famous Buckingham Palace, the must-see in England. Official residence of British sovereigns since 1837, it underwent modifications until 1913 for this main façade. On the square in front of it, the memorial built in 1911 to the glory of Queen Victoria. What you should not miss when you are at Buckingham palace is the changing of the guard which starts at 11:30 am (remember to come around 10 am for a decent place because many people all the time). The rising guard is inspected and arrive accompanied by the military band. The captains walk towards each other for the delivery of the keys.

This ceremony is very impressive and formal. After a long wait in front of a unique spectacle, the rising guard can take up their duties. Red outfit in spring and summer, and gray outfit in autumn/winter. You should also know that Buckingham Palace is not only the royal residence which attracts many tourists and therefore a tourist spot. The palace is also an important place for the population, because it is indeed the place of meeting and sharing during moments of joy, as well as moments of sorrow. It is the true cradle of England.

  • Doge’s Palace, Italy


The Doge’s Palace is a short walk from St. Mark’s Square in Italy. This palace is admirable and very well preserved. This is the former seat of government of the Republic of the Dukes of Venice, the Doge had his apartments there. It also housed a court and a prison. The visit begins at the top of the golden staircase, then you will cross the room of the 4 doors. Thanks to this visit, you will be able to cross the famous Bridge of Sighs (the sighs being those of the prisoners who join the sinister prisons on leaving the courts.) It is a beautiful palace to visit absolutely when you are in Venice.

  • Palace of Versailles, France


Who has never dreamed of experiencing the splendour, luxury and wealth of Louis XIV’s time? The famous Palace of Versailles offers this chance in France. The dimensions of the residence of the Sun King are impressive: 67,121 square meters, some 700 rooms, 2,513 windows, and more than 800 hectares of gardens… Everything seems disproportionate in the castle and its gardens, and the gilding, decorations and carvings are beautiful. The castle now offers an impressive collection of paintings, even on the period wallpapered walls, depicting a most complete portrait of the court. Gardens, Royal family, friends, and celebrations are offered to the public in the form of painting.

To make the most of the visit, it is better to plan time, and half a day will hardly be enough. Significant advantage for young people and students: Entrance to the castle is free for those under 26, on simple presentation of an identity card at the start of the visit. In the same way, remember to book tickets online before the visit, to avoid at least two hours of queuing, sometimes in direct sunlight. A splendid visit, therefore, breathtaking, enriching and exotic… Do not hesitate to make the trip only to spend a weekend in Versailles Palace in France!

  • Schonbrunn Palace, Austria


This splendid castle comparable to Versailles by its size, its luxury, its beauty and its notoriety, imposes as of the entry by its grandiose facade.

Built by Marie-Thérèse in place of the hunting lodge built by Leopold I, we can now imagine the splendor of life in the palace during the Renaissance. The castle bears witness to the life of one of the most powerful royal families of that time: the Habsburgs.

Inside we discover: the large room where the waltzes still resonate, the earthenware stoves, the furniture of the successive occupants, the imperial crockery. Around the palace, a huge park with gardens, an orange grove, a zoo… and the gazebo. Essential in the visit of Vienna!

  • Madrid’s Royal Palace, Spain


This palace has a big presence. It is both inside and outside the city: in the city, near the oldest districts of Madrid but almost outside: edge of the plateau on which Madrid is built, it now overlooks the popular suburbs from the top of a tree-lined cliff. The Royal Palace is massive: as you approach it, you physically feel the power. It should also be noted that the back of the Palace has a very pleasant garden, a shady haven of peace during the hottest hours of the Madrid summer. Under the varied foliage of century-old trees, you can admire the dome that crowns the Royal Palace.

The visit to the Royal Palace is interesting: Ceremonial staircases arranging cyclopean marble slabs, lounges decorated with sparkling gilding, gigantic dining rooms with endless laid tables, rooms decorated with chinoiserie, neo-Pompeian rooms…

It should be noted that although the Palace is no longer inhabited by the Spanish monarchs, it continues to play an important diplomatic role since it serves as a prestigious setting for international events in Spain.

  • Royal Palace Amsterdam, Netherlands


Royal Palace Amsterdam is located in Netherlands. The palace was built by the architects Jacob van Campen and Daniel Stalpaert from 1648 and be inargurado on July 20, 1655. Initially it was the city council, which incidentally was the largest council in Europe, until that the palace is used by Queen Beatrix for state visits and official functions, such as the Queen’s New Year’s receptions. The Silver Carnation, the Erasmus Prize ceremony and the Royal Awards for Painting also took place in the palace. It was restored from 2005 to June 2009, during which, among other things, removed asbestos. On June 14, 2009, the palace was opened to visitors.

  • Monserrate Palace, Portugal


Monserrate Palace is located on the outskirts of Sintra in the center of a spectacular botanical garden, despite its beauty is little visited, as most tourists are out of time while visiting another of the many monuments that this city has. At the box office you have to choose between two types of tour, with or without a guide. Whatever with beautiful gardens and many waterfalls that make you have a special charm.

This palace is in the landscape of the World Cultural Heritage Site, was the summer residence of the Cook family in 1856 and is rebuilt on the ruins of the neo-Gothic style house built by Gerard de Visme. The palace is large and the park has several gardens with exotic trees (Garden of Mexico and Japan for example), waterfalls and lakes. To get there, people take advantage and becomes a hiking trail, watching the fountains and the landscape. Overall the whole board of Sintra is amazing, don’t forget to visit if you are in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Sanssouci Palace, Germany


Sanssouci Palace is located in the city of Potsdam on the outskirts of Berlin, Germany and is one of the most famous royal residences in the world. The King of Prussia, Frederick II, wanted to spend the summer months to enjoy a beautiful view of the beautiful landscape, he wanted to pursue his personal affairs without giving up state affairs. It is also located along a terrace equipped with a beautiful vineyard. Since 1990, Sanssouci Park and its palace is in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What started out as a small pavilion was expanded the Central European Baroque style and inhabited by several Hohenzollern generations until the historical picture changed with the Great War and its last tenant, the widow of Frederick William IV abandoned this golden nest. The two wars and the subsequent division of Germany into two republics resulted in many works of art, including a collection of valuable books and 36 unique paintings for the art world was, desparecieran and only return to them original place after reunification. Today, this palace can be visited in less than an hour, since it has several rooms under construction and reduces the number of rooms that we can see.

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