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Would you like to travel to the youngest city in entire Europe? If you answer is yes, then firstly you should rent a car to make your voyage easier. The car rental Birmingham got just what you need. It is located at the Birmingham Airport, which makes it even easier for our precious costumers to reach out and rent a car.

In short, renting a car will make your trips easier and comfortable if you use the Yolcu360's special services in this city. This car rental Birmingham concept gives you the advantage of comparing prices of different rental options so that you can pick up your ideal car by yourself directly. And afterwards you can buckle up your seatbelt and drive into the city satisfied from the Birmingham Airport.

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Information About Birmingham

The city which is also called as The Venice of the North is famous of its trading. It is located in the England Midlands and the local dialect is called Brummie, which is the derived term of the city’s nickname ‘Brum’.

After the Industrial Revolution, the city had seen many developments in the fields of science, technology, economy and production of goods. The city was the host of many innovations one of which was the Watt Steam Engine. Same of the other British Isles, Birmingham has a temperate maritime climate. You will love this rich cultured city with its many ethnic originated citizens. As it has many parks and open spaces, it is considered as one of the greenest cities in the United Kingdom. In the city you can also see a huge canal network that aids to the trading networks. Another important feature of Birmingham is the Balti (a type of curry) cuisine: large numbers of Balti houses can be found at the Balti Triangle which is a frequent destination for many tourists over the years. Even the food and drink culture will be enough for you to adore the beauty of the city. There are also independent and artisan food restaurants, the Birmingham Wholesale Markets and collective bakeries where you can enjoy the exclusive food and beverages.

Did you know that there are five universities in Birmingham? The Aston University, the University of Birmingham, the Birmingham City University, the University College Birmingham and the Newman University. This fact just adds to the property of being one of the most populous cities of the United Kingdom. The universities and the immense commercial potential of the city make it more vibrant and dynamic than ever. Here you can find many special museums, destinations for shopaholics, stunning art galleries, Victorian and modern architecture, beautiful canals which were once used for trade purposes, zoo activities, recreational parks, botanical parks, glitzy buildings, striking churches and last but not least, a rich gastronomical culture which includes of course Michelin starred restaurants for the ones who call themselves food lover. All these above mentioned facts will fuse in to create the perfect cultural and relaxing holiday you deserve.

Do you know why Birmingham is called the second city of the United Kingdom? Because it is after London the biggest city both in terms of population and commercial, industrial power.

Did you know that the English city of Birmingham was the inspiration for “The Lord of the Rings”? The distinguished author J.R.R.Tolkien took his inspiration for writing his book from this stunning city. Maybe it will inspire you too? It will definitely be relaxing and joyful to make a Birmingham trip, just use the car rental Birmingham UK service from Birmingham Airport of Yolcu360 and be one of its happy clients. Selecting the car rental Birmingham UK concept is a great choice as it brings together many advantages like being able to take the car as soon as you land at Birmingham Airport.

Holiday at Birmingham

If you are planning on a trip to the city of Birmingham and you want to rent a car then Car Hire Birmingham Airport is the way to go. The rental service will provide you with the best options and help you to choose a car, which will also be advantageous to for you economically. As the customer satisfaction is a priority you will leave with ultimate satisfaction. After picking up your car from the Birmingham Airport you will be ready to see what this beautiful city offers. And there is no doubt that you will fall in love with this city in a short time! The staff of Car Hire Birmingham Airport will welcome you and make sure you are satisfied with your rental options at the Birmingham Airport.

Birmingham is known as the center of social, cultural, financial and commercial center of the English Midlands. The third most populated urban area of the UK will offer you a good quality vacation. There many museums and art galleries to visit, such as; the Symphony Hall which is the home venue to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, another city center music venue is the Arena Birmingham; you will also have the chance to visit Britain's longest-established producing theatre, The Birmingham Repertory Theater. You can attend many other cultural activities at Blue Orange Theatre, the Old Rep, Banner Theatre, the Maverick Theatre Company and Kindle Theatre. You might even get the chance to see Birmingham Royal Ballet , which is one of the five major ballet companies all around the UK. If you are a history or art enthusiast you can visit the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery that holds a significant selection of Bellini, Rubens and many others; on the other hand there is the Aston Hall, Blakesley Hall, the Museum of the Jewelry Quarter, Soho House and Sarehole Mill. You will fall in love with chocolate once you visit Cadbury World in which you will be shown the stages and steps of chocolate production as well as the history of the company.

Apart from these the city has so many things to offer you. So if you are willing to discover it for yourself; the only thing you will need is pick up your car with the special services of Yolcu360.

What to do in Birmingham?

Do you want to visit the city of Birmingham but are not sure where to rent a car? The answer is Car Rental Birmingham Airport; as you can understand from the name this rental company will is stated at the Birmingham Airport and it provide convenience to the customers not only with its qualified staff but also with its location. You will be able to pick the best option between many without paying commission or any extra charge. All you need to do is make a reservation contacting the Car Rental Birmingham Airport and once you land to the Birmingham Airport your car will be waiting for you.

This option will be ideal for you since the Birmingham Airport is only 25 minutes to the city center with a car. And then you will be able to start your dream vacation. The city hosts many national, spiritual and religious festivals that will offer you a fun vacation. The themes of these multicultural festivals vary. For example; you can attend Birmingham Pride, which is known as the UK’s largest gay pride, or you can go the Europe’s second largest parade (after Dublin) St. Patrick's Day parade. For the music lovers, the city holds the Birmingham International Jazz Festival and also for the comedy lovers Birmingham Comedy Festival is celebrated which the participation of actors and actresses all around the World. Entertainment and leisure venues are also highly appealing. Star City is Europe’s largest leisure and entertainment complex. There are plenty of Shopping Malls as in other tourism centers of Europe but differently, Birmingham will provide you with the best services as possible including library, emergency and healthcare services.

Other then these outstanding options you will see and experience many more that are not mentioned above. We are sure that you will have a lifetime experience during your visit to this multiethnic city so what are you waiting for? Start looking up for cars from Car Rental Birmingham Airport from Yolcu360 and have an affordable deal to explore the city, with the car you will choose and drive away in, from the Birmingham Airport.

History of Birmingham

Do you want to spend your holiday in the second most populous city of England? Birmingham with its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere is one of the most attractive cities in England and especially in the Midlands. For a car hire Birmingham from Birmingham Airport, choose Yolcu360 and its car hire Birmingham from Birmingham Airport service. It will offer you the best service of its kind! Located in the English Midlands, it has also a wonderful nature and geographical features. So, get your car from Birmingham Airport and go discover the Midlands.

The first traces of human settlement were found not directly in the city where it lies today, but rather in the highly fertile river valleys called the Severn, the Avon and the Trent. Evidence of human activities in today’s Birmingham indicates that the settlement in the city was more seasonal than permanent. These date back to around 8000 BC. The first permanent settlement was during the 6th or 7th century. In the 1st century, the Romans conquered Britain and made their roads in the near of Birmingham. In 1166 the city began to prosper in terms of economy and became a market town. Later on, it protected its booming commercial power by being active in the scientific and industrial Revolution followed by the Midlands Enlightenment period. Today it is still the main center for industry and commerce in the Midlands of England.

In the past this city was also called the “City of a thousand trades”, the second largest city of England enjoys a wide reputation of being the most successful city during the Industrial Revolution. Furthermore, it hasn’t lost this property as it still continues to be the major trade and commerce center of Britain after London. Birmingham was literally the main center of the Industrial Revolution that took place in the United Kingdom. It was a great prospering city but fell unfortunately victim to bombings during the war which resulted in many architectural masterpieces to be destroyed. The historical Victorian era buildings that can be seen today in the city, were all restored. It is totally worth walking alongside the scenic canals and appreciating all the magnificent architecture.

Discover this magnificent city and its surroundings with your car hire Birmingham concept of Yolcu360 which you get at Birmingham Airport. Drive through the midlands and the Birmingham Plateau which has a unique geography. Yolcu360 will provide you all the facilities you need in an affordable sum for your perfect Birmingham vacation. Get ready for a memorable Birmingham experience with your rental car.

Places Visit in Birmingham

Birmingham is the best place to try an alternative holiday scene. This city which is located in the Middle of the United Kingdom offers many different activities especially for those who are bored of the classical tourist attractions and sightseeing places. The address to your ideal rental car that you will need during this holiday, is Yolcu360 and its cheap car hire Birmingham Airport. Nowadays it is difficult to find the right car for the right price as many are overpriced but the cheap car hire Birmingham concept of Yolcu360 stands out. It is of good quality and it enables you to get the car from Birmingham Airport which is also important.

If you want to try something different for a change, go to the Twycross Zoo which is just one hour away located from the Birmingham city center. An animal lover will not want to leave this place which is home to more than 900 animals. Observe the giraffes, monkeys, meerkats, leopards, reptiles and other animals in their beautiful homes which were designed like their natural habitat. Another perfect spot for anyone who loves being around animals, is the The National Sea Life. This aquarium offers many attractions and walking through the tunnels will make you feel like walking through the ocean with the many sharks, octopuses, jellyfish, turtles, etc. Here you will learn everything about the many different species and be able to observe them. If you want to see some green areas, you are lucky that Birmingham is one of the cities with the most parks in whole Europe. Go to the botanical garden or one of the many other city parks.

Are you in Birmingham and looking for a rental car because it is much easier to travel with one? Then try the car rental Birmingham Airport UK service of Yolcu360 where you can take your car from the Birmingham Airport. This will be a big comfort for you as Yolcu360 has unparalleled properties like being quite affordable. So choose the car rental Birmingham Airport UK for a better vacation.

The biggest advantage of this city is that it offers activities out of the common. The Cadbury World, for example. It is the worldly famous chocolate factory and it allows visits where you learn about the history of the company and chocolate in general. You will see where the chocolate is produced and will get to taste some of it. Apart from visiting the Cadbury World, you can also go to Twycross Zoo, the Aquarium of Birmingham, visit the museums and art galleries and the many public parks which include also botanical garden. And if you feel like a short day trip, try the more authentic Shropshire or Warwick which are close nearby. As one can easily say, there are many things to do in this huge commercial city located at the heart of the United Kingdom.

Go discover it too! Just make your reservation for the car rental Birmingham Airport UK service of Yolcu360, get your car at Birmingham Airport. After that you can go visiting the city center or head directly from Birmingham Airport to the nearby towns. It’s up to you! You will be ready to discover all of the amazing places of the city.

Now is the time to get your car from Birmingham Airport. Book the cheap car hire Birmingham Airport service and the Yolcu360 team will prepare it at Birmingham Airport.

What Eat in Birmingham?

If you are not sure where to hire a rental car of good quality and with reasonable price, then here is your answer to the problem: the car hire Birmingham UK service from Birmingham Airport of Yolcu360. This amazing company gives you the chance of comparing prices between the cars you have chosen with suitable features and choose the one you want. Whichever one you choose, you can be guaranteed that it will be of high quality and no extra charges are to be expected. The car Birmingham UK concept from Birmingham Airport is therefore the first choice of many people. Why postpone your holiday dreams when it is actually quite accessible thanks to the Yolcu360 team.

Explore the amazing city where the Industrial Revolution of the United Kingdom was born and has prospered to be one of the biggest economies of the country still in our day. The vivid, vibrant and dynamic style of the city with modern and Victorian buildings everywhere will fascinate you. Here you can find many distinctive bars according to your taste. However, one aspect of the city Birmingham gets often forgotten: Its food. Its gastronomic restaurants are literally excellent which can be seen in that this city is home to several Michelin starred restaurants serving high quality food. After having your dinner you should also have a look at the Jewellery Quarter which is quite old and comprises around 500 jewellery businesses. Don’t forget to buy a souvenir from this quarter!

Get your car from Birmingham Airport now which you have booked from Yolcu360 and enjoy the car hire Birmingham concept prepared of our experienced and professional Yolcu360 team. The heart of England, Birmingham, is waiting for you! After completing your reservation on Yolcu360, you will visit the hidden paradises of Birmingham easily.

Rental Cars in Birmingham Airport

Discover the British gem of the Midlands: Birmingham! Yolcu360 will help you find your ideal car for your Birmingham trip which will accompany you everywhere. The luxury car hire Birmingham service of Yolcu360 will make you 100% pleased and satisfied as the Yolcu360 team gives everything to make you happy so that you can spend a perfect and relaxing vacation without all the stress of car hire procedures that occur normally. Your only job is to get into your car as soon as you arrive at Birmingham Airport and start your journey with the luxury car hire Birmingham concept of Yolcu360.

The role of Yolcu360 in your holiday planning is to provide you the best car with its luxury car hire Birmingham service from Birmingham Airport. Don’t wait to realize your dream holiday – Yolcu360 is now on your side to help you all around the clock. Get ready for a memorable Birmingham experience.

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