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Nice Airport France Rent a Car

Do you need a rental car in the Cote d’Azur? Then your best choice would be the car rental Nice of Yolcu360 from the Nice Airport which enables you to choose among hundreds of cars. Discovering the French Riviera with the car rental Nice concept will be a great joy. The Nice Airport is also located at a very special place near to Monaco. This destination is one of the best places to spend your holidays. Are you also one of the 4 million tourists visiting the Cote d’Azur this year? Then you should quickly book a rental car before it’s too late. The best for this is the car rental Nice Airport service of Yolcu360. Find your ideal car by comparing prices. Nice Airport is also at a very accessible point at the Cote d’Azur. So choosing the car rental Nice Airport concept and taking your car from the Nice Airport is the only job you have to do – the rest is Yolcu360’s business.

nice airport rent a car
Are you looking through hundreds of rental car websites and haven’t found your ideal car yet? Are the demanded prices too high for your planned budget? Here a proposal: the cheap car rental Nice of Yolcu360. This concept of a cheap car rental Nice from Nice Airport, gives you the opportunity to compare the prices just on one website and find by this way, the ideal car suiting your budget. The French Riviera is certainly worth your effort.

Nice is History

The routes of the fifth most populous city of France run very deep into history. Here were even found traces of the first use of fire. The first settlers were Greeks from Marseille who named the city after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. Due to its strategic location by the Mediterranean Sea, it became rapidly famous and busy. During the Middle Ages it participated in the wars of Italy as it was an ally of Pisa. In the 14th century it chose to be under the protection of the Counts of Savoy. During this time the language of Nice was changed into Italian and the maritime army of Nice was strengthened. In the 16th century it was heavily attacked by the Ottomans under the command of Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha, Barbarossa pillaged the city and took many captives. It was besieged by France until the Treaty of Utrecht gave the city to Savoy again. Conquered at the end of the 18th century by the French, it rested under their control until 1814 when it was again part of Sardinia. As you can see, Nice has a deep history and has all the traces and cultures of these various civilizations. With the car rental Nice from Nice Airport it will be possible to discover them all. Get ready for a memorable Nice experience.
Did you know that Nice became actually part of French around 1860? A bit late for a French city isn’t it? Since Nice changed constantly between Sardinia and France, it took until 1860 that it was ultimately given to France with Napoleon III. And after that Nice was starting to grow and modernize. The predecessor of Formula 1, Formula Libre was held in Nice in 1930. It lived an economic boom thanks to tourism and construction. The European Treaty of Nice was signed here. Nice was throughout history and is still today, an important city which witnessed many cultures. Now the ruins of Cimiez can be seen which dates back to early settlements in Nice and contains a monastery and now museums. Even while walking the streets one easily feels the multicultural atmosphere that has influenced the city throughout time.
Prefer the car rental Nice Airport concept of Yolcu360 now and make a road trip through history and along the Cote d’Azur. Since it is the aim of Yolcu360 to make its clients happy, you can be assured that they will be on your side to help you 24/7. As a final word, you will find all of the available rental cars in Nice on Yolcu360 website or mobile app.

Information About Nice City

Do you know why the most famous walkway of the Cote d’Azur is called Promenade des Anglais – which actually means ‘walkway of the English’? It was in the 18th century that the rich, elite and aristocracy of England started frequently visiting Nice since the winter in their country is often very cold. After it became quite popular, Queen Victoria came also one day to see Nice, and it was in her honor that this walkway was given its name that is still used today. Nice attracted also famous artists like Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall for whom there are now Museums found in Nice which one should definitely pay a visit. As one can easily say, Nice was always a hot spot for attention both among the aristocracy and normal tourists going there for a swim. Its high class glamour will definitely fascinate you. Did you know that people call the southern French city of Nice, “Nice la Belle”? Because this city has stunning beaches, a vibrant night life and is warm all around the year. Annually millions of people come here from both France and the whole world. If you are also one these people you should arrange your holiday now before all reservations are taken. Yolcu360 provides you help in this case with its excellent car rental Nice France Airport service which is like the name indicates a service from Nice Airport. It is also very advantageous that the Nice Airport is located just around 13 kilometers from Monaco so you can choose where to begin your holiday by yourself.

Holiday in Nice

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit Nice this year? For this you will need a car hire Nice which you can easily arrange from Yolcu360 and its car hire Nice service which enables you to get the car as soon as you land at Nice Airport. The beaches and the warming sun of this glamorous city are waiting for you. Take your car from Nice Airport and throw yourself into the sand of the coasts of the Bay of the Angels. The beaches of Nice are mainly covered with pebbles. As the English aristocrats didn’t come to Nice for a beach holiday and lying under the sun, the beaches weren’t given much attention. Rather were the Promenade des Anglais and the many hotels and villas in differing colors constructed. However, nowadays it is possible to find many special beaches which are with sand and sun loungers. They even offer restaurant and bar services. Nice is also one of the cities with the most hotels in France as every year incredible numbers of tourists flock to the city to enjoy the breathtaking panorama in winter and in summer. The main sights that need to be seen definitely are the Promenade des Anglais, Monument aux morts, the port, Old Nice, Cours Saleya which is a rather traditional square, Jardin Botanique de ala Ville de Nice, Musée Massena, Marché aux fleurs, Grand Hotel Imperial and Fort of Mont Alban. This short Nice break will be a chance to revive yourself and get rid of every stress in your life. Travelling is one of the best things to do in life as there are so many different places on earth to discover. So, use this chance and reserve your car hire Nice from Nice Airport now with Yolcu360.

Places to Visit in Nice

Are you sick of the cold weather in your home town and looking for a short winter escape? We have a suggestion for you: the incredible city at the Mediterranean Nice. This southern city of France has a rather benign climate in the winter, and with the car hire Nice Airport service you will definitely get easily from Nice Airport to the city center. Choose your car with the preferred features, choose the car hire Nice Airport service and there will be no obstacle between you and your car at Nice Airport. Yolcu360 will offer you every facility so that you can choose your ideal car. You can choose everything what can be chosen about a car based on your individual preferences. Just visit the website, choose the car hire Nice Airport service and your car will be prepared at Nice Airport. Get ready for a memorable Nice experience with your rental car. If you are the type of person who loves visiting museums to make both a holiday and a culture trip at the same time, Nice is excellent as it offers a wide range of different kinds of museums. Start with the museums that can be found in the upper part of the city in Cimiez, an old ruins site, and enjoy the traces of the past. Next, try the Museum of Asian art if you like far eastern culture. When you want to take a break at a greener and more natural place, go to the Parc Phoenix which is a wonderful botanical garden with animals. Finishing that, visit the two museums of the two famous artists Chagall and Matisse where you can find many works and pieces of arts of both artists. To conclude, visit also the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Musée des Beaux Arts for both types of art. Take your Yolcu360 rental car from Nice Airport and start strolling around the many places to see in this fascinating and beautiful region of southern France. Thanks to Yolcu360 you will find your ideal car for the ideal price. You will discover all of the hidden paradises of the city with your car.

Cote d’Azur

Explore Nice this year! The French Riviera will make your entire holiday dream become real! And the solution to your car rental Nice France problem is also solved. Try the car rental Nice France service of Yolcu360 from Nice Airport which will offer you every option at the best price. The Cote d’Azur is a great region with many places to discover so you will be at great advantage with your car rental Nice France concept of Yolcu360 and will be able to make a road trip through the whole French Riviera starting from Nice Airport.

Places to see in Nice

You have landed at Nice Airport and don’t know where to start your trip? Here you find some of the main sights and attractions that you shouldn’t miss during your stay. Once you have arrived in Nice, climb up the stairs of the ruins of Colline du Chateau as you will have a spectacular view of the city and the Bay of the Angels from its top. Later, take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais to enjoy the cities atmosphere. If you like art, then you will be pleased to hear that Nice was always a preferred place of many artists including Henri Matisse and Marc Chagall whose museums are now found in the city. Go to the archeological site of Cimiez where the traces of the first Nice settlements can be observed. Go to the Old town of Nice and buy some specialties at the food and flower market Cours Saleya. If there is still time left, take a road trip to one of the nearby Cote d’Azur towns with your rental car. Yolcu360 and its cheap car rental Nice is the perfect opportunity to get your car and start travelling along the French Riviera. P.S. the Nice Airport is very immediate to Monaco – the hometown of the Formula One race which you should definitely visit.

What to do in Nice

There are two main reasons why Nice is attracting people like a magnet: the turquoise sea and the Mediterranean warmth which lasts all seasons. These two reasons have charmed Greeks, Romans, the English Aristocracy, artists, celebrities and millions of tourists. Nothing is better than a relaxed beach holiday where you can appreciate the mountains in the back of the city and the famous enchanting blue colors of the sea in front of you. You can visit the main sightseeing points of the city, take a walk to the archaeological site of Cimiez, taste the delicious Nice cuisine which is a combination of French and Italian cuisine, make a daily trip to Monaco, go hiking to the nearby areas, visit museums, art galleries and go shopping in the many small boutiques and especially the Cours Saleya where you can find fresh food and beautiful flowers. If your first destination in the Cote d’Azur region is Nice, than you should start with Vieux Nice – Old Nice. With its many small and big streets, alleys and paths, offers this part of the city amazing architecture, many boutiques, cafes and of course the Cours Saleya. The Cours Saleya is a food and flower market which has become one of the top attractions of the city. Many people definitely pay it a visit during their stay in Nice. After that you can take a walk at the famous Promenade des Anglais which was named after the English as they frequently visited the city and it was the idea of an Englishman to construct such a walkway which would offer a panorama of all the beauties of Nice: the coast, the Bay of the Angels, the pastel colored villas, hotels etc. The car rental Nice France Airport is easy to arrange and even affordable for every budget. Just choose the car rental Nice France Airport and be ready to see your ideal car when you have arrived at Nice Airport.
Are you searching for a rent a car Nice service? Then the rent a car Nice of Yolcu360 from the Nice Airport is exactly what you need. By comparing the prices between the many cars offered, you will find your ideal car for an affordable price which you can get from Nice Airport. Enjoy this destination which has sunlight all around the year with all its aspects. Visit also the many different towns of the Cote d’Azur with your rent a car Nice service from the Nice Airport.
Visit the website or the mobile app of Yolcu360 and make a rent a car Nice reservation by choosing every detail, even the price, about your car according to your budget and your taste. The whole Cote d’Azur is waiting for you. Finally, if you want to rent a car in Nice, Yolcu360 will be the best and ideal solution for your requirement definitely.

What eat in Nice

Nice is the perfect combination of natural and modern. Here you can find both: narrow paths, small squares, pebbly beaches and on the other side glamour, hilltop bars, restaurants, boutiques and famous restaurants. If you are more of a calm person type, take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais, take in the panoramic view of the Mediterranean, east some French food with French wine on its side, read a book on the beach under the sun, visit some museums. If you like it a bit more exciting go to the cool bars and restaurants, visit the lively markets, fancy boutiques and avant-garde hotels. Nice charms old, young, tranquil, lively people from whichever culture they may from. This multinational and multicultural city has something to offer for everyone.
Do you want to spend a holiday in paradise? Everybody in the world is jealous of France and its people for their chic and glitz high class lifestyle, however, the French are also jealous of a place and that’s Nice. To realize this dreamy holiday you will need a rental car and the best for this purpose is the car hire Nice France service of Yolcu360 from Nice Airport. Choosing this car hire Nice France from Nice Airport concept will bring you many benefits like the high quality service, cheap price, quality car, a helpful Yolcu360 team and much more.
To conclude, Nice has everything you need. Yolcu360 will provide you every facility under the car hire Nice France service so that you can find the most suitable car in terms of budget and in terms of preference. Soon you will be also one of the people enjoying the salty air and fine breeze of Nice on their skin. Finally, if you want to have a memorable Nice experience, Yolcu360 will be the best choice.
If you love both, France and Italy then Nice is the perfect place to go. This fabulous city holds the cultures of both. Long been influenced by Savoy and Sardinia it is normal that a heavy Italian culture lies on the city which did not join France until 1860. It is possible to feel this Italian influence everywhere, especially in terms of food. Start with the Cours Saleya market where many producers from the Alp region come and sell their fresh products. Next try the street food among which are snacks like socca, pissaladiere or tourte de blettes. In the restaurants and Bistros it is also possible to find some unique tastes that belong to this area. After having eaten your way through Nice, go and have a glass of quality French wine at a hilltop bar or bar with view to the Bay of the Angels. Every food lover will feel like in heaven in this port city. To reach these gastronomical wonders, hire your car now with the car rental Nice Airport France service of Yolcu360 and start your vacation from the Nice Airport. Get ready for a memorable Nice experience with your rental car.

Nice Car Rental

Are you tired of the winter freezing your soul to ice? Then you should consider a short trip to the beautiful southern French port city of Nice. The Cote d’Azur is definitely what you need right now. And the solution for your rent a car need comes from Yolcu360: the car rental Nice Airport France service. This car rental Nice Airport France service enables you to compare prices and choose the car you like that you will be able to pick up from Nice Airport. Nice will definitely warm the cockles of your heart as soon as you land at Nice Airport.

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