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Sirnak Rent a Car

Şırnak, which is located in the borders of both East Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia, is not evidently a perfect touristic region or a business center due to the political tensions and the hard climate conditions. However, in fact, it has the potential to be a very impressive cultural and touristic center since it combines the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle East, the fertility of Anatolia as well as the influence of Mediterranean and Russian cultures. When peace and tranquility prevail in Şırnak, it will be a very impressive tourist attraction with its unexplored mysterious history as well as with its undisturbed cultural structure. Where to visit in Şırnak and what should we eat there? Firstly, you can rent a car from Şırnak to enjoy Şırnak and its surroundings.

You can visit Şırnak after renting a car from Mardin or other neighboring cities. You may use for comparing the prices to find the most affordable rental option. system is an online car rental module that shows instantly the car availability and prices in rent-a-car offices at Şırnak and surrounding cities. By using the system, you can access fast the most affordable rental car alternative in Şırnak. You can rent your car online from one of the most reliable rent-a-car offices in the country before even arriving to that city. You may return unconditionally and you may rent a car from Şırnak with installment options for credit card. The sightseeing venues in Şırkan are closely related to the city's precious history, which is not very popular. For example, it is very little known, however, Şırnak city is located very near to Noah's Ark, endemic species, unique architectural places. The old name of Şırnak is Noah since It is believed that Şırnak, the old name of Noah, is the place where the Prophet Noah lived and where he produced the Noah's Ark. Many research teams from universities in Europe and the United States came to this area in the meantime and came to the area and conducted serious studies and discovered some findings. Mount Judi, the highest peak of Şırnak, is a very precious natural area. The numerous caves located on the mountain slopes are worth exploring together with small streams. In addition, it is believed that the peak of Mount Judi is the place where the Noah's Ark is built. The tombs and rock cavities in the mountain prove that this is very old. Another characteristic of Mount Judi is that some species of insects and plants are only observed here. Şırnak, which is neighbor to Iraq and Syria, was a significant transit center before the war since the border profited the advantages. In Şırkan, where settlements are dispersed, various religious and socio-cultural groups live together. The Red Madrasah is one of the most beautiful and unique examples of Anatolian Turkish Architecture. Abdaliye Mosque, Cizre Castle, Abdurrahman Pavilion, Hamidiye Pavilion are the significant historical monuments that should be seen in Şırnak. Şırnak cuisine is a complete mixture of the Middle East and Anatolian cuisine. In fact, the city worths an exploration in terms of cuisine as well. Because world-class gourmands like to examine unique kitchens that have not yet been exposed to external influences and they are very unmixed. The cuisine in Şırnak is dominated by pastry, meat, sherbet deserts and valuable spices. Since the region is famous for livestock raising, you have the option to eat the most delicious and clean meats here. Do not forget to taste kebap in Şırnak, and spit-roasted lamp, if possible.

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