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Romantic Places of Istanbul

We always want to escape from Istanbul. This crowded and noisy city is extremely tiring. However, we cannot break away from this beautiful city. The biggest problem with this city is that it is crowded. However, when we say crowded we don’t just mean there are too many people. Many roads, many streets, many places… There is plenty of everything in Istanbul. Of course, let’s justify. The abundance of alternatives offered by the city on some issues works very well. Especially, there is a wide choice for stylish places with exquisite views. On the other hand, this abundance confuses us and makes it difficult for us to make decisions. We have prepared this article to eliminate this confusion. We wanted to list the most romantic places you can go to in Istanbul with your loved one on your special days. We are here to be the savior of gentlemen who find it difficult to choose a stylish restaurant, especially on special occasions. We tried to give brief information about romantic places of Istanbul.

You can rent a car and take advantage of our list of suggestions for a romantic dinner in Istanbul prepared by our couple Merve and Furkan. Come on and read!

Romantic Places of Istanbul

  • Lacivert Restaurant                                                  

Lacivert Restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful corners of Istanbul, Anadolu Hisarı in Beykoz. Lacivert Restaurant has a legendary view as it is located at the Bosphorus. Of course, eating something in such an environment is a very pleasant experience. Especially if you choose this place from such a list of romantic places and go with a special person for you, it is very impressive.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing for prices. For 2 people, ordering fish and salad and having a few glasses with them means you pay around 600 to 700 TL. Of course, the food and the service are directly proportional to this price. Let’s do it right in this regard.

As a result, although most guests who come here leave satisfied with the service and the quality of the venue, they generally complain about both the prices and the small portions. Of course, this is not enough for us to exclude Lacivert Restaurant from the list of romantic places in Istanbul. If you have chosen Lacivert Restaurant among the romantic places you can go to on special occasions, you can rent a car in Bostancı Istanbul and reach this place comfortably.

  • Maiden’s Tower Restaurant

The Maiden’s Tower is the symbol of Istanbul and the most delicate view of the Marmara Sea. You want to watch the view all the time. Maiden’s Tower Restaurant is also located here. This restaurant has also entered our list. Because it is a completely different feeling to be in that tower that everyone admires.

The historical texture, knowing that it is in the middle of the sea and the unique view of Istanbul make you feel special. The Maiden’s Tower is the place of special days and moments. Since it is a special restaurant, we can say that the prices are quite high. You can check the menu and current prices on the website.

Good Dinner in Istanbul

  • Mükellef Karakoy

This place is one of the most famous restaurants in Karaköy. Mükellef is also at the top of the list of the most preferred romantic places in Istanbul. Let’s say from the very beginning that those who want to eat at a table with a view should prefer the tables on the Galata Tower side.

The most beautiful feature of Mükellef Karaköy is the music that plays naively from behind while you eat with the view. This situation gives people a different peace of mind. Müzeyyan Senar or Zeki Müren will accompany you throughout the meal with their unique musical interpretation. The biggest problem is that the area is narrow. Therefore, the tables are very close to each other. However, we have nothing else to say negatively about Mükellef Karaköy.

The owner of the Mükellef Restaurant is Arda Türkmen, one of the famous chefs in our country. Thus, we can agree that this place is one of the rarest in our list of romantic places. This place will not force you too much about the price. The average amount you will pay for 2 people is 200 to 400 TL. If you chose this place to spend your special day from the list of romantic places and you live in the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, you can rent a car in Kartal Istanbul and reach this beautiful place.

  • Leb-i Derya Restaurant

Leb-i Derya Restaurant is located in Beyoğlu, which is one of the first places that come to mind when talking about beautiful and romantic places in Istanbul. You can choose this place for an elegant dinner. On the other hand, the place has a relaxing atmosphere.

We have no words to say to the view anyway, of course it is very beautiful. The portions are large enough and the food is delicious. The prices are not excessive compared to the Lacivert Restaurant. In other words, everything you need to have a nice evening is available at Leb-i Derya Restaurant. All you have to do is take your loved one and go. If you have decided to come here and you do not have a car, you may not want to choose public transportation on this special day. You can rent a car in Ataşehir Istanbul or you can rent a car in Istinye Istanbul and eliminate the transportation problem on your special day.

A Beautiful Place in Istanbul

  • 360 Istanbul

Our last suggestion is 360 Istanbul in our article about romantic places in Istanbul, another venue located in Beyoğlu. This is a very special place that offers its guests a 360 degree panoramic view.

360 Istanbul is a calm and pleasant place that you can choose for a nice dinner especially on weekdays. We say especially on weekdays because this place evolves on weekends and makes a rapid transition to the club concept. Therefore, it is useful to make your choice considering this situation.

360 Istanbul does not fall behind other places on the list when it comes to food. The restaurant has a very wide menu. You can taste authentic flavors from Turkish and world cuisine here. Finally, we recommend that you coincide with your reservation before the evening and see both the daytime and evening view. If you have decided to come here among the romantic places in Istanbul, you can rent a car in Kadıköy Istanbul or rent a car in Ataköy Istanbul.

You can rent a car in Istanbul and reach anywhere you want comfortably.

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