Izmir Gaziemir Rent a Car

Izmir Gaziemir Rent a CarGaziemir, one of the two fastest growing regions of Izmir in the last decade, is important with its orderly residential projects, its close proximity to the airport and its location in the heart of production. Those who visit Gaziemir from outside the city usually visit on business. So, what to do and where to visit in Gaziemir? What to do in Gaziemir? Business is usually at the beginning of the list of things to do in Gaziemir.

Rent a Car in Gaziemir İzmir

Rent a Car in Gaziemir İzmir

This is because this region is the heart of business in İzmir. If you are in Gaziemir on business, you can take a break and have a delicious meal or go on a tour to discover the real Izmir. It takes about 20 minutes from Gaziemir to the center of İzmir. Newly built Fair Izmir is in Gaziemir. You can visit here and attend exhibitions. You can walk around, eat something or participate in the events in the fair. If you are with your children in Gaziemir, make sure that you visit the International Children's Festival and Culture House. The toys and cultural materials brought from different parts of the world are exhibited in this place. The Space Camp inside the Aegean Free Zone in Gaziemir is also a must-see for those who are in İzmir with their children. In this area that is said to be the world's third largest space camp, there is much to encourage children to be involved in science and research. We have already said that the region is İzmir's business center, but it is actually an old settlement. There were once villages and small towns in the district but today, due to the changing architecture, the appearance of this district has changed considerably. However, tombs and mosques are preserved just like the first day. In fact, you will love this aspect of İzmir and İzmirians. They really respect the old monuments when they design the city. Seydibaba Tomb in Gaziemir is a very impressive structure with its different architecture. If you have time, be sure to visit this tomb. You will be amazed by the structure of this tomb, which you will find quite unlike the other tombs you have visited. The most beautiful place of Gaziemir is the Sarnıç Pond area. Here you can have a picnic, have a bite to eat or go for a walk. This pond is a beautiful open area where you can relax between your meetings. You can rent a car at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and travel to Gaziemir. It takes 10-15 minutes from the airport to Gaziemir. You can also explore the city by renting a car in Gaziemir. You can use yolcu360.com system for affordable rental car options in Gaziemir. With yolcu360.com you can reach the price lists of the car rental offices in Gaziemir and rent a car quickly and easily.

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