Usak Airport Rent a Car

Uşak Airport Rent a Car

Uşak Airport, one of the new airports in our country, stands out with its location close to the city. It takes about 15 minutes from the center of Uşak to the airport. You can rent a car at Uşak Airport and you can reach the city easily and comfortably. Then you can enjoy this beautiful city.

So, where to visit in Uşak? Uşak is a special city with a unique historical texture. Though it is not a very popular touristic destination today, it has been inhabited since the ancient Greek civilization and it played a very special and strategic role during the Ottoman period. Due to all these, there are lots of valuable historic buildings across the city. If you are visiting Uşak for a family visit, a relative visit or for business, do not return without seeing the areas that we have prepared for you. Here is the Uşak travel guide ... You should definitely see Uşak Ulubey Canyon. It has a fascinating view. You should also visit the fabulous Cilandiras Bridge that looks like a half-circle. The Taşyaran Valley is a great option to have a great time in touch with nature, take photos and camp. It is a pristine and unspoiled nature. The museums in Uşak are also very important. You should definitely visit these museums, which contain important works on the history of the region, with your children. Museum of City History, Blandus Ancient City, Ata Park and Atatürk's House are also must-see in Uşak. However, the Carpet-Rug Museum in Uşak is definitely a must-see. The Turkish carpet art is much more important than most of us think it is. The first known carpet in history was found in a Turkish grave in Pazirik Kurgan. There is also a scientific thesis that asserts that it was Turks who started the tradition of carpet weaving. Turkish carpet art even inspired the most important painters of Europe Turkish carpet designs were observed in the priceless works of painters such as Holbein. The Carpet Rug Museum in Uşak is an important sightseeing point in this regard. You should also try Uşak's tarhana soup, poppy seed muffin, tahini pide and Tavşanlı yoghurt.

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