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Cappadocia Sightseeing Tour | Places To Visit In Cappadocia

Cappadocia sightseeing tour attracts attention throughout four seasons in our country. Because the places to visit in Cappadocia are beautiful in every season. Fairy chimneys are as fascinating under the snow as they are admired under the sun. So, how should a complete Cappadocia tour be?


Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful and most popular places in my paradise country. World famous Cappadocia with its different stone formations, also known as the land of horses, is the place I would want every person to see once. So, how is the Cappadocia sightseeing tour carried out in the most efficient way? Now I will tell you about the road map. Cappadocia is perhaps one of the most precious places of paradise offered to tourism in my beautiful country.

I visited many regions during my 4-day visit to Cappadocia, but if you have 3 days, I have prepared a route for you to make use the most of your time well. I think Cappadocia region has its own beauty in every season. The harmony it will give when the green of the spring and the color of the soil combine, awaits its visitors as if wearing a wedding dress in winter. I visited in December in heavy snow and I enjoyed it very much. If you have never been to Cappadocia before, you have missed a lot.

How to get to Cappadocia?

First of all, I would like to recommend you to rent a car from Yolcu360 to enjoy this magnificent region. Because there is a very large land and a rental car is the most logical choice. If you wish, you can take a look at Kayseri Erkilet Airport car rental offers or take a look at Nevşehir Ürgüp car rental prices. Those who come to the region also consider Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport car rental options. You can also use your preference in this direction. After getting in your vehicle, you can easily reach the place you want by following the signs on the road. Now, where are the places to visit in Cappadocia? Let’s take a look at how the Cappadocia sightseeing tour is done in line with the 3-day plan …

3-Day Cappadocia Sightseeing Tour

If you can follow the three-day program that I have divided into articles, you will have discovered every corner you need to see in Cappadocia. I have reserved each day to a separate tour area, so you will be able to travel easily without getting tired.


  • Derebagi- Cevizli location: It is the old settlement of Uçhisar and you can visit the fairy chimneys from the lower part of Uçhisar castle.
  • O ağacın altı: It is one of the places where the most beautiful valley with a panorama of Göreme is located. You can watch the whole Goreme from here.
  • Göreme: Here you can visit the Roman bazaar and visit the rock tombs known as the Roman fortress in the square. You can also rent an ATV or go on a horse safari from here.
  • Göreme Open Air Museum: The largest open air museum in the region. The visiting areas consisting of monasteries, churches, chapels and living areas carved into the rock formations will attract your attention. Particularly, the visible tombs in the place of worship will attract your attention.
  • Cavusin Church: It is the largest and oldest church in the Cappadocia region. On the walls, scenes of important events for the history of Christianity are depicted. You can visit the church by climbing a little stairs, with a museum card free of charge or by paying 5 TL. It was one of the places I visited with interest.
  • Pasabağlari: It is the region with 3-headed fairy chimneys. This is also known as the monks’ valley.
  • Zelve Open Air Museum: Zelve is the oldest and longest used settlement in the region. It is also known as the region where Christianity first spread.
  • Devrent Valley: It is a special valley that resembles a camel and called baby fairy chimneys and in this sense, the formations of parked fairy chimneys can be observed.

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  • Avanos: Kizilirmak, the longest river of our country, passes through Avanos, you can enjoy a stroll on its edge and enjoy pleasant moments on the historical swinging bridge on it. You can also visit and even experience pottery workshops here.
  • Güvercinlik Valley: It is an important place for the local people who feed the birds in the nests called pigeon houses carved into the valleys.
  • Ortahisar & Ortahisar Castle: The Ortahisar castle, which was carved by hand during the Hittite period, has functioned as a natural shelter throughout history. In addition, there are many churches in Ortahisar.
  • Three Beautiful Fairy Chimneys: Cappadocia region’s most famous fairy chimneys called parents and children.
  • Ürgüp: The region with the most popular bazaar in the Cappadocia region, and you can find the most beautiful wines of the region here.
  • Temenni Hill: It is a wonderful place where you can watch Urgup in Urgup square from the top.
  • Cemil Village: It is a beautiful place where you can see the chapel of the Holy Cross and the rock-carved chapel.
  • Sahin Efendi Village: It was founded on volcanic land in the wide valley. There are many caves besides Forty thieves and Altıparmak churches carved into fairy chimneys.
  • Guzeloz village: It is an ancient Christian settlement. The Greeks lived here until the 1920s. It is a beautiful place to be seen.
  • Kizilcukur valley: It is the most beautiful place where you can watch the sunset.
  • Kaymakli underground city: It is an 8-storey underground city dating back to 3000 BC. I would like to be seen.

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  • Derinkuyu Underground City: The history of this place goes back to the Assyrian colonies. I was intrigued that they built this place in areas such as food stores and ventilation chimneys despite the possibility of not being able to go out for a long time. Those with asthma and heart disease, I want you to be careful.
  • Narli lake: Narli lake, which is the crater lake, is one of the beautiful places to see.
  • Guzelyurt village: It is a Greek village that still keeps its cultural traditions that have been coming from a long time.
  • Ihlara Valley: It is considered as one of the largest canyons in the world. There are also many frescoed churches in the valley. You must see it.
  • Selime Cathedral and Monastery: This place of worship at the end of the Ihlara valley is the biggest in Cappadocia.
  • Agzi Karahan caravanserai: According to the Agzi Karahan inscription, it was built by one of the rich merchants Haci Musa Bin Abdullah in 8 years, and its architectural feature is Seljuk caravanserais.

You can evaluate the 3-day Cappadocia tour in this region in the most efficient and enjoyable way. See enjoying the journey with the car you rent from Yolcu360 while traveling within this program. Have days full of travel …

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