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Nigde Airport Rent a Car

Niğde and its vicinity are among the oldest settlements in Anatolia. This makes the region very lively especially in terms of history tourism. The most popular period for visits to Niğde, frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists, is spring. Niğde's proximity to locations such as Cappadocia, Ürgüp- Göreme, Isparta, Konya, Antalya, Kayseri, etc. is the reason why it is very active in terms of tourism in all seasons. It is not difficult to travel from Niğde to Kayseri, Antalya or Ankara. Also, it is worth staying here for weeks because of the natural and historical beauties and food and wine culture of the city. By renting a car in Niğde, you can enjoy the city and the surrounding districts with pleasure.

Rent a Car in Niğde Airport

If you like, you can plan a very enjoyable throughout the region at the weekend or during the week either by your own car, or, by a car you can rent in Niğde. The historical places in Niğde date back to the Beylics, Anatolian Seljuks and the Ottoman period. Most of the historical works belong to the Byzantine and Seljuk periods. Nigde Alaaddin Mosque and Niğde Sungur Bey Mosque are the most beautiful examples of Anatolian Turkish Islamic architecture in the region. The Kayardı vineyards and the Tyana Ruins in Niğde are places you can spend time in the open air. Kuşkayası Rock Tombs are very impressive with the giant human figures engraved on the rocks. Niğde Castle and its surroundings are also among the places to visit. Niğde Aladağlar National Park is a must-see with its natural beauty. Güllüdağ and Cımbar Valley are among the places that must be visited in Niğde. In Niğde you can try the testi kebab and the wines produced from the local grapes. You can also try a very special type of mantı and Niğde kebab.