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Hatila Valley National Park / Highest Glass Terrace in Turkey

Hatila Valley National Park with its rich biodiversity reaching thousands of meters is located within the borders of Artvin. Hatila Valley is a true natural wonder with its 19 streams and dozens of waterfalls fed by the waters accumulated in its mountains and underground. So where is Hatila Valley? What are the Hatila Valley camping options? How to get to Hatila Valley? You can find information about Hatila Valley National Park and accommodation options in our content where we have compiled the answers to such questions.

Where is Hatila Valley National Park?

The distance between Hatila Valley National Park and Artvin city center is only 7 km. Hatila Valley is in an easily accessible location, half of which is asphalt, half of which is paved with stone parquet. After 5 km continue on this road you can reach the highest glass terrace in Turkey. You can reach the valley within the central borders of Artvin by renting a car in a short time.

Information About Hatila Valley National Park

Hatila Valley, which extends from 170 m to 3224 m, offers unforgettable beautiful views. It makes a name for itself with its botanical features as well as its rich biodiversity. A large number of living creatures survive in the valley, which is among the natural beauties of our country. The valley is home to animal species such as foxes, wild goats, bears, martens, badgers, songbirds and raptors. In addition to all these, a 220 meter high glass terrace was built to watch this magnificent valley. The valley is home to the highest glass terrace in Turkey. The region offers a unique topography with basalt columns and different rock formations formed throughout the valley. There are areas suitable for daily visits and camping in the National Park. There are 4 different forest lakes and tree species such as spruce, fir, scotch pine, beech, pistachio pine, boxwood and sandalwood in the valley.

Activities in Hatila Valley National Park

The answers to the question of what to do in Hatila Valley are quite entertaining. You can hike in Hatila Valley and take a fresh breath by watching its magnificent nature. You can go to the Hatila Valley Glass Terrace and take unique photos and enjoy the view. Thanks to its favorable geographical structure, you can enjoy many nature sports here. Hatila Valley is also a unique location for camping lovers. Hatila Valley campsites offer places where you can stay with your tent and sleep under the stars at night.

Where to Stay in Hatila Valley National Park?

While Hatila Valley is suitable for tent camping, you can also rent caravans or bungalows in the area. If you wish, you can take advantage of the wide range of rooms with your family and loved ones by choosing the hotels in Artvin city center, 7 km away. Hatila Valley accommodation fees vary between 85-100 Turkish Liras. Average prices range from 10-15 TL for tent areas, 80-110 TL for caravans and 120-150 TL for bungalow houses.

Hatila Valley National Park Entrance Fees

Hatila Valley entrance fees are 3 TL for bicycles, 6 TL for motorcycles and ATVs, 9 TL for cars, pickup trucks and pickups, 27 TL for minibuses, 45 TL for midibuses, 72 TL for buses, 3 TL for adults and 1.5 TL for students.

How To Get To Hatila Valley National Park?

You can reach the national park, which is 7 km away from Artvin city center, in 10 minutes with a suitable rental car among the options for car rental in Artvin city center. Those coming from Rize, which is 148 km away, can also rent a car in Rize and reach the valley within 2 hours. On the other hand, those who want to come from İstanbul by car can travel to Artvin on green roads with the affordable rental car by looking at the options for rent a car in İstanbul or rent a car at İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

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