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Jerez Airport Rent a Car

If you hire a car in Jerez Airport, you can freely explore this breathtaking country at your own time and at your own pace. Self-drive tours are getting more and more popular as adventurous travelers devise an itinerary and depart for great nature seen with Yolcu360. However, many self-drivers do not recognize the driving situation of Jerez is very difficult. Rugged views and unexpected weather can cause difficulties you have never encountered before. If you are coming by car around car hire Jerez Airport during your stay, you can car rental Jerez Airport. Car rental is also possible. Finally, if you want to have an amazing Jerez experience, Yolcu360 will be so helpful while hiring a car in this amazing city. After completing your reservation process on Yolcu360, your car will be ready on time.

Information About Jerez

Sherry, Horses and Plenty of Sunshine; Jerez de la Frontera in Andalucia knows two things: fortified wine and horses. The city is Spanish sherry ("Jerez" in Spanish). According to, some of its main attractions are sherry bodegas which provide tours and sherry tastings. But historical roots of the church and many churches were viewed, such as the Church of San Miguel or the Church of San Dionisio. The oldest building in the city of Alcázar is the fortress, which began in the 19th century. Motorsports fans will, of course, want to investigate the Jerez Challenge Circuit. This is where every year in the Spanish Motorcycle Grand Prix, which is part of F.M. Grand Prix Motorcycle Challenge, took place. But the world's most popular Jerez de la Frontera is Andalusian High School at Equestrian Art. His home is stubborn about the flood that has been studying the beauty of the movies. The Year of Competition ("Feria del Caballo") is typically in May and many, hard and hard.

Buildings in Jerez

Jerez de la Frontera, who knows his organization, his horse and his flamenco, gives the place of historical knowledge that has been recognized as a beautiful place in history. A Cádiz member was gathered from the palaces of aristocratic with the head of the famous Andalusian. The new year will be provided by Fairness of Justice, World Wide Webcast. The consensus of this culture is with the heart of the regional cuisine of the historical development of Jerez-Xerre-Sherry Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Visiting a city can invite visitors to understand their culture winemaking.

Jerez de la Frontera's past life is within its walls, the Fortress, and the Mosque. The latter is today the church of Santa María with real. The Almohad origin (12th C.) of the Temple will be found in octagonal towers. From the other rooms, the Fortress has a bathroom, covered with vaults in the stone that was opened. Tower of Villavicencio palace, Baroque House is part of the city center, with the obscure camera you can make out of the entire city.

The main Christian character of the city, the Cathedral, is very close by. In the center of the mosque, the old church in San Salvador with Baroque and Neoclassical elements in its structure. Mayor to Mudejar. Inside, we can admire staff at Zurbarán. On the other side of the Fortress are the square and the church of San Miguel, an open space surrounded by an orange tree. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque have a special composition of unity, made possible by the importance of the market. In Jerez, you can car rental Jerez Airport like a commercial car. You regularly offer it to Jerez for 21 years. Regardless of where you are, you can rent a Jerez car company car rental Jerez Airport. Yolcu360 is located in various places in Jerez Airport and Spain airports and terminals in the surrounding area.

History of Jerez

In the province of Cadiz, approximately 12km from the Atlantic Ocean, Jerez de la Frontera (or Jerez as it is known) is famous for its fruit, horse, flamenco and well preserved Moorish Fortress There are many things to do in the Jerez model. In the 9th century, when Spain often lived in Moorish's rule, Jerez was the leader of the group (land of Maurice's kingdom). Important about the city at this time is the good Alcázar de Jerez.

Discussing peace, Jerez is an important part of Andalusia called Sherry Triangle (another Sanlúcar de Barrameda and El Puerto de Santa María). In fact Jerez even borrowed his name in town to make water. Much like champagne, sherry is protected and it is only created in this triangle. If you have not tried cherry before then you are still in treatment. Climate and soil type in these areas are combined to create change and water.

Jerez, the headquarters of the world of sherry, is surrounded by vineyards of chalky land, making palomino grapes that are funded by a group of church and noble. The names such as González Byass, Domecq, Harvey, and Sandeman are inextricably linked with Jerez. The word "sherry," used the first time in Great Britain in 1608, was the English corruption of the old town of Moorish, Xeres. Two Sherry and Horses are the names of Jerez's Anglo-Spanish aristocracy, his grandmother of late centuries in hundreds of years. In the past, more than half of the sherry was maturing in Jerez's massive aboveground cellars.

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The City and Atlantic City, Jerez de la Frontera, are one of the largest cities in the world. Come to Moorish Castle and Middle Age, the first type of protection against Christianity and sieges and then Moorish traps in the city. After the first ruler of the country of Granada and the pacification of the peninsula, its businesses and heritage have been restored, as during the Moorish period. In the mind that the city has faced historical roots for its businesses and policies, without the assistance of the school, because, after years, Caliz received the state's name. Walkers should not forget that the challenge with Cadiz and many people in Jerez will not want to see other cities. These relationships are divorced, but they are two cities that need to be understood alone.

Today, many parts of Spain were delighted with the beautiful world of Jerez, thanks to his power, the title of the city many years ago. But Jerez is not a city and beautiful home, with many places to go: Carthusian horses, flamenco children, the capital of competition and international sports, everything that is Artistic and Historical Flowers Flowers. The event was completed by the city itself from the past year as Jerez loved the place, with personal satisfaction and with a good time, even without restrictions. The goal of the school is based on the needs and strength of the city while promoting their growth.

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Places to Visit in Jerez

Find out how to do it in Jerez de la Frontera to enjoy the best of Andalucia. The city of Jerez de la Frontera is located in the north-east of Cadiz, and it is one of three points of Cherry Triangle. Part of "de la Frontera" (from the border) refers to Bound of Granada, as it happened with Conil de la Frontera. The small town, has now become a city with its population larger than itself, thanks to its location in western Andalucia.

The city center of Jerez has been declared "Historic-Artistic Grouping", and this is not surprising! Many religions ruled the city for hundreds of years, from Phoenicians to Christian Monarchs, giving them the mark on photos and streets of Jerez. You can choose to visit several churches in Jerez, where the majestic Cathedral of San Salvador stands out. Announced Cathedral A of the 1980s, you can enjoy its orange Patio and the combination of Baroque, Neoclassical and Gothic styles. As you know, you should know that the construction of the Cathedral started in 1695 and, due to lack of money, the more added to the Sherry Wine. So the process ends. As an important part of the invitation of Jerez's life, the annual "Pisa de la Uva" appears in front of the Cathedral when the first leaf crop blesses. In fact, the title means "The Grape Treading".

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What to Drink in Jerez?

Think of all the quintessentially Andalucian - orange tree-lined squares, clacka-clacka of flamenco heels, beautiful purebred horse, and sherry wine - dry and crisp, or rich and sweet - and you think about Jerez. Like most of the city of Andalucian, Jerez's history has been in existence for nearly two thousand years. Phoenicians (from the Mediterranean) and Rome lived here before Moors, Muslims from North Africa, arrived. Call the "Cherish" city (whence Sherry), they make Alcazaba fortress, where Vinoble holds.

Still with long roots in the city is his most popular export: sherry wine. The first study of the Phoenicians in 1100 BC, the tradition was delayed by Romans, during the 12th century, translated from Spanish. In the 17th and 18th centuries, strong trading links created by Jerez and Britain, with many British worthy assets.

So, where do you start with your experience of this sweet city? In a bodega (winery), of course. Sherry can create small areas around Jerez, 10,000 hectares in total, and use special palomino and Pedro Ximenez fruits. In the bodegas, the wines are old and well used with the symbol called solera-criadera - solera, for Suelo (land), and criadera, for crianza (old) - read more about the true science of the bodegas here. Part of the young woman, on the top, well with the following, and more, until the end of the invitation from the ocean near the ground.

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Symbols of Jerez

Cádiz and Seville are honored all while talking about Andalusia, but Jerez de la Frontera is important. So famous for its important name in the city's real name from the Arabic, meaning you know you will have a great time in Jerez. Jerez de la Frontera is not only famous for its sherry though, and the city is the place for flamenco. Although Jerez is the new city that has been chosen by the time, this project is also a beautiful name with beautiful gothic architecture. During the annual weather, Jerez de la Frontera has sold Calle Larga where you leave the flag and dance in the evening. If you are looking for Spanish, then Jerez de la Frontera is the place for you.

Rota is where you are looking for sun, sand and ocean. Right in Costa de la Luz, beautiful city, fascinating and sunny every year. The hotel has its own food, with the difference in Spanish atmosphere. What would be better to sit with the glass of the city's very own wine, tintilla?

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What to do in Jerez?

Explore Jerez on your own with 24-hour challenge-at the bus stop. Enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of Jerez's tension sights at the top of two-decker roots. Explore iconic sights of the Jerez town which is home to the Moto GP Grand Prix of Andalusia and the F1 spread! With 24 hours of boat, start, leave the attractions of your own and hop or leave the bus many times as you like.

Visit Alcazar - the 11th century Moorish fortress which has now been restored. Trust the San Miguel Church onward to explore the beautiful music of Santo Domingo. Enjoy panoramic sights on the wheel-wheeled wheelbase, at the bus.You start out of Jerez town and become one of the most popular neighborhoods. Learn about Jerez's photos, history, culture and quirks from your travel guide.

Enjoy the road, at the bus, when you drive to the city of Jerez. Cruise past Alcazar - the 11th century Moorish fortress which has now been restored. Learn about the church of San Miguel, cloisters of Santo Domingo and many with board audio guide! Trust in and out of the bus when you like and explore Jerez for yourself with 24 hours at the Center, with a challenge. Enjoy a variety of Jerez with Thealusian School of Equestrian Art to admire the importance of Vintage Palacio del Tiempo. Meet your book at Plaza del Arenal and start a wonderful tour of Jerez on foot.

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Car Rental Jerez

Jerez is one of the most important cities of Spain. Every year, thousands of tourists visit this amazing city and have a memorable experience with the unique atmosphere of the city. If you want to discover deeply Jerez, Yolcu360 gives the chance to compare and evaluate all available rental cars in Jerez together will all alternatives. The city still works as the best of Spain "triangle", Crusade ship of Costa de la Luz and Pueblos Blancos. When you return from the Plaza del Arenal, the next is the Capital and the City, the Mudejar view of the Church of San Dionisio (mayor of the city), and the Convent of San Francisco, that is the year hundreds of hundred years. Unfortunately, many travel to the Jerez Airport so visitors are easy target for communication between Madrid or Barcelona or they fly to Malaga and drive here. It's beautiful with a few cars that use their space to enjoy your fun.

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