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Konya - Konya Center Car Rental Prices

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Fun fact: The first speed indicators in cars were used in 1922

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Konya City Center

You can rent a car in the center of Konya and discover the beauties of the city. Konya's beauties can be summed up with delightful city texture, unique examples of Anatolian Turkish architecture and its delicious and unique cuisine. But unlike many other Turkish cities, Konya is a very important city in terms of spirituality. Konya, the hometown of famous Turkish Islamic thinkers, is also of great importance for the Sufi philosophy. So, what to do in Konya? If you are in Konya for a short time, you can start by renting a car in Konya city center.

So you can travel comfortably and freely across the city. You can start by visiting Konya Alaaddin hill. Alaaddin hill, which looks very beautiful in both summer and winter, has important works such as Alaaddin mosque, complex and tomb. Right after this hill, which is seen as the heart of the city, you can visit important places such as Mevlana Museum, Mevlana Tomb and Iplikci Mosque. Meram Vineyards and Salt Lake in Konya can be considered as important natural beauties. Nasreddin Hoca Tomb, one of the symbols of Konya, must also be seen. Konya's dishes will give you an unforgettable taste. You should definitely taste etli ekmek (quick bread with ground meat layer on top), tandoori, stew and other meat dishes prepared with plenty of meat. You can rent a car in the center of Konya and you can visit the city in a more comfortable way. To explore Konya's beauties and not to miss its taste stops, you can use for the rental car options in Konya. You can rent online car safely on the system which will reflect the affordable car rental alternatives in Konya instantly on your screen. The payment page of allowing you to pay for the rental car in installments is run by international security certificate.