Izmir Bayrakli Rent a Car

Izmir Bayrakli Rent a Car

Although it achieved the district status in 2008, Bayrakli district can be considered as the new city center of Izmir since it developed very quickly. There are many skyscrapers that have been built, or that are in construction or in the project phase. Hence, Bayrakli will become a future modern city . You can arrive the district, decorated with palm trees and looking ilke a City Center, in 30 minutes after you rent a car from İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. There are many restaurants and cafés where you can have breakfast and spend enjoyable time in Bayrakli.

Rent a Car in Bayraklı İzmir

We recommend that you visit the Smyrna Archaeological site without delay. The excavations started by Ekrem Akurgal, one of the most important representatives of the archaeology in Turkey, revealed a significant antic settlement. Furthermore, the settlement is located at the center of Bayrakli. If you come to Bayrakli for professional purposes, for example, if you have a meeting at the Folkart Towers, you may eat your lunch at the best kebab restaurants in the region, then you can go to Smyrna archeological site. The oldest house of the west Anatolia, namely the Oval House, of which the architectural structure and construction date are certainly known, is located in Smyrna. In addition, Smyrna hosts the oldest known Athena temple. Double megaron, Athena street, Tantalos tomb and the walls that surround Smyrna are the artifacts that worth seeing. The Atatürk Forest, which occupies a very large area, provides oxygen for Izmir and Bayraklı. The works for afforestation and protection of natural life in the forest, established 50 years ago, continue. Teras Park is located next to the forest area, an agreeable place to sit and eat your breakfast or dinner. It is one of the places you shouldn't miss since it provides a magnificent view of Gulf of Izmir. Talking about the Gulf, it is worth mentioning that there are many places you can spend time on the Bayraklı coast. There are nightclubs and restaurants that would introduce you to new delicacies on the coast, hosting walking, and cycling trails as well. When you are walking on the coastline, do not forget to take a look at the Saime Sultan Mansion, which was built at the beginning of the last century. As an alternative to the Teras Park, you should definitely see Seyirtepe, which is also located in the inner part of the district. There is a place to eat, dine and eat a dessert in the facility, which provides an entire landscape of İzmir and Gulf of Izmir. Having an industrial zone, Bayraklı continues to grow and develop rapidly. Thanks to this transformation and modernity that this development brings a new silhouette to the city is created. There are many places you can spend time in Bayraklı, where you can observe different social and cultural structures and where you can spend time and relax since Bayraklı strives to become the new center of İzmir. If you would like to stay in Bayraklı, there are many 5-starred hotels or boutique hotels awaiting you. You can compare prices on yolcu360.com for Bayraklı rental car options. By entering the system, you can learn the rental car prices in İzmir Bayraklı, you can choose instantly.

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