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The daily trips constitute a great alternative for those who want to escape from Istanbul, especially on the weekends. We are able to take a plane ticket and visit our country on the weekends.

malatya rent a car

Rent a Car in Malatya

There are many places to see in Turkey. One of these places is Malatya, one of the most tranquil cities in the Eastern Anatolia. For the weekend you can buy affordable plane tickets and visit this beautiful city daily or in 2 days with your children. So how do you plan your trip to Malatya? You can rent a car from Malatya center and enjoy the city and its surroundings. Renting a car from Malatya Airport can also be a convenient solution. However, once you reach the city center, you will see that there are a lot of rent a car office as well. If you think that it would be costly to rent a car since you paid for the plane tickets, you may rent-a-car from Malatya center, by using a system that can produce an advantageous solution for you. Developed in the Silicon Valley, immediately compares the rental car prices for the region you prefer. You can get the most affordable rental car information in Malatya quickly from So, if you are asking the sightseeing destinations in Malatya, here are some tips for a tour in Malatya: : Mount Nemrut and Tumulus of Commagene Kingdom are very valuable historical heritage. The tumulus, which consists of human and animal figurines, has a unique character located on the top. By showing these impressive historical remains to your children, you may help them learn things more than textbooks would provide. The apricot gardens in Malatya are very beautiful. In these gardens, you can have an enjoyable weekend breakfast, and you can buy meat or dairy products from the surrounding villages. There are many tombs, mounds and historical mosques in Malatya. In addition, the lakes created by dams and the recreational areas around them, are also really impressive.

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