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Fun fact: The very first cars manufactured didn't have a steering wheel.

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Menderes İzmir

The district of Menderes that hosted many ancient cities, is a large but agreeable location, at 40 km south of Izmir. It is one of the places that you want to see the history and nature and where you should definitely experience. How to get to Menderes? Thanks to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport car rental options, you may rent a car and reach Menderes in 30 minutes by using Gümüldür road. Immediately after passing the Cumaovası on the route, you may see the Tahtalı dam and its surroundings.

Rent a Car Menderes İzmir

Rent a Car Menderes İzmir

You may take a brief break here for watching the scenery. Historical Venues in Menderes Menderes's history dates back to the antiquity. It is one the most significant archeological sites of our country with its ancient cities and historical heritage in the district and around the district. The Acropolis of Notion ancient city, located in the neighborhood of Ahmetbeyli, is built on two hills and the Sanctuary of Athena Polias is located at the highest point of the hill. Apart from its historical significance, this location is also known for its spectacular scenery including Ahmetbeyli beach, Samos Island, and Kuşadası. Right next to the Notion is Claros Prophecy Center, which dates back to 13th century B.C. Since the prophecies were delivered during the full moon, the predictions referred to as the Full Moon Prophecies have become alive here. Another important aspect of Claros is related to the Homeros, since the writer of the epics of Iliad and the Odyssey, was born here. Since it was the region where the Ionians lived, the origins of the ancient cities have Ionian origins. The ancient city of Colophon, located just outside of Değirmendere, is the only Ionian city built on the inner part, which doesn't have a coastline. Lebedos antique city, Baklatepe mound, Roman springs, Palamutarası cistern, Gölovası cistern, Cüneyt bey mosque, Kasımpaşa Mosque, Ruined Minaret (Yıkık Minare), Gölcükler Mosque are other historical buildings to be visited in Menderes. As you travel through the historical monuments in Menderes, you can feel like you are traveling with a time machine. Roman Baths and Hammam, built in 3rd Century BC for using geothermal waters as being one of the important natural resources of the regions for treatment purposes, can be visited in Deliömer Village. Natural Beauties To Absolutely Visit in Menderes There are not only historical artifacts in Menderes. It also hosts exquisite natural beauty within its borders. The blue flag beaches in Özdere and Gümüldür and the sea caves in Ahmetbeyli are certainly worth seeing. Do not forget to join the diving activities, organized for people, enthusiastic about the underwater, on Ahmetbeyli coastline. Çatalca and Balabandere Ponds and Değirmendere Malta Waterfalls are places where you can hike or experience fishing for sportive purposes. If you would like to spend more time in the forest, you need to visit Kalemlik recretional area. There is an area hosting 150 tents on the recreational area, which has the capacity to host 3,000 persons at the same time.