Our team is here 7/24 to help you. Please contact us when you face any technical difficulty or problems during reservation. If the answer to your question is not provided in any of the questions below, you may call us by dialing 0-850-532-2765 or send an e-mail to info@yolcu360.com


How does the reservation system work?

You may complete your reservation by entering the required information after reaching the appropriate car and service suiting you by selecting the car you wish to rent or the service you wish to use.


Can I make reservations without using my credit card?

Since Yolcu 360 offers you the best price you need to enter your credit card information during the reservation process.


What kinds of payment methods are available?

You can use all your debit cards and credit cards during the reservation process.


How can I learn whether my reservations is approved?

An e-mail will be sent to you once your reservation is approved.


Under what conditions may I cancel or change my reservation?

You may perform the required cancellation process by calling our firm at least 48 hours before the car is put into process.


Do I need to make any payments during reservation?

Since Yolcu 360 offers you the best price you need to enter your credit card information and make payment during  the reservation process.


I am not driving a car, can I receive personal driver service?

We can not provide personal driver service at this time. However, we will provide this service to you in future.


Is there an additional fee for an additional driver?

In order to use an additional driver, the most recent driver's license and identity information of the additional driver to the renter should be attached to the renting agreement with an extra fee. If an additional driver is not declared and an accident occurred, the ones who use the car are severally and jointly liable. The additional driver is expected to comply with age restriction.


Do I need to pay extra for my child?

If there is a child or a baby in the car, it is mandatory to have a baby and child seat in the car. Under these circumstances, the supplying firm may provide the baby and child seat for an extra fee.


Do I have to have my driver's license with me when I rent a car?

While you are renting a car, you are required to have a driver's license and credit card with which you will confirm your identity.


How much extra fee do I need to pay if I want to use my car for longer than what I stated?

The extra fee payments vary due to firm terms. If the delivery date is later than the reserved date, daily payment is collected by the rental company over the list price of the valid day.


What does the car insurance cover?

There is information about scope of the car insurance and the payments to be made upon damage is given in the agreement that you sign while taking the car. You need to read carefully to learn the contents of this information.


Do I take on defects liability when I have an accident?

Collision Damage Waiver, is an application that reduces the liability of the driver party to a car rental agreement in the event of a damage. You may waive the damage if your car is protected by insurance. Certain parts and elements of the car may not be included in this damage waiver insurance. Check the "What's Included" section of the insurance while taking the car.


How does the fuel policy procedure work?

Each car rental company has a unique fuel policy. You can see this information while making reservation.


Is there an insurance for theft?

Theft Protection covers the amount excluding the 'liability portion' of the driver in the event of theft or in the damages that may occur in the car during theft. These amounts and conditions are stated in the terms of the renting agreement.


May I request an invoice?

Since Yolcu 360 is carrying the duty of an intermediary, it is not liable from the agreements between the customer and the car rental firm and the issued invoices. The payment that our customer makes in our website is directly transferred to the selling firm. You may do the invoice processes during taking the vehicle.


What do I need to do if my flight is late or gets cancelled?

If your flight is late or gets cancelled, please send us an e-mail or contact our call center as soon as possible. If your flight details were given to use beforehand, the necessary notification can be done to the rental firm but may only be held for maximum 1 hour. Yolcu 360 cannot be held liable and shall not cover the loss incurred due to the changes, delay or cancellations of your flight plans.


Does Yolcu360 offer additional insurance options?

Yolcu360 carries the duty of an intermediary company that introduces you to the service you wish. Our insurance options are within the scope of the insurances provided to you by the supplier firm. You may get detailed information on insurances from the rental firm.


Where do I need to sign the agreement?

You are required to sign your agreement during taking the car with the identity and credit card information you provided.


May I get a refund if I leave my car before the stated date?

Your agreement is valid from the commence of rent until the reserved date. There is no opportunity for a refund for returns before the reserved date.


What should I do if I forget my personal belonging in the car?

If you forgot a personal belonging in the car, you may contact our call center or directly contact the supplier firm.