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Peaceful Places for Vacation in Turkey | 2021

The danger of coronavirus still continues. For this reason, peaceful places will decorate your holiday destinations this summer as well. How would you like to take a glance at holiday destinations away from the crowd, where you can get plenty of fresh air, intertwined with both the sea and nature? The article about Peaceful Places for Vacation in Turkey was prepared by Birten Çankaya, author of Instagram’s popular traveler Seyahatimgeldi. You can rent a car and reach peaceful holiday destinations.

Peaceful Places for Vacation in Turkey

  • Assos

Assos is one of the peaceful holiday paradises of the North Aegean. Assos promises its visitors a wonderful holiday experience with its peaceful atmosphere. It is one of the ideal places to stand out from the crowd of big cities and relax. Assos is located in Ayvacık district of Çanakkale. It is famous for its historical harbor and stone houses. Assos also stands out with Assos Ancient City, which is 200 meters above sea level. If you want to witness an unforgettable view, I recommend you to visit the ancient city close to sunset. Kadırga Bay, Sivrice Bay and Sokakağzı are among the peacefulest corners of Assos. You can enjoy the sea and the sun all day, and in the evening you can have a stomach feast with delicious seafood and Aegean appetizers.

  • Gökçeada (Imbros)

Gökçeada always maintains its calmness. It has the exact opposite of Bozcaada. An enjoyable holiday awaits you in Gökçeada. Gökçeada is one of the Cittaslow cities in our country. Gökçeada offers the opportunity to have a holiday in the summer without getting overwhelmed with its always breezy air. Greek villages take the first place among the popular sightseeing stops of the island. You can take a photo tour in the historical streets of Zeytinliköy, Kaleköy and Tepeköy, and taste the island’s famous mastic pudding in the village coffee house. If you love to dive, I would like to remind you that the first and the only underwater national park in Gökçeada in Turkey. Aydıncık Bay, Laz Beach, Yıldız Bay, Gizli Liman and Marmaros are among the most beautiful beaches where you can swim.

  • İğneada

İgneada is one of the ideal destinations for weekend holidays with its proximity to Istanbul. İğneada has a unique nature. It has one of the largest longoz forests in the country. İğneada Longoz Forests enchant nature lovers. It reveals a thousand and one shades of green. After a pleasant walk in the forest, you can take a canoe tour on Mert Lake or take unique nature photos. İğneada Beach welcomes sea lovers in the summer months. The beach is miles long. Beğendik Village, Limanköy, Kıyıköy and Dupnisa Cave are among the places worth seeing in İğneada.

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Retreats in Turkey

  • Dalyan

Dalyan is a peaceful holiday destination in Muğla where nature and history are intertwined. It is located at the meeting point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Dalyan is extremely rich in terms of sightseeing. One of the important port cities in ancient times is here. Kaunos Ancient City can be the first stop of your Dalyan trip. You can visit the ancient city free of charge with a Müzekart. The acropolis and theater of the ancient city were preserved and survived until today. Lycian Rock Tombs are one of the historical points that should be seen in Dalyan. I suggest you join the boat tour to see and photograph the rock tombs in the best way. Iztuzu Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches not only in the country but also in Europe. İztuzu Beach is a magnificent natural wonder with its 4.5-kilometer coast. You can reach by car or boat. İztuzu Beach is one of the spawning places of caretta carettas. For this reason, the beach is protected with special measures.

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  • Köyceğiz

Köyceğiz stands out with its peaceful atmosphere for those who are tired of popular holiday resorts in Muğla. Köyceğiz is located approximately 50 kilometers from Marmaris. Köyceğiz Lake enchants its visitors with its picturesque view. Boat trips and non-motorized water sports can also be done on the lake. Ekincik Bay welcomes sea lovers with its sparkling water. Sultaniye Hot Springs are also among the places you should visit in Köyceğiz. The history of hot springs goes back thousands of years. You can go to Yuvarlakcay during the summer months and have a picnic at Gökçeova Lake at the foot of Sandras Mountain.

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