Van Ferit Melen Airport Rent a Car

Van Airport Rent a Car

Having made great progress in tourism in the early years of the 2000s, Van is a must-see city. In Van, one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Anatolia, you can take a boat tour across Lake Van, visit the Akdamar Island and the Akdamar Church on it, and try the famous Van village breakfast in its hometown.

van airport rent a car

Rent a Car in Van Airport

You can rent a car at Van Airport and visit both Van and the surrounding locations. So, where to visit in Van and how to find the best-priced rental car option at Van Airport? Van downtown can be put at the top of the list of places to visit in Van. You can arrive in the city by the car you rent at Van Airport and after you park your car, you can visit the city's traditional bazaars. With a cup of tasty dibek coffee (coffee ground in a mortar), you can inhale the Eastern mysticism or you can enjoy a unique feast of meat at one of the local restaurants at noon. Animal husbandry is a widespread and important business in Van . For this reason, you can taste the cleanest, the most beautiful and the most delicious meat. If you arrive at Van Airport in a very early hour, you can also have a unique Van breakfast with the Anzer honey at the downtown. Van Lake is also famous for its monster. Van Lake offers a beautiful view both in summer and winter. But the flowers of the trees in the Akdamar Island make this landscape unique especially in spring. The Akdamar Church is perhaps one of the most valuable and unique religious constructions in the world, with figures engraved on stone depicting the scenes in the Old Testament like an illustrated fiction.

Van Rent a Car

You can use for the cheapest rental car alternative at Van Airport. Let's say you have decided to travel by plane from Istanbul to Van for the weekend. You can make a rental vehicle search for the Van Airport location on the online booking module on the homepage of according to your flight day. Of course, you can do the same search for the Van center. In only a few minutes, the system provides you with a list of the car rental offices at Van Airport that offer the best-price rental car option. So you can quickly and easily find the vehicle you look for and if you like, you can pay by your credit card in installments on the payment page with international security certificate.

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