Istanbul Istinye Rent a Car

Istanbul Istinye Rent a Car

Istinye, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul where you can enjoy the view of the Bosphorus, is famous for its luxurious shopping centers and neighborhoods still preserving its natural texture. Like many other TV series, the Kuzey-Güney TV series was also shot in İstinye.

Rent a Car in İstinye Istanbul

So, you might wonder, where is İstinye? İstinye is on the European Side of İstanbul. It is located between Yeniköy and Emirgan. You can enjoy fish in İstinye, one of the greenest and most established districts of Istanbul, spend time in shopping centers, relax in front of a fantastic scenery or take a stroll along the coast. Since İstinye has been inhabited for a long time, especially lots of mansions by the seaside offer a visual feast of the Bosphorus.It is impossible not to think that life is beautiful and worth living while the beauty of historical mansions and pavilions is reflected on the waters of the Bosphorus. Located very close to the Emirgan grove, Istinye is a fantastic district with its green areas and location close to the sea. So, how to travel to İstinye? By either public transportation or by your own private car. You can drive along the coast road to travel to İstinye. It is 34 km from Atatürk Airport to İstinye. If you are coming to İstinye by air from outside the city, you can rent a car at Atatürk Airport and travel to the district comfortably. If you like, you can do a quick search on to find the best-priced rental cars in İstinye. The system will list the prices of rental cars in İstinye for you. system shows you the availability and prices of the rental cars of the car rental offices so that you can find the car you are looking for at the lowest price. So, you can easily and quickly access the cheapest rental car, for example in İstinye.

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