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Tokat Airport Rent a Car

The construction of Tokat Airport started in the 1980s and the Airport is active today. After landing at Tokat Airport, you can explore the whole city from here. By renting a car from Tokat Airport, you can see Tokat and its districts or you can visit the neighboring cities such as Amasya, Çorum, and Samsun. With, you can access affordable rental car options online at Tokat Airport and you will find the most advantageous solution within minutes. You can choose for finding the most affordable rent-a-car alternative at Tokat Airport and the segment information of the available cars. So, what are the places to visit in Tokat? You can explore the city's main square and its streets with a tour to Tokat Center. You will see the main beauties in the towns and villages in Tokat, where you will be able to explore the artifacts of the Seljuk period and the traces of the War of Independence. The quality of the products made from Tokat's ​​grapes, which are famous for its vineyards, is very distinguished. For example, Zile molasses is sold in all over the world with Turkish patent. In addition, you can try local wines. Tokat's plateaus are used for agriculture and they are very valuable. Cave tourism is very developed in Tokat as well. Ballica Cave is also the most noteworthy caves among them. Top sightseeing locations in Tokat are as follow Tokat Yağıbasan Madrasah, Tokat Fortress, Niksar Fortress, Zile Fortress, Turhal Fortress, Tokat Gök Madrasah, Market Caravansary, Kazan Bazaar, Koza Inn.