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Yalova Rent a Car

Yalova, one of the most beautiful cities on the north west of Turkey, offers a very pleasant holiday with its green forests, fresh air and touristic texture. You can camp in undiscovered or unspoiled plateaus, and enjoy the unspoilt exquisite nature in Yalova. If you want renting a car, you can prefer yolcu360.com.

yalova rent a car

Trips especially from Istanbul for hiking, camping and photography are frequently organized in Yalova, which has very beautiful districts such as Çınarcık, Armutlu and Çiftlikköy. You can explore the beauties of the region with your family or friends by renting a car in Istanbul or in Yalova. So, what are there to explore in Yalova? The Delmece Plateau may be the starting point of your Yalova trip. You can spend a pleasant time in this plateau which offers a beautiful landscape resembling oil paintings especially in the spring. It will be a great pleasure for nature lovers to visit this city which has rare tree species in the Museum of Living Trees. The Büyük Dipsiz Lake nearby is home to special plant and bird species. If you are planning to have a nice thermal holiday in winter which will warm you up to your bones, Yalova may be the right choice. There are many thermal hotels and spa resorts in our country, but Yalova and its surroundings offer very comfortable and luxurious options in this regard. Organic nutrition is the trend of our day. If you are a cautious consumer in this regard, many agricultural lands in Yalova are devoted to organic agriculture. You can buy organic farming products at reasonable prices from the street vendors or in the bazaars. Yalova is also famous for its dozens of flower greenhouses where you can find very nice flowers and potted plants for your garden, balcony or terrace. There are sandy and pebble beaches in Yalova which is at the top of the list of the places close to İstanbul where you can go for a swim. You can enjoy your holiday in Yalova, which has an advanced beach culture, though not as much as Antalya or Izmir.

Yalova Rent a Car

You can try Yalova rent a car options to enjoy the city and see all the beauties around. You can use yolcu360.com to rent affordable cars from Yalova and see the availability of rent a car offices. You can access the cheapest rental car alternative in Yalova in just a few minutes on the system and you can book a car online. What is more, you can do this with the advantage of unconditional refund and credit card installment.

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