Istanbul Kabatas Rent a Car

Istanbul Kabatas Rent a CarKabataş, a neighbourhood in Beyoglu, has a busy and special texture. With its location by the sea, historical touch and pleasant restaurants, Kabataş is a must-see in İstanbul. Koca Yusuf Pasha Sebil (Public Fountain), one of the most important representatives of Ottoman architecture, is one of the things that should definitely be visited in the region. During the Ottoman period, many public fountains were built in the region.

Rent a Car in Kabataş İstanbul

Rent a Car in Kabataş İstanbul

The Kabatas Square fountain is one of them. You can imagine yourself in the streets of old Istanbul while watching this fascinating monument. The nearby Dolmabahçe Clock Tower is also a very special work. However, the main place to visit in Kabataş is the Dolmabahçe Palace, which will charm you with its unique beauty. The palace, which witnessed the most magnificent periods of the Ottoman Empire, is where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died. With its location by the sea and extremely white look, Dolmabahçe Mosque is probably amongst the buildings that should definitely be visited in Istanbul. This mosque, which is one of the last examples of Ottoman architecture with a special place in art history classes, was built entirely in the European Rococo style. You can take a Bosphorus tour in the ferries from the Kabataş Pier. The magnificence of the mansions, the huge waves of the sea and the bridge along the Bosphorus is quite unforgettable. Spring is ideal for a Bosphorus tour in İstanbul. You can compare prices of the rental cars in Kabataş on With you can easily see the car availability of the car rental offices in the region and reach the most affordable option in the fastest way. The system, which aims to make it easier to rent a car, allows you to find the best price advantage in a comfortable and fast way.

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