Kastamonu Airport Rent a Car

Kastamonu Airport Rent a Car

Kastamonu, a lush green city by the rough waters of the Black Sea, offers a unique holiday with its dishes, clean air and very cute boutique hotels. Neighbouring Sinop, Çorum, Çankırı and Bartın, Kastamonu has a very important place in the history of the Republic. So, where to visit and what to do in Kastamonu, offering a beautiful and unique city texture and tourist destination... First of all, if you are coming to the city by air, you can rent a car at Kastamonu Airport and travel around the city comfortably.

Rent a Car in Kastamonu Airport

If you like, you can quickly learn the prices of rental cars in Kastamonu with yolcu360.com rent a car in the city center and travel around the city center, neighbouring cities and villages. With yolcu360.com you can quickly find out the car availability of the car rental offices, what vehicles they have in their fleet or rental car prices in Kastamonu. If you want to visit the surrounding villages or plateaus, you can browse the fleet of car rental offices in the system to rent a 4x4 vehicle .Now that you have rented a vehicle, let's talk about where to visit and what to do in Kastamonu. If it is spring, just jump in your car and drive to the Ilıca Waterfall. Here you will find a spectacular view, clean air you can never see in big cities and a fantastic nature. You might be dazzled by the sunlight reflecting on wet leaves and the waterfall joining in the pond like a light beam. Liva Pasha Mansion is perhaps the most beautiful example of true Ottoman-Turkish architecture. When you see this structure, you will think that "If only we had taken this image as an example in the cities we have rebuilt with urban transformation Turkey could entirely be an open air museum." Ismail Bey Complex and the Kastamonu Archaeological Museum are also must-see. You must definitely have a cup of Black Sea tea against the sea and enjoy a delicious fish menu in the evening.

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