Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport Rent a Car

Kocaeli Airport Rent a Car

Kocaeli right next to Istanbul is a very important city. Business centers, factories, giant facilities and areas suitable for tourism make the city always busy and rich. In Kocaeli, where you travel for business, for a family or relative visit, you can have a great time enjoying the beautiful places surrounding the city. To find the best-priced rental cars in Kocaeli, you can do a quick and comfortable search with yolcu360.com.

Places to Visit in Kocaeli

Places to Visit in Kocaeli The list of places to visit in Kocaeli is quite long. First of all, there are lots of parks in touch with nature where you can hike. Seka Park is one of them. Faruk Yalçın Zoo, Pink Rocks, Kartepe Ski Resort, Karpe Cliffs and Boğaziçi Zoo are must-visit. The fact that there are more than one zoos in Kocaeli places this city at the top of the list of places where you can travel around with your children. Also, you should definitely visit Gayret Ship Museum, Kocaeli Science Museum and Osman Hamdi Bey Museum. You can find a reproduction of the famous table painting called Turtle Tamer in Osman Hamdi Bey Museum, dedicated to the painter of orientalist paintings, which are among the most expensive paintings in the world, and one of the founders of museology in Turkey. If you are in Kocaeli in the winter and looking for indoor activities, this city is a shopping paradise. You can find products from world brands in Kocaeli, where there are many shopping malls. In addition, you can have a meal, have a drink or two, watch a film or other performing arts in these malls.

Rent a Car in Kocaeli Airport

Souvenir shops can also be found at many points in the city. If you have not travelled to the city in your own car, you can rent a car to visit Kocaeli and the surrounding beauties comfortably. You can use yolcu360.com to find the best-priced cars in Kocaeli-İzmit or at the airport.

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