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Information About Valencia

If you think about a new adventure in Spain, Valencia is the best place! He knew well since his egg - he heard a loud voice - and his brilliant body! It sounds good, right? Knowing their culture and traditions are here... First, you need to taste red, but the real thing is with the rabbit and not the food. Paella was born here in Valencia and the community of Paella on Sunday. The best place is El Palmar, after Albufera Natural Park. A good place to go, around Paella and enjoy the beautiful place.

Valencian Ceramics is famous and deep and unique. Consider using it in open space? Then the place where you are looking in the City of Business and Industry that publishes the content of the design. Set a day to get the area of this beautiful setting. The story of modern life from the garden and the river is spectacular. So, you better prepare them to be amazed! Fiestas is the tradition that comes from Valencia.

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Valencia Symbols

Most of the forgotten things for the pleasure of Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia is a great benefit to the city of Spain, the museums, the arts, and the great food, and promote the pleasures of the people. Two Europeans. Valencia is a new city celebrating Video and Awards, with new leaders.

Turia Gardens - Following the flood, the council decided to change the Turia River before, creating a beautiful base in the middle of the city.

Holy Grail - Valencia is the site for the Holy Grail, the collection that Jesus uses on my Sunday, and you can marvel at this sacred thing in his home at the Cathedral of Valencia.

Paella - Valencia is the famous city of the paella, and this city knows this holiday, but you can not go without trying sometimes in Valencian.

City of Arts and Sciences - An excellent model of a new design created by the design of Valencian Santiago Calatrava is a great luck for the day of birth.

With 30 museums to choose from Valencia, you'll probably be able to take the couple. Learning about the development of original art from the beginning of IVAM; or wonder about the environment, painting and carving of the Museo de Bellas Artes (the Museum of Fine Art).

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What to do in Valencia?

The Church, pride, the differences between people and leaders, teachers and music. This time, Fallas, Santa Marinera, Virgen de los Desamparados, El Corpus Christi, May of Julio el Octubre 9D. Spanish and Valenciano, but in Valencia. What is English? They talk about Catalan - the biggest mistake. Good answer! It is similar to Catalan, but also many answers to English in Valencianos. Write the words of "treasure" in them.

There are many things in Valencia. Businesses offer research, service and IMAX, dance and play. The entire area. If you want to talk about Valencia history, write "El Museo History of Valencia" (Valencia's Historical Museum). For lovers, there is the Museum of Fine Arts; especially in Spain. Catholics vary in both sides of the church. This is the time to visit the Vatican Grail Grail at the Museum near the Cathedral. There is a garden in Turia River. In 1950 there was a river. If you have a bicycle, there are many ways to change the floor. 1,000 different locations at Market Shop. In beautiful beauty you will see the same time.

Places to Visit in Valencia

It is located in the heart of the Mediterranean region of Valencia, Valencia, the beautiful city, and the nearby rivers. Transfers include work, Valencia train station and Valencia Airport land travel, land use. Strength of body, mind and yoga, not the mountain, but most of the city has fallen. The city is close to the history of Europe. Valencia shows her taste, color and love, Valencia and the flowers of the Spanish letter. Valencia is the color, the water, and the culture, but the time and everything in Valencia. Alicante, Valencia, Castellón or Valencia, less than 450 km from the coastal beaches of the Pacific, near Cataluña in the north and Murcia. The length of the city is near 200000 m, but 120kp, mountains, rivers and forests. In the north of the old town of El Maestrazgo, winter and drunkenness. Valencia Xalativa has changed.

There are two mountains; Vietnam from north to south of Bettany to Cap de la Nao. A small town comes to a stone like Peñon de Ifach, the flower. In these areas, plants, villages and the city of Valencia. The port of this site is Valencia. Some are outside the water near the water, outside the bed. The best of these is on the ground, but the best place for birds and guests. Welcome to one of many rivers and fall.

The Middle East and the city have grown. In the north, the leaves fall, open to plants, branches, Mediterranean, orange and other spices. In all, more than 3,000 species of plants and trees in the area, much in the area. The country has long been in Valencian for many years. The Parliament and the House of Gandia were written by 29,000 Christians.

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Car Rental Valencia Airport

The city of Valencia is the heart of the city (L'Horta) with more than one thousand people in the city and 44 cities. Valencia belongs to the land called Comunidad Valenciana when the greenhouse comes from Spain. The 'Countdown Area' as stated in the County Concern by the Metropolitan Area. In 1991, 23.7% of its employees worked in the industry, 70 percent of the service and 1.7 percent in agriculture. Whilst Valencia is the business and industry, L'Horta, its geographical location, it has lots of work and crop production.

The population of Valencia continues to grow, as the city is a guide to the people of other areas, especially in rural areas. Since 1960, Valencia was affected by the disadvantage of its population: the proportion of 65 years increased from 8.9% of the population in the 1960s to 14.1% in 1990. Youth, from 23.5% to 17.7%. However, the level of education has grown: in the 1960s, 0.6% of the urban population was eligible for ISCED level 6 or 7, 1991, 10.5%. Similarly, the problem is 5.9% for 2.2%. Valencia is the name of the Mediterranean coast and participates today and linked to changes in Spanish and European. On his car, Valencia is connected to Barcelona, Madrid and the south of Spain. Valencia also has the Valencia Airport that operates 1.7 million passenger cars every year, from choice and abroad. In addition, the city has a large area, in 1996, with 4,165 ships and 200,000 passengers.

When car rental Valencia Airport, Spain, you have the freedom to explore this breathtaking country in your own time and at your own pace at Yolcu360. Self-guided tours are becoming more and more popular as adventure travelers set their trails and head out to see the incredible nature of themselves. What many future authors do not realize, however, is that the car rental Valencia Airport are quite challenging and that rugged landscape and unpredictable weather present difficulties that many have not experienced yet. If you plan to travel to Asturias train station during your stay, it is important to be aware of the car rental at Valencia Airport.

Buildings in Valencia

Life, warmth, Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and the birthplace of its beautiful country. Over the past two thousand years, Valencia has no idea how to go, a great holiday in the sky, the world's delights, great treasures and museums, and the center of the city. The famous Cathedral, located in La Almoina Square and La Virgen Square, is the center of the Roman reunion. Fear of Valencia, the head of Miguelete - Brick in the house. The church is still in the rich treasures of the city with Rothist Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. Santo Caliz Grail is gold used by Christ in the Holy Scriptures-in the museum. The city of Valencia - the delight - is in the heart of the city. In the 20th century, there were two beautiful museums.

For those who want art and design, Valencia has no problems. For a great collection of activities of Valencian Impressionists such as Sorolla, Espinosa, and Ribalta, do not miss the Museo de Bellas Artes. In the Jardines del Real, the museum is one of the most beautiful things in Spain, including the activities of Goya, Velazquez and El Greco. The Baroque house of Marques de Dos Aguas in Calle del Poeta Querol is in front of carving. Museum of the Nacional de Ceramica Museum. After the donation, the capital of Playa de la Malvarrosa, the capital of the city, is the Jardines del Real.

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Museums in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Wellington, one of the largest European settlers, but most of them want to build and improve the industry. The beauty of the Pacific, and the beauty of the world.

On the east of the Iberian Environment, the problem of the Valencian community is seen in the revival and development of creativity, culture, food, trade, and entertainment in the sector. The last year on its beautiful beauty with orange tree. Despite the city's stronghold, its popularity is the famous church and the most important parts of the Roman Empire and Moorish.

In the heart of Valencia Old Town, Barrio del Carmen (known as El Carme) is beautiful, culturally. And the Valencia train station road is lucky. Within a short time from the center of the city, the Hall of Art and Tohu has come from ancient times, visitors to its guests and its love and the design of the designer. Santiago Calatrava.

There are many gold, world museums, and new features, world displays, and colors and languages in this Spanish form in Valencia. Go to the spring to see Valencia's plant and experience the fire of his great fire - Las Fallas or summer, the city's strength is a wonderful place. Despite the decline of winter months, the shades of sky, sun, and museums are beautiful.

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Beaches in Valencia

Do you want to live in Valencia? There are many interesting Valencia! First, there is space and safety. He has allowed Spain to the east. It means that the city's geographic location and many events like the spring like many years. Later, it is a big city - three Spanish, including Valencia airport, a lot of different places) and café. But Valencia is still small - up to 800,000 people live in the city center and around 1.6 million in the city - so it is controlled.

If you like the beach, Valencia is the place to do it! The beaches of Valencia are known for its Mediterranean and finally. Even better if the boardwalks meet the beach with the restaurants that work well and are safe.

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Valencia History

Our city of Spain, Valencia's rest and 'good enough'! The City of Valencia is the capital of the autonomous region (Comunidad Autónoma) and the population, which is the third favorite in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona, Sevilla is the fourth place. More than 800,000 people live in the city, but when there are adjacent areas, this is more than half the average and 16% of the Comunidad Valenciana. The population of Valencia is still young, 19% of the population between 19 and 25 years and 33% are 30 and 49 years old. The city is 1.5 hours drive from Refugio Marnes and is a key part of this B & B and Eco-lodge in Spanisch.

The city of Valencia was created from Rome in the year 138 BC, which was the first name of its communications; Valentia. As is the case with most of Spain, Valencia has Moorish era and this has been about five centuries, leaving the present day. The conquest of Jaime I was in 1238 or at the end of Moorish's time. Another interesting fact about Valencia is that the town has the capital of Spain, but it is only in the short notice; since Nov. 6, 1936 through May 17, 1937. For more information about the history of Valencia, look for this. In Valencia there are lots of fun. For example, many ideas can be found; play, or visit a beautiful house (Plaza de Ayuntamiento, Plaza de la Reina and Plaza de la Virgen for many titles). Traveling around the city (Torres de Serrano and outside the city Quart Towers) is essential with Valencia train station! In addition, there are many local cuisines and can be very successful.

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Rent a Car Valencia Airport

On the banks of Turia River, the city of Valencia, Spain, overlooks the Gulf of Valencia on the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. The city is located on the edge of the road, Valencia is the city that makes connection between growth. But in his youth, Valencia clings to the history of rivals that is every city in the Mediterranean. Valencia was created in 138 B.C. after his Roman residence at the Iberian wars. They know the city "Valentia," the main theme. In 75 B.C., Pompey, after the president of Rome, like Valentia's ground. The city is being repaired, but. In the 4th century, the Roman Empire began to become a refugee, but Valencia was good. But his success is short. When Imperial Rome in mid-March, Valencia has been removed many times, mostly on Visigoths.

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