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Top 10 Scenic Drives You Must Experience With Our Rental Cars

Whether you’re an avid road tripper or simply seeking an escape from the crowd, there’s no experience quite like taking the wheel and setting out on a journey through breathtaking landscapes. Looking for an awesome road trip with some jaw-dropping views? We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of the ‘Top 10 Scenic Drives’ that you’ve just got to check out. And the best part? You can experience them all with our comfy rental cars. So, grab your favorite playlist, some snacks, and hit the road to explore these super cool spots! 

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Germany, Autobahn


German highways or “autobahn” are famous throughout the world because there are no speed limits outside of urban areas. Enough to take full advantage of the power of your car while discovering the beautiful German countryside. A road trip to Germany could therefore be one of the best road trips in Europe! If you want to organize a cheap road trip in Europe, Germany is also a good option because it borders many european countries, which already saves on flying. Finally, it is a country with a wide variety of landscapes and things to see.

Ireland, Ring of Kerry


The Irish countryside is one of the most beautiful in Europe and a road trip in Ireland is an ideal opportunity to unwind and forget about the passing of time. The Ring of Kerry is the best route to take to discover the best that Ireland has to offer! Completing this 200 km loop will allow you to discover the mountains, beaches, lakes and rivers of the Emerald Island. One of the road trips in Europe not to be missed!

Italy, Amalfi Coast


Southern Italy is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe and taking a road trip to Italy will have many surprises in store for you. So, driving along the Amalfi Coast is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the Italian landscapes. Driving on the Amalfi Coast will also allow you to discover villages, each more beautiful than the next. Buon viaggio!

Top 8 Tourist Attractions in Amalfi Coast

France, the Côte d’Azur


No need to go far to take the best road trips in Europe. A road trip to the Côte d’Azur is ideal for an unforgettable trip. Drive along the Côte d’Azur, one of the most beautiful regions of France, via the Corniche d’or or the Grande Corniche road. Explore the Nice hinterland and discover some of the most beautiful countryside landscapes in France. Sometimes a look at the azure blue of the Mediterranean, sometimes a look at winding roads and hilltop villages. An unforgettable road trip that will take you from Saint-Tropez to Nice, then if you feel like it, you can continue your journey to Italy.

Norway, Trollstigen


Also known as the “Troll Road”, Trollstigen is a mountain road considered to be one of the most beautiful scenic routes in Europe. From mountains to waterfalls, you will have the opportunity to admire fabulous landscapes on this road which connects Åndalsnes and Valldalen, two towns located in the heart of Norway. Clearly, if you want to take a road trip in Norway, you have to do this route!

Scotland, The Isle of Skye


Are you looking for the most beautiful road trips? You are in the right place. The Highlands, does this name inspire you? So for a road trip in Scotland, head for its “ highlands ” and particularly the Isle of Skye, which is very popular with road trippers and is the most beautiful island in the country. The Isle of Skye offers breathtaking landscapes, very wild and raw. Do not miss Neist Point, the very mysterious monoliths of the Old Man of Torr, the gigantic cliffs of Kilt Rock and the charming little town of Portree as well as its very colorful port; to name only the must-see spots.

Switzerland, Furka Pass


A road trip in Switzerland is an opportunity to discover this beautiful country in a new light. This road – which winds through the Alps – is world famous. Drivers can test their nerves and their vehicles by driving the many hairpin curves this road features. Even if this road is incredibly beautiful, it is still incredibly dangerous, especially in rainy weather, when it snows or at night. This route is one of the road trips in Europe reserved for the most seasoned.

Romania, DN7C


This winding road runs through the Carpathian Mountains, and is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Connecting Transylvania to Wallachia, this road, also known by the sweet name of “ Transfăgărășan ” will allow you to discover many landscapes as well as buildings that seem to come straight from the past… A great opportunity to discover an unknown country during your road trip in Romania.

England, A3055


Fancy a road trip in England? Located on the charming Isle of Wight, the A3055 connects Chale to Freshwater Bay. Also known as the “Military Road”, this road will allow you to explore the south coast of the island in all its glory. Admittedly, the road is not extremely long, but there will be many stops to take pictures of the landscape on this coastal road.

Italy, Stelvio Pass


Located in the heights of the Eastern Alps, this beautiful and dangerous road is considered to be one of the best roads to drive and one of the most beautiful road trips to do in Italy. With its incredible landscapes and tight turns where experienced drivers can test their skills, this road will leave you with lasting memories. A magnificent journey in the heart of nature awaits you with this route which is one of the most beautiful road trips.

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