Izmir Menemen Rent a Car

İzmir Menemen Araç Kiralama

Menemen It wouldn't be possible to visit Izmir and not to see Menemen! Menemen is one of the most beautiful districts in terms of historical value and natural beauties. It is also one of the destinations having a cultural heritage with its history, which dates back to 1000 BC. How to get to Menemen? If you arrive the city by airplane, you may rent a car from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and you may reach Menemen after traveling 55 minutes on E87 highway.

Rent a Car in Menemen İzmir

Rent a Car in Menemen İzmir

We may call this destination as Gaziemir, Gökdere, Bornova route. Other than this route, there are alternative roads. But if you wouldn't like to pass from Izmir and wait in traffic, we certainly recommend that you take Gaziemir, Gökdere, Bornova route. The Ideal Place for History Fans: Menemen There is a possibility to see a historical artifact everywhere you look at Menemen, which is home to the ancient city of Larissa, which is thought to have been built in the Neolithic period. But you definitely see Larissa. Particularly the one kilometer stone road leading to the ancient city on the hill is worth seeing. In addition, the water pendulums and tunnels in the ancient city will attract your attention. The first place to visit in the city center is Menemen Taşhan, which was built in the 1600s. This two-storey building, which looks simple at first glance, reveals all the characteristics of classical Turkish architecture. Mahkeme Mosque and Gazez Mosque are the two primary works mentioned in the travels of Evliya Çelebi. The Gazez Mosque, which Çelebi pronounced as Gazzaz, was built by Mustafa Bin Mahmud between 1575-76. Hence it is one the most beautiful examples of Anatolian-Islamic architecture. The Armenian Church in the Esatpaşa quarter and the Christian Church in the Camikebir quarter are worth seeing as well. Despite being a wooden building built in 1903, the building in the same quarter known as the House of the Priest is very well preserved and is in the form of a common Turkish house, and it is possible to examine the house in details. Panaztepe Antique City, which is 13 km away from the center of Menemen, is a place where you certainly need to see in the city. Because it was used as a settlement for a long time from the Bronze Age until the first period of the Ottoman Empire, it is possible to appreciate many works belonging to different time periods together. If you like to relax and enjoy the nature with your family, you must go to the Karagöl crater lake near the summit of Yamanlar Mountain. There are also areas where you can relax by having a picnic on the side of this lake, which is an astonishing natural wonder. It is even so beautiful that you can even name it as the most scenic picnic you will ever experience in your life. If you have a fishing rod, take it with you when you are heading to Karagöl. Because you also have the possibility to catch trout with your fishing rod. Undoubtedly, do not neglect to eat Menemen (One pan eggs & peppers) when you are in Menemen. Do not forget that one of the most delicious Menemen you can eat is here! You should try the special cheese, yogurt, and ayran here.

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