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Madeira Airport Rent a Car

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Information About Madeira

Funchal rings the seat in the south of Madeira. Set up a shade, this is the ability of the city to old and new. You've got the modern malls and the cosmopolitan marina involved in cobbled street and restaurants. And it's all supervised by a car cable that works like a movie. Located near Funchal, lake-lidos and lakes of rock and stone, all well for snacks and restaurants.

Madeira is nicknamed 'Floating Garden' - and when you walk around Funchal it's easy to see why. This space is covered by parks and gardens, lakes and hunting areas. Some children recommend black eyes. Then you get the herbal plant and tree forest - well-behaved, many people who come up with the top view. About 15 minutes drive west and you are in Santa Cruz. Our beach is at playground for children toys, and a nearby lake. Ten minutes from other ways to take you to Câmara de Lobos. It's a good place to go and eat at the time you can go to the local fish village at the port.

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Places to Visit in Madeira

Funchal is the capital and city of the autonomous region of Madeira, in Madeira Island, in the south of Santa Cruz and Camara de Lobos. The city name is from the rich of fennel (funcho) seen on the island. It is the most important place for shipping during the 15th-17th centuries. It is one of the best cities in Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo Funchal Airport (IATA: FNC) is near Santa Cruz, sometimes called Madeira International / Santa Catarina / Funchal. While famous for its hair-raising at the end of the rock over the Atlantic Ocean, the airport has expanded its access to all airports. There are several day flights from many major cities in Portugal.

The Quinta Palheiro Ferreiro Park is an example. When the person is strong and weak, you are satisfied with it. When he just saw it, he was like the park in Old England Platanes, creating the long road from the big entrance to the garden. But when you look close to seeing all the trees that have, accomplished the hundreds of plants in the world. So around the years there are always some plants blooming. The park is made from many gardens, including: Spectacle France, Sunken Garden, Garden, Rose Garden and many more. The history of the table is Pharmaceutical, which is connected to the golf course. Help with some tea, cakes, pastries, snacks and small. Return to the main door is designed by Camellia Avenue, which operates in October and March.

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Floating Garden

One of the best ways to Floating Garden is to do some of the best things to do in Funchal, which include trips, such as Jardins Do Palheiro, Madeira Botanical Gardens, S, Lourenco Palace, Se Cathedral and Colegio Church. The city has many opportunities for outdoor parks and such as sports, trains and transportation, golf classes and training. Funchal offers a variety of gifts each day, including a variety of gifts including special items such as Madeira's public image, such as craft, cheer and city guide, Mercado dos Lavradores.

The city of Funchal is the capital of Madeira for the past 500 years, with mountains, food, colors and cities that make the city, prosperity and the ability to enjoy the planet of planet.

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Natural Places in Maderia

At the Atlantic Sea, the island is Madeira's area of ​​Portugal. The archipelago is made up of two main populated islands, Madeira and Porto Santo, with a number of other small islands with no permanent residence. With little security throughout the year and many rainfall, Madeira is a patchwork of brilliant green and often referred to as 'Garden Island'. Funchal, large city and capital, is a beautiful place with Portuguese vibe. Expect the building is made from stone, seafood and good friends. The exterior of the island is ruggedly beautiful, with a massive-operation throughout small fish catch.

The garden is home to a large amount of plants and flowers, with some beauty every year. Visit Funchal Botanical Garden or Orchid Garden to enjoy the color of this island on this island. Madeira also knew about his rugged hills and ice on ice. The Cabo Girao is one of the world's most ocean cliffs, at a size of 590 meters above sea level. Come here, or agree Pico dos Barcelos and Monte. Other parts of the island are the 15th century Levadas, the body of aqueducts that carry water from mountain to country.

Beaches in Madeira

Think you know Madeira? Then you will know that it is called the First World Order for 2015; that north north was located on the top of the oak by the seagrass of the sea. On the other hand, you can write it as the same word. If this is the problem, we would like you to read and find out why it's time Madeira has been steadfast on your application. Actually, Madeira has something for most people. It is a compact room that can be seen in a few days, but it has many things to do: sunshine, beautiful, healthy and tasty (Madeira Wine!).

If you think the beach is a good time, this will not be the place for you. Because Madeira is volcanic, sand is not found. In fact, only two sandy sandy shores: Calheta and Machico (both ingredients). On a day trip, the island of Porto Santo (part of Madeira's name on the site) has a long winter. Otherwise, it is all three threebles. But do not let this leave you. Most hotels have the ocean as one of them can be found here - these are good for solar and fun by water in pure water. Best with Madeira is that the weather is sunny and warm every year. If you want to heat the moon, the best time to meet Madeira is May-August, when the average temperature is in the mid-20s and you only have new land every month.

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Aktivities in Madeira

The subtropical island of Madeira at the North Atlantic Ocean about 280 miles off the coast of Morocco attracts many tourists. Madeira is like Lemitude as Bermuda, which lies more westward in the Atlantic. Madeira covers an area of 286 sq miles and 35 miles from the west to the east and 14 miles from the north to the south of the river. The entire coast is 90 miles. Madeira is part of Macaronesia, a group of four young people including Madeira, Azores, and Canary and Cape Verde Islands. Since 1976 he has, with the Azores in the north, the area of Portugal. He is one of the most active organizations of the European Union. The name of Madeira was found in 1418 by the Portuguese researcher João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz Teixeira. It includes the islands of Porto Santo, Madeira, and Homes, Selvagens and Desertas. Visiting Madeira - the name of "tree" in Portuguese - a country. Eden has many names like not all schools in Island of Flowers, Atlantic Pearl, floating garden and Petite Reunion. In Madeira, everything evokes a simply accessible paradise on the earth. Under this ground, the flowers are like plants, and the island is rich in most beautiful places.

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Madeira History

When first grains, and then sweet, give Madeira a wonderful place for a new mother. From the 1700s and onwards the Portuguese had the foresight to create vineyards on the island. And thus Madeira's eponymous and distinctively frozen species invitations, further immeasurably on the island's riches and hold a fame around the world today.

Madeira's investment in the idea of ​​the first tourist mid-1800s, when the north of North America started with research. The beauty of the tourist can cause a collision of grinding, which is very high. The famously made Madeira's house for flowers and plants is rare - and probably not the other part of the world.

Soon after, the word of this place spread to visitors of the year, each of them wants to do beautiful Madeiran flora and works for themselves. Madeirans will not be forgiven for a good place. Indeed, the island can easily sleep, if it needs it, create a real time. In this case, remove all the thoughts of the good words you have at home.

Madeira festivals are far removed from those who eat at the altar of pork in the brain while you live in a larger area as you can. Madeira festivals are full-on in family events, beautiful with the stress of color, celebrity and tradition.

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Rent a Car Madeira Funchal

The Parish of San Pedro is one of the largest in culture. One of the two seats in Funchal, San Pedro was created in the 16th century, and even though it now houses many stores, shops, it does not know local products and local. If you want to know about life, head to one of the most popular movies such as Rua da Mouraria, Rav Das Pretas Rid of Surdo or Rua dos Netos. Here is the middle of stress and where you can work and watch the life of the restaurant, or store. Most of the same patterns exist throughout history. In addition, there are many ways to explore the model. Riviera de Mouraria is a beautiful place, such as Dr. Frederico de Freitas Museum and Promise of Calcada de Santa Clara. The atmospheric and traditional Rua da Carreira is also home to many names and in its restaurant, at home and at work. Created from 1590 and finally completed hundreds, San Pedro churches have a large group with three small chapels around it. It is glazed internationally, paintings, carvings and furniture from the 17th century to the 20th century and is a must for every idea, local leader or other day and by the person Join the Plain Like the mountain you can see the church in its glory.

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Car Rental at Madeira Airport

Madeira Island is a European home with thousands of people playing after years. Madeira starts every year around summer climate and beautiful fauna and there. Madeira is also White Thing and is the end of the world. There are many places of playgrounds and gardens with many bowls of the pictures on the ocean. Soaring cliffs, rustic villages in deep water, sheer mountains are other highlights of Madeira. Madeira gives you enough time for your leisure number. Atlantic makes you go fishing, boat, jacket and lake, boat, dive and swim in the classroom. The coast of Garajau describes one of the US's first rivers to water users. For the perfect day, relax and go to Madeira Tour. Use the luxury to best suit the island. There are many things to do in Madeira, you will not suffer.

Madeira's Funchal capital is compact enough to explore in one day. There are beautiful, old houses in the old city where people live in new fruits and fish. The capital also enjoys the opportunity, and some of the best restaurants. The painting of Rua de Santa Maria is the theme of Funchal. The door of this technique has allowed local staff to paint and paint pictures of sculptures as well. But Madeira was about 800 miles away. There is scenery scenery and outdoor sports near the island. The north north is particularly special. Think about yourself at the boat, with the right side of your right and left side of the shore. You do not have to take pictures, or play with bananas.

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Rental Cars In Madeira Island

Funchal is the famous city, the city and Madeira Middle East, the Atlantic Ocean. The city has a population of 111,892, which created the largest city in Portugal, and the potential of Madeira for more than five centuries. Because of his leadership and belief, Funchal is a key player in Portugal. It is important that the goal for the new year is, and it is port in Portuguese in cruise liner dockings. The decision began at 1424 when the island was divided into two leaders, and the Funchal site was created by João Gonçalves Zarco who lived with his family. For its location, the location will be the main port, although its land is an integral part of the new citizens. It is on the coast, the largest of the castle, quickly Funchal to create a big city and beyond the size of the other, which gently gravitated around it.

In the year 1500, Álvaro Fernandes was the director of Funchal. As part of his role, peace got her first lighthouse between 1452 and 1454, when she reached the status of vila and municipal seat. Funchal has become a major part of the European market; Many sailors and merchants in Funchal can take advantage of the port of the port. Christopher Columbus is one of those people in the early area, but many traders have established businesses in the organization, including João d'Esmenaut of Pic Piccolo, Lomelino from Genoa, Mondragão of Biscay, Acciauoli of Florence, Bettencourts of France, the Lemilhana Berenguer from Valencia and many others.

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