Istanbul Kagithane Rent a Car

Istanbul Kagithane Rent a CarKağıthane is one of the busiest spots in the city. This crowded district, which has a very special historical heritage, has especially important buildings of the Ottoman period. Many of these buildings are examples of residential architecture. You might ask, "Where does the district's name (Kağıthane-Paper House) come from?" Kağıthane, formerly a neighbourhood of Şişli, is today a district.

Rent a Car in Kağıthane İstanbulRent a Car in Kağıthane İstanbul

From Kağıthane, you can easily travel to areas such as Şişli, Mecidiyeköy, Zincirlikuyu, Maslak, Levent and Nişantaşı. So, where to visit in Kağıthane? The Has Garden in Kağıthane offers a texture that you can spend time in the open air. Such a natural beauty in such a crowded district gives pleasure to its visitors. Sadabad Mosque is also one of the frequently visited places of the district. However, in recent years the most visited place in the district is the Miniatürk. Miniatürk, where the mini prototypes of important architectural works in our country and in the world are exhibited, is a fantastic place to visit especially with children. Atiye Sultan Palace, Kağıthane Pavilion, Neşat, Jenan, Munir-i Ahur Pavilions, Polygon Palace and Sadabad Palace are valuable structures within the boundaries of the district. Daye Hatun Sıbyan School, Polygon Fountain and Imrahor Fountain are the works of the most magnificent period of the Ottoman Empire. It would not be wrong to define Kağıthane, famous for its night life and restaurants as well, as a district where you can spend time with pleasure. You can rent a car at Atatürk Airport and travel to Kağıthane. If you like you can also rent a car in Şişli or other neighbouring districts to travel to Kağıthane. For the best-priced rental vehicles in Kağıthane, you can do a search on moreover you can rent the vehicle you are looking for easily and comfortably. system lists the data from tens of car rental offices for you to reach the most affordable option or brand-model you are looking for.

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