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Rize, the touristic city of the Eastern Black Sea Region, which protects various shades of green and blue with its plateaus and waterfalls, welcomes many people who visit the city by renting a car in Rize every season of the year.

rize araç kiralama

Rize is one of the most beautiful cities that can be visited in the Black Sea Region, with its magnificent nature, delicious food and friendly people. With its historical Rize Castle, Kaçkar Mountains, Ayder Plateau and its valleys, it is a city that should be visited for at least a few days. Rize trip plans come to the fore more in spring and summer. When you go to Rize for business, visiting relatives or for vacation, you can rent a car in Rize from Yolcu360 online car rental system to enjoy the city. Hiking in the mountains of Rize and camping in the highlands is an incredible holiday experience. The fuel type and price list options of the vehicle you need according to the region you are going to are listed on Yolcu360 in seconds. Apart from the touristic places of Rize, experiencing its rich cuisine and discovering many flavors is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this city. When the word comes to the city, Rize tea is also indispensable. With daily car rental, you can drink Rize's famous tea on the spot. If you are coming from Trabzon, you can easily visit Rize with Trabzon Airport car rental alternatives. You can rent a car in Rize to explore the historical areas in the center of Rize and the natural beauties around it.Where to Stay in Rize?

Rize, which is one of the cities of the Black Sea Region in terms of plateau and nature tourism, has many accommodation alternatives. There are many hotels in the city center of Rize, especially on the coastline. If you wish, you can stay comfortably in the city hotels in the center of Rize with your family and loved ones by using large room options, or you can choose boutique hotels with more affordable prices. If you are planning a summer holiday in Rize, you can stay in holiday hotels on the coastline or enjoy your holiday and oxygen at the hotels in the highlands. There is no accommodation focused only on the city center in Rize, you can also choose accommodation areas in districts such as Çamlıhemşin and Çayeli. You can evaluate Rize car rental options to reach your accommodation. If you have a long holiday plan, you can have a pleasant holiday with Yolcu360's long-term car rental options. Rize offers many options at the rental car point, but waiting in line during busy periods is a waste of time. With the Yolcu360 online car rental system, you can take delivery of your rental car from dozens of Rize rent a car options. You can download the Yolcu360 application on your mobile phone to rent a car in Rize.

What to Eat in Rize?

With its fertile lands and favorable climate, Rize also draws attention with its rich cuisine. There are many different flavors in Rize with its fresh vegetables and seafood.

Korkoto Soup

Although it is more like ayran aşı soup, Korkoto soup is a kind of soup made with corn flour. One of the most famous flavors of Rize, this soup is made with tomato paste and butter, which distinguishes it from yogurt soups. When you go to Rize, it must be tasted before the main course. Apart from the regional cuisine, each more beautiful than the other, in the center of Rize, you can reach the delicacies in its districts with the Rize rent a car alternatives registered in Yolcu360's system.


The muhlama is Known for centuries in Rize region, this dish is made of butter, flour, cornmeal or white flour and string cheese. Muhlama, also called kuymak in some regions, has an important place in the culinary culture of the region. It is also preferred because it is a meal that keeps you full and gives energy. In Rize, where plateau tourism has come to the fore in recent years, it is definitely on the menu of many businesses and local culture is promoted to large masses. If you want to eat with a breakfast against the view, Rize Castle in the center of Rize is for you. You can try muhlama in the breakfast service here, accompanied by a beautiful view.

Stuffed Black cabbage

It is the basic food of the people of the Eastern Black Sea (Ordu, Giresun, Trabzon, Rize, Artvin). Cabbage has a special place in Rize. This vegetable, which is eaten in summer and winter, has many dishes in the region. Of the kale, which is generally consumed as stuffed kale; Boiled kale and roasted kale are also made. If you want to try one of the professionals in the districts of Rize, you can visit the districts by using the Rize car rental options among the dozens of Rize rent a car companies in Yolcu360 online car rental service.

Roasting Pickled Beans

Beans grown in the region are kept in salt water and pickled. Then the beans are roasted with onions until soft. Commonly made by the local people, it is an unforgettable taste that is consumed when hungry before going to bed, for breakfast, lunch tea, salad when guests come. .If there is fried pickles on the table, there is definitely a side of boiled (if possible cooked in the oven of a wood stove) potatoes and corn bread. You can evaluate the Rize car rental alternatives of Yolcu360 and try it at the organic restaurants in its districts. You can easily rent a car in Rize by choosing the one you want among dozens of Rize rent a car companies registered in Yolcu360's system.


A nutritious flavor unique to the Black Sea region. Hamsikoli ingredients, which are delicious when eaten with pickled beans and kuymak, are local anchovies, chard, spring onions, fresh mint, corn flour, hot water, and salt. Mix the sorted and cleaned anchovies, finely chopped chard, spring onions, mint and corn flour with very hot water and knead slowly. Put the dough you prepared on the tray and bake in the oven at medium temperature (180-200 °C) for 30-35 minutes. You can serve hot or cold. Note: This bread is common all over the Black Sea. You can try it anywhere by renting a daily car from Yolcu360's Rize rent a car alternatives.

The other delicious meals in Rize:


Places to Visit in Rize

During the summer season, you can stay with your loved ones in the hotels located in the cool and green atmosphere of the Rize plateaus, or you can camp in the wide and oxygen-rich highlands. You can have the opportunity to discover and see different types of plants and animals, and have a pleasant time in nature. You can explore the historical buildings in the city center of Rize, and you can comfortably visit the historical and natural areas in the beautiful districts with the Rize rental car method. With its rich cuisine, you can taste regional specialties such as fish, anchovy pilaf, mıhlama, baked rice pudding and strained yogurt, and witness the miracles of corn flour. You can travel both in history and into nature in touristic areas such as the famous Rize Castle and Ayder Plateau. You can view the rental car options in Rize by comparing them with the price list on the Yolcu360 online car rental system, and you can even easily explore these areas by finding the rental car you want with filters such as fuel type, brand and model. You can search on Yolcu360.com to view Rize center car rental options at once and to reach the most affordable option in the fastest way. It is very easy to rent a car in Rize with Yolcu360, which lists the Rize rent a car companies in the center of Rize for you. Since the Black Sea region is very rich in natural areas, you can explore this unique nature by renting a car in Rize with dozens of Rize rent a car options registered in Yolcu360's system.

  • Rize Castle

Rize Castle is located in Rize city center with its amazing landscape. The architectural structure of the castle is worth seeing, and there is also a cafe in the castle and breakfast&tea service. When you come to Rize, it will be a great choice to start the day with a nice breakfast by enjoying the view. Afterwards, you can visit the plateaus you will visit by renting a car in Rize and continue your city exploration. You can rent a car in Rize by choosing any of the Rize rent a car companies on Yolcu360 to many other places in the center of Rize.

Ayder Plateau

Ayder Plateau, which has 1350 meters high, covered with beech and spruce forests, was founded by Hala people in the 1300s. You can find healing in the hot springs of this unique plateau, whose settlement history dates back to the 13th century, and enjoy with your loved ones all day long. It offers a magical atmosphere with its stream flowing through the mountains, lush forests and wooden houses. You can take advantage of the Rize car rental options from the Rize rent a car companies under Yolcu360 to reach the Ayder Plateau, which is an active region in summer and winter, with the bull festival in the summer and the snowman festival in the winter.

Fırtına Stream

Fırtına Stream, which has played an important role on TV series and movies for years and has been engraved in our memories with its images, offers fresh and relaxing moments to its visitors with its cool, flowing water. At the same time, many people visit this place at certain times of the year, since its creek is suitable for rafting sports. You can reach the Fırtına Stream, which you should definitely go and see when you go to Rize, in approximately 40 minutes by renting a car from the Rize car rental options of Yolcu360. It is very easy to rent a car in Rize with Rize rent a car options registered to Yolcu360 system.

Ağaran Waterfall

Ağaran Waterfall is located in Çayeli, one of the beautiful districts of Rize, also attracts the attention of many local and foreign tourists. The waterfall, which stands out among the touristic values of Rize, still maintains its impressiveness even though it suffered a landslide due to heavy rainfall years ago. You can choose any Rize car rental option with filters such as fuel type and brand model from the waterfall Yolcu360 online car rental system, which is 53 km away from Rize city center.

Kaçkar Mountains National Park

Kaçkar Mountains National Park, which is a must-see spot at least as much as Ayder Plateau, has unique vegetation and many animal species. There are deer, foxes and even bears in the National Park, where the natural environment is still preserved. You can reach the National Park, which must be visited when you go to Rize, in approximately 3 and a half hours with the Rize car rental options from the Yolcu360 car rental system.

The other places to visit in Rize;

  • Rize Museum
  • Çağrankaya Plateau
  • Ovit Plateau
  • Hazindak Plateau
  • Gito Plateau
  • Avusor Plateau
  • Kavrun Plateau
  • Samistal Plateau
  • Elevit Plateau
  • Anzer Plateau
  • Andon
  • Zil Castle
  • Dağmaran

Rize Rent a Car Alternatives & Automobile Alternatives

You can explore the valleys, plateaus, historical castles and natural green areas comfortably with the rental car you choose from among the dozens of Rize car rental companies registered in the Yolcu360 system. It is very easy to rent a car both in the center of Rize and in the districts of Rize with Yolcu360. Thanks to Yolcu360's online car rental Rize service, you can rent a car in Rize from where you live. After making an online reservation for your hotel, you can go to Yolcu360.com and access the car of your choice with the most affordable prices with different Rize car rental alternatives. It is very easy to see the rental conditions and car rental filters within minutes on Yolcu360 easily. The fuel type, price list and Rize car rental prices of Yolcu360 are listed for you by comparison. You can rent a car not only with daily concept, but also a long-term car rental is available on Yolcu360. At the Black Sea region rental car point, Yolcu360 lists the most suitable rental car prices for you. You can rent a car in Rize by choosing any of the Rize rent a car companies registered in Yolcu360's system to discover the unique nature of Rize Castle and its districts in the center of Rize.

Rize Car Rental

Rize is an ideal city for car rental. You can explore the beauties such as Rize castle and Ayder plateau with the Rize car rental alternatives of Yolcu360 in its green areas in its center and districts. Whether you are renting a long-term car or renting a car daily, Yolcu360 will compare and list the car features such as fuel type and price list in detail. You can download the Yolcu360 mobile application on your mobile phone for rental car alternatives in Rize. One of the unique places in and around the Black Sea region is Rize. You can rent a car in Rize by choosing any of the Rize rent a car companies registered with Yolcu360 to explore historical and beautiful areas such as Rize Castle in the Rize city center.

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