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Izmir - Karabaglar Car Rental Prices

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Karabağlar İzmir

Karabağlar (Black Vineyards), one of the oldest settlements in İzmir, the third largest city in our country, was named after the black grape vineyards of 200 years ago in the region. You might also feel excited to learn that the Bozyaka vineyards, where the writer Reşat Nuri wrote his book Çalıkuşu, are in Karabağlar. How to go to Karabağlar? If you have arrived in İzmir by air, and if you want to visit Karabağlar directly, you can rent a car from the car rental offices at İzmir Adnan Menderes airport or use the metro at the airport.

Rent a Car in Karabaglar Izmir

Rent a Car in Karabaglar Izmir

You can use the application to compare the prices of rental cars at İzmir airport. You can reach the region by renting a car at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Just take the D550 road, then the D300. Take the road to the Tırazlı village and you will be in Karadağlar in 45 minutes. Although the distance between Karabağlar and the airport is 27 km, the journey takes a bit long since you will be driving through the urban traffic. Historical Places in Karabağlar The most important historical site of the district is undoubtedly Akçakale (Akçakaya) ruins. Located on a hill in the skirts of Kızıldağ, the ruins are also referred to as Akçakaya (white rock) as it looks like a white rock from afar. It is thought that the first settlement in the region was established by the Persians between 500 and 300 BC. The cistern on the top of the hill is an interesting cistern carved oval into the main rock. A part of the Akpınar waterway, one of the 4 main waterways carrying water to the ancient city of Smyrna, is located within the borders of Karabağlar. It is a historical structure worth visiting. Places to Visit in Karabağlar The first place that comes to mind when you think of where to visit in Karabağlar is usually the Kavacık village. We have already mentioned the vineyards in the region. Most of those vineyards are located in the Kavacık village of Karabağlar. The grapes grown here are so valuable that they are sold to the buyers from many countries in the world. What's more, Kavacık village hosts a festival called Kavacık Grape Festival every year. If you are near Izmir during the festival time, you should definitely visit it. The most delicious black grapes you have ever tasted grow here. Another place where you can add to your travel route is the house of famous novelist Reşat Nuri Güntekin. In 1922, Reşat Nuri Güntekin stayed in this house while he wrote his novel Çalıkuşu, an important work in the Turkish literature. This house, also mentioned in a part of the novel, is now used as Reşat Nuri Güntekin Children's Library and various courses and cultural activities are held in this house. We think that you may be interested in visiting this historical building, one of the most beautiful and strongest examples of the 19th century civil architecture, to see where the writer Reşat Nuri once lived. Karabağlar, a settlement very close to Izmir, offers a peaceful and quiet vacation with its natural beauty. If you're interested in an alternative vacation plan, you should not miss this place.