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Muş, one of the most beautiful cities in East Anatolia, has somewhat mysterious and reserved characteristics. Thanks to Muş Airport, it is now possible to visit the city. You would enjoy your pleasant trip and you would change all your prejudices. What is there to visit in Muş? You may start from the historical sites to visit in Muş.

Rent a Car in Muş

In Muş, where you can observe the traces of Turkmen nomadic life, both social life and city architecture are worth seeing. Castle of Muş, Haci Esref Mosque, Arak Monastery are among the things you should definitely visit in Muş. You should definitely taste Muş grape, a very special type of grape that grows in Muş plateau and meat dishes that are prepared by the fresh meat since livestock is the only source of income in this region. When you visit Muş, the public buildings made of stone in the city center will immediately draw your attention. In addition to this different texture, unspoiled and exquisite nature welcomes you in the villages. By renting a car in Muş, you can visit more comfortably the city and surrounding villages. You may rent-a-car from the center of Muş for visiting the villages of Muş and the neighboring cities, and you may deliver the car to the relevant car rental office at Muş Airport. You can find the most affordable rental car in Muş on The system will give you the availability information and rental car prices of the rent-a-car offices of Muş within minutes. So you can access the most affordable rent a car option in Muş in the fastest way possible.