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You can make a price research on Yolcu360.com to make a car rental in Karaman. You can compare the prices of the options that the system offers you to rent a car in Karaman at an affordable price. Well, what are the places to visit in Karaman, what to do and what to eat in Karaman ?..

Karaman Araç Kiralama

Car Rental in Karaman

Places to visit in Karaman. Karaman, located between Konya, Mersin and Antalya cities in Central Anatolia Region, is a city that you can follow the deep traces of Anatolian cuisine and where you can soak up the dust of history. When it comes to things to do in Karaman, the first thing you should think about is the history tour. There are many historical mosques and buildings in the city. Another important feature of the city is that Karaman offers real examples of Anatolian cuisine. There are two answers to the question of "what to eat in Karaman", these are "sulu pilav (a kind of soap with tomato sauce)" and "dolma (a kind of stuffing meal with aubergine and bulghur)". The soap with tomato sauce named "sulu pilav" is so famous. While eating stuffed vine leaves, did you ever think of eating the inner part without stuffing the leaves?

It should have come to the mind of the Karaman people that "Karaman Dolması (a kind of stuffing meal with aubergine and bulghur)" is such open stuffed dolma. It's served with strained yogurt with garlic.

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