Izmir Buca Rent a Car

Buca İzmir Rent a Car

Buca, known as a settlement since antiquity, is a beautiful town surrounded by green fields, located in the inner part of Izmir. By Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport rent-a-car option, you can easily reach Buca. İzmir Airport takes about 20 minutes from Buca.

Rent a Car in İzmir Buca

When you enter the region, the first thing that would undoubtedly draw your attention is enormous Atatürk's relief. The relief at the height of 42 meters built on the rocks in the Yeşildere region of İzmir is the largest relief sculpture in Turkey while it is the world's 10th largest relief sculpture. In addition, Mevlana Statue, another sculpture in the district, is the third largest statue of the world with a height of 25 meters. It is even so big that it can be seen from almost everywhere in Izmir. Modern buildings in Buca, which have been preferred throughout history due to its location, were constructed in the early 1800s. The following buildings, among the buildings constructed in 100 years, are worth seeing the American College Building and Clock Tower, the Forbes Villa, the Baltacı Manor House, the Manoly Hotel, the Seminary, De Jongh Mansion, Rees Mansion, Davut Fargoh Mansion, Russo Mansion, Gavrilli Mansion, as well as the Protestan and Catholic Churches. You should see the building here to experience the history. The aqueducts, located in Şirinyer today, date back to 130 BC are antique artifacts that undoubtedly worth a visit. The greatest characteristic of the aqueduct built by the Romans is the use of tons of egg whites in the construction. Thanks to the egg whites, which have gelling properties, the aqueducts have been able to survive in the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods. The alternative places where you can have breakfast or dinner are abundant in Buca. If you are looking for a place for having fun and recreation, we recommend you to visit Buca Gölet Park. Fish and meat restaurants, cafeterias, picnic areas, children's playgrounds, viewing terraces, bars, and hobby gardens, you have all the potential here to pass all the day. Don't forget that you have the car waiting in the parking lot. Do not forget that there are also amphitheaters in Buca Gölet Park, where concerts, theater plays, and many other activities can be organized. Yedigöller Park, inspired by Seven Lakes of Bolu Abant, is another recreational area offering the same possibilities. In addition to many possibilities in the Park, there is a place, where you can breathe and relax while enjoying the view of the waterfall, windmill, and watermill. When you go to Buca, visit the olive groves, one of the most significant sources of income of this district. You can healthily consume the olive products and olive oil, manufactured with many years' of experience, with your family. There will also be plenty of time in olive groves, where you can get a chance to chat with local people. There would be enjoyable to have breakfast, rise a horse or take a riding lesson at Buca Equestrian Club.

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