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Izmir Bornova Rent a Car

When we say İzmir, Alsancak, Konak, Karşıyaka and of course Bornova come to mind. These are the oldest regions of the city. What makes Bornova special is that it is a center of students. With the Ege University, established in 1954, and the Yaşar University, Bornova is a warm, fun and enjoyable student town where you can see relatively affordable prices.

Rent a Car in Bornova İzmir

You might want to shop in Bornova, to spend time in the cafes or Rock Bars in Küçükpark or try the luxury restaurants concentrated especially in the Adalet neighborhood. Bornova is also close to the locations such as Forum Shopping Center and Kemalpaşa district. If you ask, 'What to do in Bornova', you can have coffee or tea in the cafés around Küçükpark, where you will see many students. Also, you can have İzmir's famous flavors such as boyoz, kumru, mixed sandwich, otlu gözleme (Turkish type pancake with herbs) and patlıcanlı börek (eggplant patty) in patisseries and bakeries and at night experience the night-life of the region where there are many alternatives. You can rent a car in Bornova and go to Forum Bornova, a very pleasant place set in an open space. If you are not interested in shopping or city life, you can still rent a car in Bornova and drive to Kemalpaşa, which is 15 km away from Bornova. Here you can have a pleasant time in touch with nature at the locations such as Kımız Horse Farm, Çiniliköy, Nazarköy. If you want to be further impressed with the beauty of Aegean villages, you can visit Şirince, at a distance of about 40 minutes, as a part of this trip. You can find the best-priced rental car in Bornova, İzmir on yolcu360.com. You can find out the prices of rental vehicles in Bornova in a comparative way and you can reach the best solution in the fastest way.