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Are you planning a visit to the Harbor city Marseille? Then you should first arrange a rental car because you will definitely need it. The car rental Marseille of Yolcu360 is just what you are looking for. With this car rental Marseille concept you will be able to get your car that you have chosen personally directly from the Marseille Airport. Are you looking for a Marseille Airport car rental which is both affordable and has the necessary quality? In this case, have a look at the Marseille Airport car rental service of Yolcu360 which contains no commissions and no extra charges.

Once having made a reservation from the Marseille Airport car rental concept, you will get from Marseille Airport to the city center just in 30 minutes and can start your ideal vacation in this city full of history. Rental Cars in Marseille If you prefer peaceful and tranquil destinations for a vacation, Marseille will fulfill this aim. And the best rent a car Marseille, is that of Yolcu360 from the Marseille Airport. Finding an ideal rent a car Marseille can be difficult as one doesn’t know where to start looking and as it is difficult to compare prices between so many companies. That’s why choosing the rent a car Marseille service from Marseille Airport of Yolcu360 is far more advantageous. The moment you land on Marseille Airport you should go and discover the city as you planned, and if you haven’t included the Chateau d’If, now is the time. This will be a unique and different activity instead of all the other typical touristic sights. You will explore all of the hidden paradises of Marseille city with your rental car easily now.

Marseille History

This old, cultural city has so much more to offer than you think! Marseille was always one of the main trading centers of Europe thanks to its harbor and is still the biggest port of the French Republic. Around 600 BC Marseille was founded under the Greek name Massalia as a Greek colony and people from Foça, Turkey used to live there. For a long time it was an independent city until it fell under Roman rule. Although it lived through many attacks of Visigoths, Romans, Franks and the Black Death itself, Marseille was able to renew itself and to prosper again to be the diamond of the Mediterranean. It is even the place where the national anthem of France, La Marseillaise, was born. Today it is the capital of the department Bouches-du-Rhone and the biggest port of the Mediterranean with traces of the many cultures and people that once lived here. This multicultural metropolitan city and its old harbor will certainly make you fall in love with itself Marseille is one of the oldest settlements in France, many different races and cultures have lived in this place and the easiest way to see this is to look at the names of the Marseille population which are mostly Italian, North African and Corsican names. Go admire the town hall which was built in the 17th century and is the only building left after Germans attacked this place. Get your car rental Marseille France service now from Marseille Airport with Yolcu360! Compare the prices and hire the car you want without paying any extra charges or hidden commissions. Just go on the website or mobile app of Yolcu360 and choose the car rental Marseille France concept from Marseille Airport. With your car, there will be nothing holding you back from discovering this fantastic port city in the south of France.

Places to Visit Marseille

Even though Marseille lacks the glamour and glitter of the other southern cities like Nice, it has a different kind of appeal which is actually hard to describe and needs to be felt and discovered. Its rustic, old city silhouette provides an amazing view for which you will fall. It has a vivid energy and this busy port which makes it possible to imagine how it looked like in the 17th century when merchants and sailors rushed through its streets. This amazing city looks like it hasn’t changed and is still the same with its old harbor and buildings around it. It might not have chic shops, boutiques and cafes around the port but it definitely seems like a place out of a pirate movie. As you may have heard it was also the setting for the famous novel of the writer Alexander Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo. With its many attractions and sights it is impossible to get bored of this fascinating city by the Mediterranean Sea. Marseille, the capital of Provence, has a unique charm that attracts thousands of tourists every year. At first look you might not get what makes people crazy about this place since it hasn’t the light and elegance of Nice, however, as you spend time here you will understand that it has a very different kind of attractiveness. The city is vibrant and crowded, but you still feel the tranquil atmosphere and can escape to take a walk along the sea. If you are a peace and quiet seeker, you should definitely take a walk at the famous La Corniche. This is a very special path along the Mediterranean Sea that offers exceptional views of the sea itself, the Chateau d’If and Les Calanques. It is no short route, so don’t forget to put on some comfortable sneakers! In the evening it is a must to sit in one of the bars on the seaside and drink a glass of the famous French wine while enjoying the scenic view. Marseille is a great city with much to offer, don’t be in a rush to finish strolling the city all at once, instead, relax and take your time. Yolcu360 will help you with this by its car rental Marseille France service from the Marseille Airport. Get ready for a memorable Marseille experience with your family or friends.

Grit and grandeur coexist in harmony in this amazing city whose history dates back till early times. Walk through le Panier and visit the many artisanal shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants. If you want to escape the crowd of the city, take march on la Corniche by the sea which offers spectacular and panoramic views. Visit the major churches and cathedrals of the city. Visit the museums which offer fascinating information about the cultures and their art and architecture in this city. And don’t forget to try some Marseillaise food, seafood like Moules Frites, drink some French wine with a view to the sea or take a short daily trip to one of the biggest national parks of France: les Calanques.

Places to Visit Calanques

Ever wanted to visit the Calanques? Then you shouldn’t postpone your dreams and goals and should make it real. And luckily, there is someone who will help you with this dream: Yolcu360. The rent a car Marseille Saint Charles service of Yolcu360 is ideal for that purpose as it makes your car ready at Marseille train station. After that you can directly jump into your car at Marseille train station and go for the Calanques.

Calanques National Park, is a park in south France which was established in 2012. It is located between Marseille and the lovely fishing village Cassis. So, it easy to access from Marseille train station. On this route between these two towns many such beautiful places can be seen – don’t hesitate to stop the car, get out and take the breathtaking view. The cliffs and fjords are amazing and the park consists highly of the sea rather than land. If you want to enjoy the whole national park and don’t want to miss anything, you should start your hiking tour early in the morning when it is not so hot and take many supplies with you as there aren’t many restaurants around. The spectacular view of the limestone coves and the blue sea is excellent.

Since the Calanques are just a 30 minutes drive away from Marseille Airport you will have an easy time with the rent a car Marseille Saint Charles service of Yolcu360. This concept – the rent a car Marseille Saint Charles – enables you to choose everything about your car from brand to the price. If you are happy, the Yolcu360 team will be happy too. As a final word, Yolcu360 offers the best rent a car service in Marseille from different providers of the world which provide services in this location.

What to do in Marseille

The Mediterranean port town of Marseille which is located in the south of France, is the place where the story of the count of Monte Cristo took place. The Chateau d’If can be seen from the coasts of Marseille and there are always ferries to be found that cross the sea and get visitors to this small island. The original intention of the construction of the castle was to be a fortress, however, later on it was decided to be used as a prison. Edmont Dantes was sent here and spent 14 years of misery on this island. Arriving here one can literally feel the depressing atmosphere and imagine how it would be like to be prisoner on this place without any chance of an escape. Here you can easily make a visit with a short boat ride and look through the prison and discover the island – from here the view of Marseille is also breathtaking! Even though Marseille is a bit more shabby, polluted and rusty than its rival Nice, every kind of traveler will love this place. Wake up early in the morning to catch a look at the fish markets which take place at the Old port, explore the narrow streets of the Panier Quarter which is actually the oldest part of the city containing much history and many historical buildings, visit the Notre Dame de la Garde which is located on the highest spot of the city, hop on an IF boat to see the infamous prison of the Count of Monte Cristo, visit the Musée des Docks Romain which are the ancient docks of the Romans...After finishing the main sights you should also not forget to taste from that famous and delicious cuisine of Marseille which offers both French cuisine and fresh seafood. The 30 minutes drive from Marseille Airport is the only obstacle between you and the magnificent port city of Marseille and Yolcu360 offers you a solution with its Marseille Airport car rental service which is also very cheap and affordable for anyone. Visit La Major, the neo-Byzantine cathedral, take a look at the Marché des Capucins where you can find African products like spices and exotic fruits, go to the other side of the city to walk along Corniche and see the old villas, beaches, Frioul Island and Chateau d’IF. At the end of this walk you will get to the popular Prado Avenue where you can find many shops.

What to Eat in Marseille

When you love food and say that you have to try the local food the first thing you get to a new place, Marseille will enrich your soul with its perfect gastronomy. Many people think that the French cuisine is the same everywhere; however, Marseille offers its own special cuisine. The cuisine of Marseille was heavily influenced by the many different cultures that lived here. For example bouillabaisse is a dish like fish stew that came with the Spaniards as they brought saffron together with them. Drink some handmade craft beer, next try the navette buiscuit in shape of a boat which comes from Corsica and is often dipped in wine, taste Boules and Balls with its creamy tomato sauce, and of course have classical French plate of cheese. Did you know that Marseille is a destination for every type of person: a nature lover, a foodie, a nightlife seeker, a thrifty traveler, a history buff, a thrill seeker, a beachgoer, a luxury traveler, a peace and quiet seeker, an art and architecture lover, a shopping fanatic? If you are also one of these kinds of travelers than go to Marseille with Yolcu360’s car rental Marseille Airport France service which will help you find your ideal car from Marseille Airport. Another advantage of the car rental Marseille Airport France is that it fits your budget as you can compare prices and choose the best one.

With your rental car from the car rental Marseille Airport France service of Yolcu360 you will easily access all that delicious food. Just make your reservation choosing Marseille Airport and drive from Marseille Airport to the city center. Finally, if you want to visit all of the popular places and hidden paradises of Marseille, France, Yolcu360 will be the best solution for you.

Information About Marseille

This scenic old city on the coasts of the Mediterranean is like a dream! Marseille is the second largest city of France after its big sister Paris. Let’s look at the popular main districts of this city: the Panier district lies at the heart of the city and has the typical 17th century architectural style, here can also be found the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations if you are a fan of history and anthropology, next place to go is the Palais de Justice District where you can find many cafes, restaurants and shops and the Vieux Port District where you can feel the real Marseille, early in the mornings you can see here fisherman working and locals coming to buy fish and in the evenings you can try one of the seafood restaurants and switch after that to one of the nearby bars. There is much to see apart from these three districts too, however, one needs to start somewhere in the end. Are you planning on making a road trip through the southern coasts of France? If not, you should definitely consider this option as it offers the best views of Europe, if yes, you should start from Marseille and to do this, you will need a car hire Marseille. At this point, Yolcu360 is the best choice for a car hire Marseille because it suits all kinds of budgets – why spend all your money on a rental car when you can use it to discover new places, tastes and experiences? The car hire Marseille is easily accessible from the Marseille Airport.

Marseille Train Station

Try the car rental Marseille train station concept of Yolcu360 if you haven’t tried it yet. This service is especially advantageous in that provides cars at a low price and in that you can book your car from either Marseille Airport or train station. Since both, Marseille Airport and train station, have an excellent location, you will have an easy time reaching the city center with your rental car. This French city with its stormy past has much to tell you, so don’t wait and book the car rental Marseille train station service either from Marseille Airport or the train station. Just take your time and discover all Marseille’s avenues, streets, beaches by your own and by enjoying them without a rush. Every corner will offer another view. Try now the car rental Marseille train station concept of Yolcu360 which will make your life easier! Get ready for a memorable Marseille experience with your rental car and with your friends. Are you going to make a short weekend break in Marseille and need a rental car for that purpose? Then Yolcu360 provides you the car hire Marseille train station concept which can be actually used from either the train station or Marseille Airport. Since Marseille Airport and the gare are both near the city alike, it makes no big difference, just choose the one that fits you best. Don’t worry, our specialized team will be on your side to help you in case of any question concerning the car hire Marseille train station service. The choices are endless in Marseille and with your rental car from the car hire Marseille train station it is you who decides where to go and what to do first. Thanks to Yolcu360 everywhere is easily accessible for you. Visit the website or mobile app of Yolcu360, compare the prices, choose your ideal car and choose the destination Marseille Airport. Now you are ready to discover all of the amazing places of the city with your luxury rental car at the train station.

Rental Cars in Marseille

If you are in search of a car hire Marseille Airport service, Yolcu360 is your answer. This company will provide you the car hire Marseille Airport in the best and most qualitative way you can think of. Based on customer satisfaction, its team will do everything to please you and provide you all the facilities. After choosing all the details about your car, you only have to choose the car hire Marseille Airport concept and get your car from Marseille Airport. The only thing that needs to be done now is visiting Yolcu360, choosing Marseille Airport and waiting that the perfect experienced team of Yolcu360 prepares your car at Marseille Airport without making place for any inconveniences. After taking your car at the airport, you will be ready to discover the city.

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