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Kartal Known as a fishing village called Kartaliman in the 6th century AC, Kartal currently hosts one of the biggest research hospitals of our country, numerous giant residence complexes, metro network, train station, skyscrapers, business center, and many neighborhoods. Aydos Forest is a perfect address for enjoying a picnic in Kartal. However, there are many archeological sites in the quarter as well. In addition to the archeological in the center of the Soğanlık and Kartal, you may enjoy visiting giant shopping malls and coastline of Kartal. Kadırga Hamam is one of the most visited historical locations of Kartal. You can easily go to the Prince Islands from Kartal or you can reach Bağdat Avenue or some quarters such as Küçükyalı and Idealtepe. By renting a car from Kartal, you can travel around the Anatolian side, eat in Dragos or enjoy a coffee break in Bağdat Avenue. There are many offices of car rental companies in Kartal. You can a rent a car from these offices. However, you can book easily and quickly your rental car like you buy an airplane ticket. To this end, offers you a remarkably easy, safe and advantageous online platform. is an online car rental-price comparison system, developed in the Silicon Valley. After visiting, you can book immediately a car from the region you desire, for instance, Kartal. The system provides you with a comparative list for finding the most affordable rental car in Kartal. By using this list you can immediately rent the car. You can rent your car by paying in installments with your credit card on the payment page, which is secured by an international security system and you may unconditionally request a return.