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Malatya Airport Malatya is well known with its apricot, pastirami and very delicious pastry. But Malatya is also famous for its nature as well as its food. So, what to do in Malatya and how can you travel comfortably across Malatya? Malatya, whose license plate code is 44, is a lovely city with 13 districts. Dairy farming is the most important source of livelihood of surrounding villages. For this reason, you can taste the best flavors of cheese, milk and meat in Malatya, where you will feel lucky about meat and dairy products. Many different tasty desserts are made of apricot in Malatya, which is famous for its apricot. There are also delicious dishes such as apricot kebab, apricot meat roasting, etc. When you go to Malatya you can taste these delicious menus. The answer to the question 'what can you do in Malatya' can be to taste the delicious food. You can also shop in the traditional bazaars of Malatya. Handiwork pinked yemenis, handmade carpets, rugs, and cloths can be found in the bazaars on the streets of the city. Important festivals are also held in the city. For example, the İnönü University Short Film Festival organized in April, the Türkü Festival held in July and the International Malatya Film Festival held in November are very colorful. Aslantepe Ruins, Günpınar Waterfall, Somuncu Baba Tomb, Turgut Özal Nature Park, Levent Valley Hill, Nemrut Mountain and Atatürk's House are places to visit in the city. You can rent a car at Malatya Airport and travel around the city in a much more comfortable way. You can rent a car at Malatya Airport and discover the beauties of Malatya and its surroundings, and you can return to the airport to leave the city, and hand your car over to the office there. For the most affordable car rental option at Malatya Airport, you can try The system finds the cheapest rental car option in Malatya Airport within minutes. You can compare prices and find the result you are looking for quickly and advantageously.

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