Izmir Balcova Rent a Car

Izmir Balcova Rent a Car

The oldest text, in which Balçova's name is mentioned, is Illiad of Homer. It is written in Illiad that Agamemnon and Menelaus, who fought in the Trojan War, stayed in Balçova for healing the wounded soldiers in healing waters. Furthermore, it is thought that this is a 3000-year old settlement. By checking the rent-a-car alternatives from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, you can quickly rent a car and go to Balçova for riding a cable car, admiring the landscape or to observe the oldest appearance of the city.

Rent a Car in Balçova İzmir

It takes about 20 minutes from Izmir Airport to reach Balçova. The first to attract your attention in the district would be undoubtedly the coastline that extends to 6 km. If you stop and look at this coastline, you will observe the Aegean Sea very differently. If you visit the center of the district, you will encounter a view of a city totally integrated with the green areas. If you explore the streets of the district, you may find many places to have an enjoyable breakfast. After breakfast and having your cup of tea or coffee, you should go for riding the cable car. After a 3-minute short but spectacular, cable car ride with a view of Izmir, you will reach the picnic area on the hill. You can walk there on many hiking trails, accompanied by a splendid Izmir landscape. When you are hungry, there are many restaurants to enjoy as well. If you do not want to eat in the restaurants, you can take a nice picnic after buying whatever necessary from the market in the facility. If you are looking for an unconventional experience, Balçova Springs is the place you can go in Balçova, which has an important position in terms of geothermal energy. Defined as the Agamemnon Hot Springs by Homer and the famous geographer Strabo, you can spend wonderful time with your family in the Hot Spring complex. If you come to Izmir Balçova with your children, you should definitely visit Aqua City. Aqua City Thermal has 22 different water slides, 3 swimming pools in total, one of which is semi-Olympic, and ongoing activities. Aqua City welcomes visitors from many countries of the world, proposing a different concept and vacation. Gençlik Park, located in the İnciraltı district, is another Balçova beauty that provides leisure and entertainment. Walking and biking trails, cafes and restaurants offer an enjoyable and fresh day near the sea. If you visit the Gençlik Park on a summer evening, there may be a concert or a play at the open-air theater in the park. Çakalburnu Dalyanı hosts 44 birds species in its area, and perhaps this is one of the most important natural beauty of Balçova. It is detected that two of bird species, namely black-winged stilt, and gillerus argentatus, breed here. You can quickly get offers for Balçova rental car options on yolcu360.com. For selecting a rental car in Balçova, you can get quotes instantly from yolcu360.com. You can compare the prices on the system for finding the most affordable rental car in Balçova, you can easily rent the car so that you can enjoy spending time in Izmir.

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