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Konya Airport

Built on a flat land, Konya is a very valuable city with its cuisine, historical texture and spiritual significance. As the famous Turkish-Islamic thinker Mevlana says, "travel the world, see Konya".

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We would like to tell you about the places to visit in Konya. You can rent a car from so that you can comfortably reach everywhere in Konya., which will list the most affordable rental car options in Konya Airport, aims to practically and quickly provide you the advantageous solutions. So, where to visit in Konya? Konya is a very significant center for the Anatolian Seljuks, Great Seljuks, and Beyliks. This is why the famous sultan Alaeddin Keykubad period is very popular in Konya. Because the social complexes, mausoleums and other artifacts that were built during his reign still stand today. Alaaddin Hill is a significant point in which you can see all these works together in Konya. By renting a car from Konya Airport, you may directly go to Alaaddin Hill. Shans of Tabriz Tomb and Mosque, Mevlana Museum, Sile Village, Karatay Museum can be listed the other sightseeing destinations. There is a botanical garden and a butterfly museum in Konya. The famous Meram Vineyards are also worth seeing.

Konya Rent A Car

When visiting Konya, you definitely try etli ekmek (quickbread with ground meat layer on top), dried okra, sour plum kebab. The cuisine in Konya is mainly dominated by meat, you may go to restaurants in the city center for exploring the cuisine. You may use for finding the most affordable rental car in Konya Airport, after comparing the prices of rental car offices. Enter and select the date on the module and find the most affordable rental car alternative at Konya Airport.