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Mersin Erdemli Rent a CarMersin, one of the most crowded and beautiful cities in the south of Turkey, is visited by many visitors every summer for summer vacation, gourmet holiday or business. Where to visit in Erdemli, Mersin? Erdemli Sightseeing Guide Erdemli is famous for its historical ruins. Recognized not only in our country but all over the world, these ruins are also explained in detail in the art history books.


Rent a Car in Erdemli Mersin

Adam Kayalar (Man-rocks) in Erdemli is one of the most visited touristic places. Adam Kayalar also has great importance in terms of history, art history and science history. Kanlıdivane, Kız Kalesi and Elaiussa Sebaste Ancient City are the most visited places in Erdemli. Cennet and Cehennem (heaven and hell) Sinkholes are definitely a must see. Erdemli, one of the 13 districts of Mersin, is also famous for its Köşebükü Cave, which is well known for being good for the patients with asthma. The recreational areas around Anamur Stream, where you can enjoy a delicious trout feast, are very popular in spring and summer. Mamure Castle, which stretches along the coast and was one of the most fascinating buildings of the Middle Ages, is quite impressive. Ilısu and Yerköprü waterfalls are also must-see. Zeyne Mausoleum, which has a rather calm and different architecture, is also remarkable. You should also see the Dağpazarı Church. The beaches in Erdemli are as famous as its historical buildings. One of the most beautiful beaches in Erdemli is Akçakıl Bay. In Erdemli, where you will enjoy swimming in clear and warm waters, you can travel around historical sites enjoy the sea or a take Mediterranean gourmet tour. You can reach Erdemli only in 20 minutes after renting a car in Mersin. You can sunbathe on the beaches of Erdemli, eat an exquisite dinner in front of the sea, or discover the traces of history. You can easily find affordable rental car options in Erdemli on

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