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How about escaping the distressing environment of the work routine and going on a wine tour across the green vineyards of the beautiful Bordeaux? The car hire at Bordeaux Airport service of Yolcu360 will enable you this short fling and will prepare your rental car at Bordeaux Airport. By this way, you can quickly pick your car up at Bordeaux Airport and go on a journey through the past. The sixth biggest city in France is definitely worth your time!

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Bordeaux in History

Bordeaux has a long history and of course, played an important role. First, it was settled by a Celtic tribe which called the city Burdigala, later the city fell under the control of the Romans where it was seen as an important trading center and was made capital of the Roman Aquitaine. After living through a prosperous time, it was attacked by several other tribes like the Vandals, the Visigoths, and the Franks. It was one of the main centers of the Merovingian dynasty and witnessed one of the most famous was – the Battle of Poitiers which took place between the troops of the great Charles Martel and the Umayyad Caliphate of Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi who was then governor of the Andalusia region. After hard times during which Bordeaux was led by several different dukes and kings, the city began to thrive again around the 18th century and began to take form as the Bordeaux we can see today. Many buildings and churches that can still be visited, date back to these times and are therefore well preserved as one of the best protected historical places in France. If you also want to get lost through history while walking the streets of Bordeaux, use the car hire Bordeaux Airport service of Yolcu360 which will provide you the car you have chosen after your taste at Bordeaux Airport. We assure you that you will definitely love the concept of car hire Bordeaux Airport.

Rental Cars in Bordeaux

Did you hear of the car hire Bordeaux concept that takes you away from your office directly to a wine tour? Yes, such a concept exists really and it is easier to access than you think. The only thing you have to do is just renting a car under the service of car hire Bordeaux of Yolcu360 and getting your car from Bordeaux Airport just to dive into one of thousands of high quality vineyards. You probably know that these are one of the best of the world and since the Bordeaux Airport is just around 8 kilometers to the city center you will have no problems of reaching them. The world capital of wine offers you a unique experience: a wine tour. As soon as you have finished visiting the museums which are both rich in history and art, the world heritage site buildings which can be found nearly in every corner of the city, you can consider going on a wine tour. The concept of wine tours differ according to your taste, some offer small workshops, tastings, high quality gastronomical restaurants, blending your own wine etc. but basically the main idea is to visit some chateaux, getting to know how the best wine of the world is produced, tasting and visiting some vineyards and seeing the barrel room. After your visit you can even buy some of that wine and take it home. And don’t be afraid, most of the tour guides speak excellent English – with a strong French accent of course! Go to the website or mobile app of Yolcu360 and choose your ideal car under the concept of car hire Bordeaux which you can pick up at Bordeaux Airport and go directly on a wine tour. Get ready for a memorable Bordeaux experience.

What to do in Bordeaux?

If you are planning on visiting Bordeaux, then the Cité du Vin lying at the banks of the river Garonne is most probably at the top of your must-visit main attractions list to be done after landing on Bordeaux Airport. This striking piece of architecture which resembles a wine decanter and is a masterpiece of modern architecture, offers you a tour through the history of wine in an amusing concept where you won’t get bored as it doesn’t consist of the traditional museum notion. With many different themed sections you will learn everything about the blending, cultivation and production of wine while you will also see many interesting topics like “wine and religion” too. This high-tech museum shows you the history of wine from ancient types until today and has even a section where you can experience ancient maritime wine trading. At the end of the tour you will receive even a glass of Bordeaux wine. La Cité du Vin is definitely a museum where you will leave in a happy way. So, choose the car rental Bordeaux Airport service of Yolcu360 and find yourself in the middle of a world where everything is about wine. A destination not to be missed by any wine lover! Pick up your car from Bordeaux Airport and start your tour!

Places to Visit in Bordeaux

If you are an enthusiast of art, history, culture and architecture, you are at the right place. Bordeaux offers a great mixture of all of them. One of the most interesting museums you can find here and which is unique to this place, is the Musee d’Aquitaine. As the name indicates, displays this museum the story of the Aquitaine region starting from pre-historic times. Another must-see museum is the Musee des Beaux Arts which is in the building that was the former Hotel de Ville of the 18th century. This museum houses many masterpieces and works of famous artists such as Delacroix, Van Dyck, Renoir and Picasso. Apart from these you can also find a museum of contemporary art, a natural history museum, a museum about wine trade and last but not least the Cité du Vin. There are many options to spend high quality and intellectual time in Bordeaux, so plan your trip ahead to be able to make time for every one of them as they all promise a unique experience. Reserve your rent a car Bordeaux service and get your car from Bordeaux Airport to dive into an adventure of history and art like you have never witnessed before.

Information About Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a city with so many different aspects that it is hard to tell all of them. It has both the modern urban style and the 18th century architecture of the past. There are attractions that fit every type of character for example the nature lovers can stroll around the vineyards – there are around 100.000 -, walk in the public garden or the Jardin Botanique, you can find many quality boutiques if you like shopping visit Quai des Marques, if you are the culture addict go to the Mollat Bookshop or the Musée d’Aquitaine, an art enthusiast should not miss the Musée des Beaux Arts or the Miroir d’eau, or if you just want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the city, go on a Burdigala cruise tour or just sit in one of the cafes to drink from the delicious Bordeaux wine. Every one will find something for their taste whether family, couples, youth, trekkers, hikers, travelers etc. Don’t miss this opportunity and make your reservation for the car rental Bordeaux train station so that you can pick your car up at Bordeaux Airport if you arrive by plane or at the Bordeaux train station if you arrive by train. Endless possibilities are waiting for you.

About Bordeaux Architecture

This magical city which has more than 100.000 vineyards and a similar number of chateaux, will make you forget the stress you have at home or at work. In its peaceful environment you will enjoy a great time surrounded by the best wine of the world. Yolcu360 offers a car rental Bordeaux France service in which you can pick your car up at Bordeaux Airport and go discovering the city without wasting any time. Bordeaux is a city by the Garonne river which has a deep history and culture and was an important city throughout time thanks to its location and success in trade. Planners and architects decided to transform this beautiful medieval city into a more beautiful one by constructing new, elegant and fascinating architecture in the 18th century. And that’s how Bordeaux became the Bordeaux we know today. The most striking one of these plans and constructions is most probably the square named Place de la Bourse. The St. André cathedral with its gothic architecture and bell tower is equally elegant. And the Basilique St.Seurin offers the traces of Romanesque art. La Cité du Vin, on the other side, is an example of striking modern architecture that can be also abundantly found in the city. In a nutshell, Bordeaux has every aspect and every kind of art and architecture that you can imagine of. All of them can be easily discovered walking in the pedestrian friendly streets of Bordeaux. There is no reason to wait for making your reservation – the steps are easier than you think. Just choose the car rental Bordeaux France on the website or app of Yolcu360 and get your car at Bordeaux Airport. And don’t hesitate even a moment to call the customers center if you have any problems. With your ideal car you will get quickly from Bordeaux Airport to the dreamy city Bordeaux.

Bordeaux Train Station

How about visiting Bordeaux this year? For this purpose you will definitely need a rental car to enjoy your trip better. And Yolcu360 will provide you this car hire Bordeaux train station service so that you don’t have to waste time looking at hundreds of websites to find the ideal car that has also an affordable price. With this car hire Bordeaux train station concept you can get your car either at Bordeaux Airport or at the train station. What are you waiting for? Make now your reservation for the car hire Bordeaux train station service. This historical gem of southwestern France whose half is a UNESCO world heritage site and is known for being the world capital of wine, also offers a great variety of artistic features. Art and architecture can be found in large numbers in Bordeaux. An art lover should not miss visiting the Musée des Beaux Arts where you can find art from the Renaissance period to the 20th century, the Musée d’art Contemporain with contemporary art, Le 101 which is a studio containing the works of a talented graphic designer, the Miroir d’eau which is the biggest reflective pool of the world. To see some architectural perfection you can visit La Cité du Vin, the Grosse Cloche, the Basilica St.Michel, the Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge, the square Place de la Bourse and many more. It is really a great joy wandering around the streets of Bordeaux while feeling like in the 18th century and admiring all the artistic works around. The Bordeaux Airport just being 8 kilometers away from the city center, is easily accessible and will be even more accessible with your rental car that Yolcu360 offered you under the Bordeaux Airport service.

Bordeaux at Holiday

Are you tired of searching hundreds of websites to find a rental car that suits your budget? The aim of Yolcu360 is to dismiss this difficulty and provide all the client needs at one website. For Bordeaux travelers, Yolcu360 offers a cheap car hire Bordeaux service that provides you the ideal car you have chosen at Bordeaux Airport. So, for a perfect Bordeaux holiday in this beautiful region of France, the cheap car hire Bordeaux is advantageous as it is affordable and can be picked up at Bordeaux Airport. Bordeaux, which played a major role throughout history, still displays these features with its beautiful buildings, many museums and great architecture. One of the top sights you should start with is the Golden Triangle which is really the center and heart of the city. This triangle is beautiful in that many cafes are placed there surrounded by the scenic and historical honey-coloured stone buildings. Another panoramic view is offered at the Riverfront, here you can see the newer parts of the city where old warehouses where transformed into nice little shops, cafes etc. and it is a relaxing atmosphere sitting at the banks of the Garonne River. After visiting the Riverfront and the Golden Triangle, the next place to go is the St.Pierre District where modernism starts to fade and give its place to a more medieval structure. Here you can see old churches, basilicas, narrow streets and much more. The Yolcu360 team will play a major role in realizing your Bordeaux trip in that it will offer you the best car for the best price possible with its cheap car hire Bordeaux concept. Finishing the reservation, the only thing you need to do is just taking your car from the Bordeaux Airport.

Car Hire in Bordeaux

Have you tried Yolcu360? This qualified company gives you the opportunity to compare prices and features in order to find your ideal rental car. If you plan on going to Bordeaux, you will like the rent a car Bordeaux gare service which enables you to take your car from Bordeaux Airport or train station. This city rich in gastronomical, historical, oenological, artistic and architectural culture, is also an ideal place to get rid of the stress of big cities and make a peaceful rest along the Garonne River. Bordeaux has definitely many sides to discover, however after finishing visiting the main sights of the city, it is also possible to take a short daily trip out of the city. The first place that comes to the mind is St.Emilion without doubt. This medieval wine village which is located just around 40 kilometers from Bordeaux city center, offers an incredible peaceful atmosphere with scenic vineyards and limestone buildings. Many high quality wine varieties come also from this region. This village whose name comes from a Benedictine monk, is also listed as a UNESCO world heritage together with its beautiful vineyards. Walk up the cobbled streets and discover the many local cafes, restaurants, bakeries and wine shops. Therefore, if you are in Bordeaux you should definitely have a look at this magical small old town. Getting this rent a car Bordeaux gare service of Yolcu360 is easy, just visit the website or the mobile app of Yolcu360 choose the rent a car Bordeaux gare concept and choose the car you prefer for the price you want so that you can pick it up at Bordeaux Airport. And luckily St.Emilion is also adjacent and only around 50 kilometers from Bordeaux Airport.

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