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People tend to remember Sivas with its cold weather in the winter, however, it is warmed by the friendly people in Sivas. Choosing spring and summer to enjoy a trip will be the first advice we can give you for a comfortable travel. In order to discover this beautiful city, you must first contact Yolcu360 and renting a car that most suitable car for yourself.

Sivas rent a car

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As yolcu360 family aiming to enrich your travel experience in addition to the rental car service we provide, we would like to enhance your travel experience with a few tips... Sivas is a province that is remembered for hosting the Sivas Congress, which gives direction to our Republican history and the city hosts many more historical beauties. The Congress Building and the different buildings within the city will surely attract your attention. Government Palace, Ahi Emir Ahmet Dome, Buruciye Madrasa, Ziya Manuscripts Library, Çifte Minerali Madrasa, Şifaiye Madrasa are important cultural monuments. If you want to go out exploring the natural and historical artifacts around the city with the car you rent, your first stop should be Divriği and its surroundings. You will explore Divriği Grand Mosque, which has as a unique structure with three-dimensional fine craftsmanship and protected by UNESCO. In addition, Tödürge Lake, Hafik Lake, Hızır Waterfall, Kangal Baliklı Spring Waters, Başalağan Plateau, Ağcabel Plateau and Eğricimen Plateau are some of the places to relax and enjoy nature. We wish you an enjoyable trip...

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