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Manisa is the second biggest city of Aegean Region with its location between the resplendent Spil Mountain and the Gediz River, and with Sardes Ancient City and natural beauties, Manisa hosts many people who are sightseeing with car rental during all periods of year.

manisa araç kiralama

Manisa, where culture and art has been concentrated throughout history and where trade routes have passed, offers interesting holiday alternatives with its cultural and natural beauties, and accordingly, the city offers a car rental alternative in Manisa. Located between Spil Mountain and Gediz River in Western Anatolia, Manisa is an agricultural, commercial and industrially developed city located at an important point in terms of transportation in the Aegean Region. Manisa, which has traces of Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Principalities and Ottoman civilizations, is also known as the City of Princes. Famous for its famous Mesir Paste, hosting important festivals such as the Mesir festival and the Cirit festival every year, there are many valuable places to visit and many suitable rent a car choices in Manisa. Transportation to districts such as Yunusemre and Akhisar is also very easy with these alternatives. You can visit Manisa, which is approximately 40 km away from İzmir, with a journey that will take approximately 1 hour with İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport car rental alternatives. If you are coming from Aydın, you can easily reach Aydın car rental choices at the end of one and a half hours. Thanks to Yolcu360 online car rental system, Manisa rental cars are listed within minutes and the Manisa rental car price list is comparatively filtered among the cheapest car rental alternatives for you. With its historical ancient cities, castles, mosques, museums and spas, Manisa offers unique areas to travel lovers, and also has many Manisa rent a car companies. You can rent a car daily or rent a fleet from Yolcu360, you can rent a car cheaply by choosing the one you want from among the Manisa car rental alternatives.

Where to Stay in Manisa?

There are many accommodation alternatives in the City of Princes Manisa, from 5-star hotels to guest houses. You can easily spend a holiday in the city center of Manisa, which is developed in terms of nature tourism, historical tourism and thermal tourism, or in accommodation areas in its beautiful districts. Especially in Akhisar, Alaşehir, Salihli, Kula and Turgutlu districts, you can stay in boutique hotels and apartments with pleasure. If you are here for thermal tourism, you can stay in the best thermal hotels. There are also affordable car rental choices in Manisa, which is quite developed in terms of transportation. After making an online reservation for your accommodation, you can view different Manisa car rental companies with Yolcu360 car rental service, as well as list prices comparatively thanks to features such as Manisa rental car price list. You can also enjoy your stay in the hotels around the Spil Mountain National Park, where you will witness the exquisite view. To reach here, you can easily rent a car at an affordable price with the appropriate rent a car company that you will choose among the Manisa car rental choices of Yolcu360. With Yolcu360 online car rental service, you can reach Manisa car rental prices and Manisa car rental alternatives online by specifying the time interval and drop-off time you want.What to eat in Manisa?

There are so many tastes in Manisa except Mesir paste and Süleymaniye grape. Due to its geographical location, Manisa, with its cuisine inspired by both the Aegean Region and the Central Anatolia Region; the city offers a real feast of taste to its visitors with stuffed bread, wood meatballs, simit bread, salty pita with oil, ravioli with chickpeas, höşmerim and Manisa kebab. Manisa; In each of its 17 districts such as Ahmetli, Akhisar, Alaşehir, Demirci, Gölmarmara, Gördes, Kırkağaç, Köprübaşı, Kula, Salihli, Sarıgöl, Saruhanlı, Selendi, Soma, Şehzadeler, Turgutlu, Yunusemre, a different local taste and different versions of these flavors are available in Manisa car rental with alternatives. Sticky andiz grass, which has recently made its name as Manisa cancer grass, is also found in Akhisar. To discover Manisa's cuisine and its cuisine filled with delicious products, be sure to take a look at the affordable car rental options of Yolcu360 in Manisa. Comparative car rental prices and rental conditions are listed for you within minutes among Manisa rental car alternatives. You can use Yolcu360 Manisa car rental options to discover Manisa dishes to the fullest. Thanks to Yolcu360's powerful software infrastructure, you can rent a cheap car from Manisa rent a car company listed in minutes, and travel freely in Manisa with filters such as daily car rental or fleet rental. If you wish, you can rent a car cheaply from the Adnan Menderes Airport car rental alternatives and explore the rich cuisine of the Aegean without coming to the city center.

Manisa Kebab

Manisa kebab was made by a master who came from Aleppo and settled in the city during the Ottoman period. The iron bottle is made wrapped. You can try Manisa kebab, which you can find in many places in Manisa, from the masters of the business with Manisa car rental options.

Akhisar Meatball

It is a simple but delicious meatball made by adding onion, salt and pepper to ground beef made from 70% lamb meat and 30% tallow fat. In order to taste this delicious meatball in Akhisar district, you can rent a car at an affordable price by searching Manisa as a rental car on Yolcu360.

Demirci Keşkeği

Keşkek is a traditional dish consisting mainly of cracked wheat and meat. To taste the traditional food, you can rent a car cheaply from among the rental car options in Manisa by viewing dozens of Manisa rent a car companies from the Yolcu360 online car rental service.

Şevketi Bostan

The thorny aerial parts are cut and collected when they are young, cooked with boned lamb meat or consumed as a boiled salad. You can reach the taste that you can find in many places by renting a car in Manisa, among the suitable rent a car options from Yolcu360 online car rental service.

Places to Visit in Manisa

Manisa, the second biggest city of Aegean region after İzmir, offers very important sightseeing areas to travel lovers with its ancient cities, museums, castles, mosques and healing spas.

Some of the valuable areas are in the city center of Manisa and some are scattered in its districts. Spil Mountain, Bintepeler Lydian King Tombs, Sardes Ancient City, St. Jean Church, Aigai, Kömür, Manisa Tulip, Ağlayan Kaya, Akhisar Hill Cemetery and Kurşunlu Thermal Springs are among the most important touristic centers of this city. It also hosts many travelers with the Manisa Mesir Festival, where the awakening of spring is celebrated every year, and the Cirit Festival, which is an ancestral sport. Manisa, which is scattered in the city center and its districts, is very rich in terms of places to visit. Exploring all these areas is not possible in one day. You can rent a car at an affordable price by choosing the most suitable rent a car company for you among the Manisa car rental companies through Yolcu360 online car rental service. Due to the strong software infrastructure of Yolcu360, there are dozens of different Manisa rent a car companies in its system. With these options, car rental in Mersin is quite easy. Thus, you can comfortably explore both the city center of Manisa and the places to visit in its districts. You can find the most suitable rental car among the car rental options in Manisa with Yolcu360, as Yolcu360 offers you the rental car price list and rental conditions in Manisa by comparing it to you. If you have planned a trip to the nearby districts of Manisa, you can rent a car daily from Manisa or consider cheap car rental options through Adnan Menderes.

Spil Mountain National Park

Spil Mountain, which received the title of national park in 1968, dazzles with its unique vegetation in deep valleys and stream beds. There are also many animal species on this unique mountain, which is home to many different kinds of flowers, especially the Manisa tulip. There are also accommodation areas on Spil Mountain, where famous grasshoppers can be seen. You can reach Spil Mountain with affordable car rental by looking at Manisa car rental options on Yolcu360.

Sardes Ancient City

The Sardes Ancient City, which has existed since the Lydian period, which was the first to use money, has been an important city in terms of transportation, administration and trade for 14 centuries. In addition to being the place where money was first minted in history, the first known theater ruins in history also belong here. In the ancient city, there are the Lydian royal cemetery, which consists of 85 tombs called "Bin Tepeler", and the Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 temples of Western Anatolia. You can reach the ancient city, which is approximately 65 km away from the city center, in an hour and a half by renting a car from Manisa car rental options. You can reach Manisa rent a car companies on Yolcu360 online car rental page, and you can rent a cheap car from the price comparison list.

Kula Houses

All Kula houses, which have two floors and wooden structures, have a courtyard and a window towards the street. The Kula houses, known as the Turkish House and located in every region under the influence of the Ottoman Empire, have turned the district into a 'monument city' in a sense, as they reflect the history and remain intact in terms of architecture. You can reach Kula houses in approximately 2 hours with Manisa car rental options via Yolcu360 online car rental system. Among the dozens of Manisa rent a car options registered in the Yolcu360 system, you can use daily car rental or airport transfer or airport car rental options from popular locations such as Adnan Menderes.

Ağlayan Kaya

Ağlayan Kaya, which has an international reputation, is a historical site that is the subject of legends. There are legends about Niobe, which was turned into stone by the mythological god Zeus about the rock on the skirts of Spil Mountain. Rumor has it that the rock has been crying ever since. In order to learn about the legends and see the rock, you can reach it at the end of the journey that will take approximately 1 hour by using the Manita city center car rental alternatives. You can rent a car daily from the different Manisa rent a car companies on Yolcu360, and you can rent the car in any brand model you want from all other car rental Manisa options at any time.

We can list places to visit in Manisa except these;

  • Manisa Castle
  • Manisa Archeology Museum
  • Kurşunlu Hot Springs
  • Aigai
  • Manisa Muradiye Mosque
  • Manisa Yeni Han
  • Türkmen Village and Waterfall
  • Demirci Gelinuçtu Hill
  • Kula Fairy Chimneys

Manisa Rent a Car Alternatives

Manisa has become a center of attention for travel lovers with its rich cuisine and cultural diversity and the city offers unique places to visit for archeology enthusiasts and nature lovers. Manisa is a city that should be explored, both with its historical and natural areas in the city center and with its valuable areas scattered in its districts. When there are so many places to visit, it is necessary to allocate time for a trip to Manisa for at least a few days. In order to explore the historical and natural beauties of Manisa with comfort, Yolcu360 online car rental service offers many Manisa rental car alternatives. You can rent a car in Manisa within minutes after you choose the one you want from the appropriate rent a car company registered in the Yolcu360 system and notify the drop-off time. While renting a car is a necessary method for Manisa, Yolcu360 offers you the most suitable car rental alternatives among the car price list and Manisa car rental alternatives. If you are coming from Denizli, you can reach it in 4 hours with Denizli Airport car rental alternatives, and if you are coming from Balıkesir, you can reach it in approximately 1 and a half hours with Balıkesir airport car rental options. With Yolcu360 online car rental service, you can view dozens of different Manisa rent a car companies within minutes from where you sit and you can rent a car daily. Since the Manisa car rental list will be sorted in the most appropriate way according to your budget and wishes, you can rent a cheap car within minutes.

Manisa Rental Car Alternatives

Manisa, which is known as City of Princes, has a lot of car rental destinations. With Yolcu360 online car rental, you can browse Manisa car rental alternatives and rent a car at an affordable price. You can list the available rent a car companies together with the car rental prices by specifying the delivery time from the Yolcu360’s Manisa rental car alternatives for popular sightseeing points such as Sardes Ancient City and Spil Mountain. Manisa rental car alternatives and car rental price list are listed for you within minutes. You can rent a car in Manisa by choosing the one you want from the listed Manisa car rental price list. Among dozens of Manisa rent a car companies registered in Yolcu360 system, you can rent a car at Adnan Menderes Airport or from Manisa city center with daily car rental options. The valuable historical sites and natural beauties of Manisa are definitely worth seeing. If you want to make a free travel and a full Manisa trip plan, you should definitely evaluate the Manisa car rental alternatives. To explore Manisa freely, learn about its culture on the spot, and taste its delicious food in its local restaurants full of talented masters, you can download Yolcu360 mobile application to your mobile phone and view different Manisa rent a car companies and rent a car by finding the most affordable rental car for your budget and request from among the rental car rental alternatives in Manisa.

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