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Lake Van | How Deep Is Lake Van? | What Do We Know About It?

We researched for those that look for information on Lake Van. The subject of the series Turkey’s natural wonders, is Lake Van. Well, how deep is Lake Van, what to see at Lake Van

Turkey’s Natural Wonders

Lake Van, which the whole world heard of thanks to rumours of the Lake Van monster that circulated a period, is offering a tranquil beauty. The lake in the shores of which you can have the chance to swim, is important in that it is the region’s greatest closed basin. Since its water is hard it is not suitable for fishing yet the lake hosts distinctive species. Well, what do we know about it?

About Lake Van

Lake Van, which is our country’s biggest and deepest lake, is located at the border of Bitlis and Van provinces. The fact that the lake is the region’s biggest lake and has historical structures on the islands in it, make it valuable. We even would not exaggerate to say that Van as an eastern province owns its level of development to this lake. So, how deep is Lake Van and how big is it…

  • Lake Van Depth/Magnitude

The magnitude of Lake Van is 3 thousand 700 kilometres. Its depth is  400 metres.

What to see at Lake Van?

There are many things to see at the lake, yet the most important one is its fascinating scene. It is a relaxing, refreshing scene…We can list what to see as following;

  • Mount Artos, Mount Nemrut and Mount Süphan encircle it. The lake found in the middle of these mountain, offers a unique view.
  • Unique areas such as the Ahlat historical site and Akdamar Island are also found close to this lake.  It has animal herds on its coasts and matchless historical ruins on its islands while accessing some parts of the lake is even impossible by land. It is a perfect fit for those that want to be alone with nature untouched by man.
  • Akdamar Island of Van’s Gevaş district, is the lakes biggest island. The island hosts one of the most precious artefacts of art and architecture history; Akdamar Church. The church made of red stone, offers a look that seems to be depicted on stone just as in the Old Testament. This church was built in the 10th century and was preserved almost as completely.
  • Akdamar is not the only island on it that hosts a church. There is an island called Çarpanak on the lake’s eastern part. This island is home to the Church of Saint Jean, built in the 9th century.

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