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Rent your ideal car now for your Basel trip if you will need one at Basel Mulhouse Airport. Basel is an amazing city with striking historic architecture and lying along the Rhine river. Another thing that is special about Basel it that this small city is located actually on the borders – or corners – of three great countries: Germany, France and Switzerland. So does the Basel Mulhouse airport too and this makes it the only tri-national airport in the whole world. To make the best out of your Basel trip, use the car hire Basel Mulhouse Airport service of Yolcu360 which will find you an ideal car with a budget friendly price.

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Your journey starts the moment you get off the plane at Basel Mulhouse Airport. From now on you can either choose to spend some time in the lovely small city Basel itself or you move on to nearby regions as this airport just happens to be in the middle of three countries. Why not do both? First, drive to the city and explore the Old town where you can walk through the cobbled streets with historical buildings around you and visit the Market square, the Rathaus of Basel and not to forget the gothic cathedral of Basel. After having tasted the historical part of the city spend some time by the river drinking and eating some snacks and enjoy the fantastic view. When you have rested enough it is time to look at the arty side of Basel. With many art galleries and museums you will have plenty to visit. Finally, if you prefer to visit also some other countries, jump on your car and choose one the three neighboring countries. The car hire Basel Mulhouse Airport will make all this easily possible. Just go on the website of Yolcu360 or its mobile app and choose your ideal car for the car hire Basel Mulhouse Airport concept.

Rental Cars in Basel Mulhouse

When you look for rental cars in Basel Mulhouse Airport, you should definitely consider the car hire Basel airport French side service of Yolcu360. You have never heard of Yolcu360? Yolcu360’s job is to deliver happiness to their customers by finding them their ideal car for the best price possible. Their motto? Trust+Simplicity=Happiness! If you also want to spend a happy and comfortable journey through Basel and its outskirts, let Yolcu360 provide you the best service of car hire Basel airport French side. The canton city Basel is principally divided into two: the Greater Basel and the Lesser Basel. There are so many things to see on both sides that it never ceases to surprise you. On the famous Marktplatz (Market square) you can see the fascinating Rathaus made of red sandstone –you can even enter it on your own or with guided tours - and on the square there are often fresh food vendors, you can also visit the Cathedral of Basel and climb up its tower, you can take part in the annual art fair that takes place in Basel mostly around the Kunstmuseum which houses one of the greatest art collections, you can visit Basel Zoo which is the biggest one of Switzerland, you can look at one of the many museums and you can chill on the riverside of the Rhine. The possibilities are endless in Basel!

Be free to do whatever you want to do to as soon as you have picked up your car from Basel Mulhouse Airport with the service of car hire Basel airport French side. The yolcu360 team will provide you with your ideal car so that you can begin your trip from Basel Mulhouse Airport in whichever direction you want. This means that even though the Basel Mulhouse Airport is completely built on French soil, it has buildings that operate in both France and Switzerland. So why don’t you use the car rental Mulhouse airport and cross some borders? Basel is a city of endless opportunities. It appeals to every type of character. For party lovers, it has several festivals and fairs, for those loving art and culture it has more than 40 art galleries and museums, for those who just love exploring the city there is the old town that can be walked or toured by bike, those who want to see the city from the Rhine river can get on a ferry. The ones that prefer a more relaxed holiday in Basel can just enjoy the sun while swimming in the river or drinking their beer along the river, or can forget every worry in the thermal baths. Away from the city center, there is a resort for different kinds of baths varying from spas, saunas, hammams to Finnish style thermals. If you decide that some days of peace and relaxation were enough, you can still hop on your car and pass the borders to continue your journey discovering one of the three neighboring countries. By choosing one of the many rental car choices that Yolcu360 provides you by comparing the best features and prices, you can easily choose the car rental Mulhouse airport option and make your dreams come true.

Information about Basel

What do you say to a Basel trip? You can be assured that you will not regret the decision of making a small vacation in stunning Basel. There is no easier accessible city than Basel – it has borders of three countries actually. The Basel Mulhouse Airport reaps the benefit of being at an exclusive location; from there you can choose to either visit Basel city itself or one of the three countries surrounding it by using the rent a car Basel Mulhouse Airport service that Yolcu360 offers its customers. No doubt you have heard of the amazing historic old town of Basel as it is one of its kind, however, not many persons are aware of the fact that Basel has also a gradually unfolding modern side. With around 40 art galleries and museums, Basel is one of the top cities housing so many facilities. The Kunstmuseum, for example, is known by the whole world and is the biggest art museum of Switzerland while it is also the first art gallery that was opened to the public in Europe – in the year 1661 to be specific. Apart from the Kunstmuseum, there are various other art galleries like the private art collection of Foundation Beyeler which contains more than 300 works of many famous artists ranging from Picasso to Monet. Basel became one of the places where art lovers from the whole world could gather and meet. It is possible to find something for every taste.

If you are also a fan of modern, contemporary or classical art, you should not miss the opportunity of visiting the city from Basel Mulhouse Airport. You can achieve this goal easily just by entering the website or mobile app of Yolcu360 and choosing the rent a car Basel Mulhouse Airport option which means that you can take your car directly at Basel Mulhouse Airport. You will be pleased with Yolcu360’s rent a car Basel Mulhouse Airport service for sure.Basel is a city that enjoys the advantage of having a considerably rare and unique location. However impossible it may seem, it is located in the middle of three countries – in the “Dreiländereck”, as the people call it. Surrounded by France, Switzerland and Germany, it lies directly on these countries’ borders. Considering this, visiting Basel is like visiting three countries at the same time. You can easily switch between countries and pass borders with your rental car without any problems. Take advantage of three countries just in one holiday and from one airport. The city itself is also magical as it lies by the Rhine river and has a striking old town with historic architecture. There are endless things to do some of which are swimming in the Rhine River, making a ferry tour on it, dining at high class restaurants, visiting the art galleries, walking in the streets of the old town, relaxing in the thermal baths, take part in festivities and much more. If you also want to take advantage of Basel’s unique location, use the concept of rent a car Mulhouse of Yolcu360 and your car will be ready at Basel Mulhouse Airport the moment you arrive there. After that, three amazing countries will be waiting to be discovered.

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