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Beautiful İzmir, which is defined as the pearl of the Aegean coast with its thousands of years of history and rare beauty, has recorded many important moments of history with the historical beauty of Konak Square, Kordon Boyu and Ephesus Ancient City is still in its glory.

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It is believed that the first settlements in the city started in Yeşilova in Bornova dates back to the Neolithic period 8-9 thousand years ago. İzmir is also home to many historical and natural beauties on its borders starting from the city center to its districts, and there are many places to visit and taste. You can start your day by eating a warm boyoz at the Kordon, visit the Kemeraltı Bazaar, which one of the oldest market places in the world, and go to Ephesus Ancient City, which remains impressive with its wonderful architecture in Selçuk district. Then you can easily reach Çeşme, which one of the few beauties of the world with its beaches, from the city center or Adnan Menderes Airport by rent a car in İzmir and you can visit these unique areas on the spot.

Where to Stay in İzmir?

You can find many natural beauties of the Aegean coasts stay in starting from 5-star hotels in the city center and more economical hotels and pensions in the holiday districts of İzmir. It will be a good choice to make online reservations considering the visitor potential of İzmir, which preserves its touristic value in every period. You can enjoy a comfortable holiday by going to İzmir with your family by taking advantage of the spacious room options and you can easily stay in the boutique hotels of Çeşme Alaçatı. If you are going to prefer the quieter districts, you should have no hesitation in terms of transportation, because rent a car in İzmir is quite easy. You can continue your holiday by renting the most suitable car with the most suitable price options by viewing all İzmir rent a car companies on Yolcu360 without leaving the road.

What to Eat in İzmir?

İzmir is one of the richest provinces in terms of food culture with its deep blue sea and lush natüre. It is one of the rare places where the freshest fishes and greens are created with the most delicious tables. İzmir Köfte is the most common dish of İzmir local cuisine in restaurants or artisan restaurants. This flavor, prepared in the form of meatballs prepared with medium-fat sheep ground beef, lightly fried together with sliced potatoes, poured with sauce on the sauce and cooked for a while, must be tried. In addition to this, Kumru, where sesame bread and delicatessen products combine, is another flavor. One of the most varieties of vegetables made in İzmir cuisine, Zeytinyağlı artichoke, Asparagus roasted with plenty of spices and İzmir Lokma with sherbet on top are among the special tastes that must be tasted. Of course, you will not return from İzmir without eating fish against the landscape.

Places to Visit and See in İzmir

The azure beautiful sea of the Aegean coast, the mountains bloomed by color flowers and many historical riches are just as many places to visit in İzmir. Let us explore the beautiful districts and the beautiful villages of İzmir at 360 degrees.

  • İzmir Clock Tower

Our first stop in our trip we started from the city center is the İzmir Clock Tower, the symbol of the city rising from Konak Square. The clock tower is one of the must-see places with all its beauty which has been running non-stop since 1901. This historic tower has 4 fountains is 25 meters tall. The German Emperor II. Wilhelm gave to city this clock as a gift. One of the places you can see without leaving the square is Konak Yalı Mosque adorned with Kütahya tiles from the 18th century.

  • Kemeraltı Bazaar

Kemeraltı is one of the places that must be visited in the city center, which was defined as the jewel of the Mediterranean by travelers centuries ago. With many cultural and architectural elements in it, it takes the travelers on a journey in time. Kemeraltı inns, baths and old houses unroll the texture of the city. You will find many different cultural elements in the time you will spend here, you will admire the architecture of the old inns and you will have the chance to taste many tastes in Kemeraltı.

  • Agora

Smyrna, the ancient name of İzmir has hosted the ancient city of Agora, located on the northern slope of Kadifekale in the period of BC Alexander the Great in the 4th century. This city has many meeting areas and market places. Although its existence was discovered in the 1920s, it is still possible to see marble columns extending in all its glory within the Agora. It is possible to say that it was a rich place to observe the daily and political life of that period.

  • Kadifekale

Kadifekale is one of the rare places where the view of the beautiful İzmir can be seen clearly. Located on a hill 186 meters above the city. From Kadifekale you can watch the Gulf, Karşıyaka, Kemeraltı Bazaar and even İnciralti as a bird's eye view. Founded by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC. According to legends, Alexander the Great falls asleep here under a tree and the protective spirits he dreams of wanting him to establish the new city of İzmir on the slopes of the hill. The walls of the Hellenistic and Roman periods are still visible which gives ideas about the architecture of that period. And also, arched cisterns and masjid remains from the Byzantine Period are still preserved. To reach Kadifekale, you need a car. Therefore, if you are going to make a trip during the day, it is useful to rent a car in İzmir.

  • İzmir Archeology and Ethnography Museum

İzmir Ethnography Museum is located in the same garden with İzmir Archeology Museum. The building was built in the 19th century in a Neoclassical style on a sloping terrace. The story of the Ethnographic Museum, which carries traces of Byzantine architecture, begins in 1831. Built for the plague, the architect of the St. Roch Hospital and Monastery is unfortunately unknown. While the rooms where İzmir's first pharmacy is depicted and evil eye bead production are animated, the Bronze Running Athlete Statue and Bronze Demeter Sculpture are among the most interesting works of the museum.

  • Kordon Boyu

When İzmir is mentioned, the famous Kordon Boyu comes to mind without any doubt. Kordon Boyu, which is a long coastline extending from Cumhuriyet Square to the harbor, is one of the most frequented places of İzmir people. You can spend all day on the lush grass against the blue sea and listen to the timbre of the street musicians accompanied by the subtle breeze of the night. The line-up restaurant along the promenade offers many cuisines and offers many alternatives for nightly entertainment. One of the must-see places in Kordon Boyu is Atatürk Museum.

  • İzmir Natural Life Park

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that İzmir is hosting many natural beauties as well as historical beauties. İzmir Natural Life Park is undoubtedly one of these natural beauties. The park, which is among the few zoos in Europe, hosts 130 species and 1500 wild animals in a green area of 425 thousand square meters. You can have a pleasant time with your family in the park with 3 thousand trees and 250 different types of plants. You can easily visit Bird Paradise by rent a car in İzmir, which is 2 km away from the natural life park.

  • Bergama Ancient City

The ancient city of Pergamum is one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage sites in Turkey. You can reach the ancient city by rent a car in İzmir, where 1.5 km after turning to the Bergama from the Çanakkale-İzmir highway. One of the first places to see in the city center is the Basilica of Serapeion, built as a temple for the Egyptian Gods. Basilica of Serapeion later As the Church of St. Jean, it became the religious place of Christians. The Pergamum Museum is also the first archaeological museum in Turkey. Especially with the statue of Alexander the Great, children's grave sarcophagus, local weaving samples, the museum is an absolute must-visit place. The entrance to the museum is free.

  • İzmir Ephesus Museum

Selçuk Ephesus Museum is one of the most important places to visit in Ephesus which is one of the most important values in our country and which is in the list of Unesco World Heritage. You can reach the museum located in the center of Selçuk by the rental car from the city center and see the most important works of Ephesus. Ephesus Museum is a very good option for those who love to visit the ancient cities and museums by following the brown signs on the roads with the rent a car from İzmir. Ephesus, which is a kind of gate between East and West with its history dating back 5,000 years BC, was one of the most important cities in the Roman period and was the capital of the Asian province. It is also one of the most important port cities of the period.

We can list the touristic holiday resorts outside İzmir city center as follows;

  • Çeşme
  • Özdere
  • Sığacık
  • Şakran
  • Dikili
  • Ürkmez
  • Urla
  • Foça
  • Eski Foça
  • Alaçatı
  • Gümüldür
  • Mordoğan
  • Karaburun
  • Çandarlı

Car Rental in İzmir

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