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Delicious kebabs are the first things that come to mind about Urfa. People organize 1 day trip to Şanlıurfa for enjoying the kebap in its place of origin.

şanlıurfa rent a car

You can visit Şanlıurfa bazaars to eat Urfa kebab, which is cooked in the real wood fire after the meat is being combined with high-quality fresh spices. However, there is more to explore in Urfa other than the kebabs. Şanlıurfa has many significant sightseeing points such as Balıklıgol (Pool of Abraham), Gumruk Hani, Castle of Urfa, Şanlurfa Mosaic Museum, Urfa Culture and Art Center. You may use car rental services at Şanlıurfa Airport to visit Urfa and its surroundings. Hence, you may visit Balıkgol, Urfa Archeology Museum, Prophet Ibrahim's Cave, Gumruk Hani, Castle of Urfa and Harran Archeological Site, which are located far away from each other. By renting a car from Şanlıurfa Airport, you can also see the city and its neighboring areas. You can access the price information of rent-a-car companies on a single platform for benefiting from car rental service, which would make your travel more comfortable. Thanks to, you may access to Urfa Airport rent-a-car options, car availabilities and price information on one platform and you make sure that you find the most advantageous solution. The system instantly finds alternatives for rent-a-car at Şanlıurfa Airport and lists the prices so that you can compare. You can easily, instantly and conveniently choose the most affordable rent-a-car option at Şanlıurfa Airport. On a trip to Şanlıurfa, you should definitely see the Balıklıgol, the Pool of Abraham and the holy places around it. Twelve Apostles Church and Urfa Culinary Museum constitute very important sightseeing locations. You should certainly taste Urfa kebab and delicious Turkish dibek coffee in Urfa.